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This Fable 3 easy gold money cheat will show you how to collect quick cash by taking advantage of a glitch in the game. Step 6: As the main character, head to the Sanctuary and you can collect all these rejected gifts, which means tons of moolah for you! Doing this can create unlimited amounts of gold that you can then give to your main character. I have another money cheat… not so much a cheat as a way to generate a lot of money by leaving your xbox on over night. Hey found a way better easier way to get easy money, just buy property pubs, etc then go and do a job like a blacksmith and leave……you wont make money from being a blacksmith but time still passes and you get money from rent and profit, 30 minutes i made about 30 000!!!!

Every 5 minutes by just buying businesses (If you don’t have the time to repair properties) there is a potential of earning up to 40,000 gold by not raising prices or lowering them; that means that in 30 minutes you can have over one million gold. A better way to get more money is by making a dummy profle, then sign in a xbox 360 controller and make a partnership with them by facing them and presing right, or left bumper then all of ur properties are split and each of you split the earnings, and as a bonus ur dummy profile gets another 1000 coins as payment for playing in ur world. I made 30,000 in 20 mintues by repeating this cheat.You could try fast traveling from the sancuary to a different region to avoid the guards after stealing. For PC : i think an easy way would be quick save before a chicken race place the bet of 10k run the race when u win u get 22k if u loss just hit  ESc reload your auto save do again jumped from 10k to 100k in less that 30 min . Also u can NOT cheat, just play the game then halfway the story buy as much buildings as u can, the more money u get the more u buy!

If you’re just starting to buy property and are low on gold then buy as many of the small vendor shops as you can afford, if you have enough money then I recommend selling any smaller shops and buying pawn shops, pubs, furniture and weapons shops than return to the sanctuary and save the game. So if you really want to play Fable 3 the way it was intended, you’ll probably want to avoid this. Then just have fun online or go on with ur story, u will enjoy earning that big money pile in your Sanctuary as it was meant to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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