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Over the last financial year, a record amount of 4.7 billion worth of Inheritance tax has been collected by Her Majestya€™s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).
This is the highest amount taken in the last 30 years since the current tax system was introduced and has been influenced by the rising house prices. At this moment in time, when a person dies they can leave up to £325,000 worth of assets to their loved ones without incurring any tax. The threshold will change in April 2017, but those who die before 2017 will have to pay the old rate.
We have a specialist team of experienced Wills and Probate Lawyers in Doncaster and Sheffield to help you navigate the complex and confusing field of Inheritance Tax and any applicable exemptions in order to preserve your assets for future generations and avoid the having to pay unnecessary tax. Taylor Bracewell operates from offices in Thorne Road and Ten Pound Walk in Doncaster and Fountain Precinct in Sheffield. JCI (Junior Chamber International) is an organisation run by volunteers and is well established in over 100 different countries.
On Wednesday 17th August 2016 at 6pm we will be holding a Time Management training session. During the training session Alison will share her top tips on managing time effectively and how to become more efficient. You may have already given us feedback on our customer feedback form after we completed the work, but we would love it if you could also take a couple of minutes to post a star rating and comment in the 'Reviews' section on our Facebook page.
My family have used Taylor Bracewell on a number of occasions and have always been treated with consideration and respect, and have valued the advice given. I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Taylor Bracewell, Lynsay Scollins was very efficient and answered all emails very quickly, without the perservance and chasing documents etc it wouldnt of gone so smoothly.
I have used Taylor Bracewell twice now and both times they have priovided an excellent service and value for money which is rare these days.
The Tribunal system has seen a number of changes since 2013, including an overhaul of the Tribunal Rules of Procedure, the introduction of fees and an increase in qualifying service from 1 year to 2 years for unfair dismissal claims.
The changes were introduced to reduce the £83 million bill for running the Tribunal services, and reducing the number of meritless claims that placed a significant burden on companies, especially smaller employers, when defending these claims.
The House of Commons Justice Committee has published a report stating that there has been a a€?startling dropa€? in the number of claims issued as a result of the fee regime and has recommended that the fees should be reduced.
At the moment I have a mixed opinion on the need for fees and the increased qualifying service for unfair dismissal claims. This week one of my client companies had to defend itself in the Employment Tribunal against an unfair dismissal claim. Whilst most employers are now aware that employees with fewer than 2 yearsa€™ service can not bring claims for unfair dismissal, they should always be clear about the reasons why they are dismissing an employee and this should be evidenced; something my client had done and was able to rely on.
Dismissing on one of these grounds can lead to a Tribunal awarding up to a yeara€™s loss of earnings on top of the Claimanta€™s Tribunal fees of £1200. My advice to employers is to always take legal advice before dismissing any employee, including those with short length of service, even if it is only to gain confirmation that you are right to dismiss.
For more information on dismissal or to discuss any other Employment matter, contact our HR & Employment team based in Sheffield and Doncaster. Taylor Bracewell operates from offices in Fountain Precinct in Sheffield and Thorne Road and Ten Pound Walk in Doncaster. Our visit was comfortable for something that was close to our hearts regarding both our future and that of our family.
The Court of Protection helps those who lack the mental capacity to make their own decisions about finances, property, health and welfare. If someone close to you loses the mental capacity to make decisions and there is no existing Power of Attorney in place, you may choose to apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed to act as a Deputy. There are two types of Deputy, one dealing with property and financial affairs and the other dealing with personal welfare. You will need to complete forms answering questions about the background and finances of the person who lacks capacity and also your own circumstances. For more information on Court of Protection or to arrange an appointment, contact Head of Wills, Trusts & Probate (Doncaster) Stephen Coates. Having an LPA in place will provide protection and peace of mind that your family will be able to gain access and deal with your affairs if you lose your mental capacity.
To discuss Lasting Powers of Attorney contact Head of Wills, Trusts & Probate (Sheffield), Lauren Smith in Sheffield on 0114 272 1884 or Stephen Coates in Doncaster on 01302 341 414. If you die whilst married, some (but not necessarily all) of your assets will automatically pass to your spouse, unless you have specified an alternative arrangement in a Will. However, if you pass away while cohabitating, your partner will not be entitled to any of your assets.
As the law stands, there is no provision for what happens to a couples assets when they separate. To discuss putting a Cohabitation Agreement in place contact our Family Team in Doncaster and Sheffield.
If you would like to make a new Will or review an existing Will, please contact Head of Wills, Trusts & Probate in Sheffield Lauren Smith. Today is reported to be the hottest day of the year so far and many employees may find the temperatures a little uncomfortable to work in.
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines state that employers must make sure the working environment is at a a€?reasonablea€? temperature, which means for many it is unlikely to be a€?tooa€? hot to work. Relaxing strict dress codes by allowing men to unbutton their collars and remove their ties or allowing women to wear summer footwear and not expecting them to wear a jacket can make them feel more comfortable and cool and less distracted by the heat.
Making sure employees can easily access cool drinks and fans will help cool them down and keep them hydrated, which in turn, should prevent them from feeling sluggish and carrying out their work slower. Other cool treats can help provide an afternoon pick me up and this is something Taylor Bracewell has done by treating its staff to ice lollies for an afternoon boost.
I was very pleased with the level of service I received from Susan Fletcher and the team at Taylor Bracewell in obtaining my late mothers probate. I am very pleased, everything was done quick and was explained to me in a way that I understood everything. Clear advice given in a friendly manner, I did not feel rushed and was free to ask any questions to clarify any points that I had not fully understood.
An EPC contains information about the energy use of the property, typical energy costs and suggestions on how the energy consumption can be reduced. The proposed changes are expected to take effect from 1st April 2018 and will affect the owners of the least energy efficient properties, meaning they will face restrictions on how they dispose of property. The National EPC register revealed that 18% of commercial properties across England and Wales have ratings of F and G; this is a worrying statistic for commercial property owners. If you are a property owner, the changes will have significant implications should you wish to sell or lease the property. The new regulations will be enforced by local authorities who will have the ability to issue notices which could result in a maximum fine of £150,000 if the property owner does not comply. Although the changes will not take effect for a couple of years, if you are a property owner you should assess how energy efficient your property is.
If you require simple, practical and trustworthy advice on the upcoming changes for EPC Regulations or any other Commercial Property matter contact our expert team based in Doncaster and Sheffield. Thankyou for all of your guidance and support throughout our first time purchasing a property.
Financial Security - The agreement will provide financial security for the landlord as it will set out the amount of rent expected. Right to Evict - If you are a landlord, the agreement will give you the legal entitlement to evict a tenant when the fixed term is over and it is optional to renew the tenancy.
Property Maintenance - In the agreement you can set the standard that your property should be maintained to.
For expert advice on putting an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement in place or any other Commercial property matter, contact our Commercial Property team based in Doncaster and Sheffield. Fantastic and friendly service from start to finish, the advice was simple and easy to understand, making this process stress free for us.
I have used Taylor Bracewell Solicitors for some time now, in particular Stephen Coates, and I have always found him to be extremely professional and knowledgeable.
Last year at the Doncaster Chamber Business Awards, Taylor Bracewell were winners in the "Excellence in People Development and Training Category".
This year, as part of our Staff training and development programme, we participated in Military Fitness style team building sessions led by Ian Burkitt of Momentum Fitness Coaching. The sessions consisted of a range of activities including competitive obstacle courses and team problem solving. The sessions enabled staff from all three offices to integrate and meet new people and work together as a team. I was very happy with the service I received from Jess, I found that she was very understanding of my circumstances and kept me informed throughout. I found Jessica to be extremely professional, she was calm and friendly, offering advice in an easy to understand way, which helped me put my situation into perspective. Taylor Bracewell handled the disposition of my mothers will and sale of her house in a very prompt and professsional way.
Lauren Smith was very good at explaining the whole process to me, and she made everything easy to understand. A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document which enables you to appoint an attorney who can make decisions on your behalf. By putting a Property & Financial affairs LPA in place you can empower an attorney with the ability to make decisions on your behalf relating to your financial assets.
A Personal Welfare LPA gives your attorney the ability to make decisions about your personal welfare. Worrying statistics from the Alzheimera€™s Society predict that at least 1 million people in the UK will have dementia by 2025. If you require more specific advice and support in making these important and often difficult decisions and choosing the best option, please get in touch with us. To discuss Lasting Powers of Attorney contact Head of Wills, Trusts and Probate (Sheffield), Lauren Smith in Sheffield on 0114 272 1884 or in Doncaster on 01302 341 414.

Today is the day we get to vote on whether the UK should leave the EU, but what impact will leaving the European Union have on employment law? If the UK does leave the EU, the terms of the exit agreement may address employment law and until we have some information about the possible terms, we can only speculate about the possible effect on employment law.
For the moment, employers are advised not to do anything other than consider their own vote and await the outcome.
Spot on from start to finish, I was supported through the selling process without a hitch, I cannot fault one bit of the service. After meeting Emma Cornell we found the advice she gave us on our dispute was to the point and easy to understand. In the recent case of BNM v MGN Limited, a primary school teacher took action against Mirror Group Newspapers for breach of privacy. The case was settled the following year when the defendants agreed to pay £20,000 in damages, to pay the claimanta€™s costs and not to disclose the confidential information found on the phone.
Despite deeming the claimanta€™s costs to be both a€?reasonable and necessarya€?, the Senior Costs Judge, Master Gordon-Saker, slashed the bill to £84,855 following claims from the Mirror Group Newspapers that the sums were disproportionate. He ruled that the proportionality test should apply to additional liabilities as well as to the base costs, and, apart from the court fees, he halved each item on the claimanta€™s bill of costs. The issue of costs, and the ability to recover costs in litigation is always of a concern to clients. At Taylor Bracewell we will investigate all funding options, and will continually keep the options under review in order to protect your interests.
We found Lauren very informative, helpful and sensitive, she is also very pleasant whilst remaining efficient at all times. Sue Platts and her team were friendly and approachable throughout our purchase, we were kept informed at each stage.
Lauren Smith was extremely friendly and welcoming, who provided my wife & I with clear and concise infromation relative to the drafting of our new will. Both of us would have no qualms about recommending Lauren to all family and friends for any future business. I was happy with the way my business was dealt with and found Lauren very pleasant and easy to talk to. Monday 6th June marked the start of the Islamic holy month, which ends 30 days later on Tuesday 5th July. If, as an employer, you fail show support to employees towards their religious beliefs, you could put yourself and the company at risk of accusations of discrimination.
There may be an increase in the number of annual leave requests around the period of Ramadan for those wishing to observe such religious festivals. My advise would be that you put a policy on religious holidays in place if you do not already have one.
If you'd like some practical advice and guidance regarding policies on religious holidays, discrimination in the workplace or any other Employment Law or HR matter, please get in touch.
My late mother and father used Taylor Bracewell for many years and always said the service which they give is second to none. The team lead by Vicky in Sheffield dealt with my sale and purchase which was extremely difficult and challenging to say the least. An efficient service provided by Lauren Smith from the initial telephone call to the receipt of our signed wills. Thankyou for explaining everything in a concise and efficient manner and at the same time in plain and simple language, answereing all questions raised by us in a professional and friendly manner. In the space of 5 months, Alison Turner together with her assistant Jo Empson have acted for my company to sell one commercial property and buy another. Living in a different part of the country I was a little worried about employing solicitors I had yet to meet, however, I am delighted I acted on what turned out to be an excellent recommendation. You may already know her as a€?The Happiness Speakera€™, but Frederika Roberts has more than one string to her bow.
As well as taking with you a broad overview and some a€?game changera€™ tips to improve your online presence, you will have the opportunity to ask your burning questions and get answers that will remove the fear and uncertainty from online networking. This session is scheduled to last up to 90 minutes, depending on how many questions you bring!
Our dispute resolution specialists have an in-depth knowledge of relevant laws and legislation that, combined with their unbeatable skills, produces outstanding results for our clients.
Emma stone hair color: her hairstyle timeline, Emma stone’s hair transformation timeline a fresh faced emma stone with auburn brown hair and bangs in 2006. This equates to a 22% increase from the previous year when a total of 3.8 billion was collected. Following the new changes, when a person dies they will have a new Residential Nil Rate Band, which means there will be an additional tax allowance relating to the deceaseda€™s main residential property. This session will be delivered by Partner and Collaborative Family Lawyer, Alison Kitchman. These tips will help to give your life balance, so you get more time to work, rest and play. Whilst I am in complete agreement that there should be easy access to justice, I have witnessed many small employers, who are already feeling the pinch, financially, be put to the cost of defending proceedings of claims that clearly should never have made it to the Tribunal door.
An ex employee, who only had 18 monthsa€™ service, managed to get to a hearing on the basis that he alleged he had asserted a statutory right and was dismissed for raising this. There are a number of circumstances in which an employee is deemed to be automatically unfairly dismissed, and employees without 2 yearsa€™ continuous service do try to attach their dismissal to one of these reasons in order to have their case heard. This is in addition to the companya€™s own legal fees and the time of key members of the company to prepare and attend the proceedings.
The Court can empower others to make decisions on behalf of people who lack mental capacity.
The application is usually made by the next of kin, but family members, close friends, solicitors, a trust corporation or the local authority can also apply. Your assets will be divided according to the rules of Intestacy, unless you have a Will in place. This aside, the hot weather can have an impact on productivity as it naturally makes people more lethargic and employers may want to consider how they combat this. However, if you do have a policy on dress code now is a good time to provide a gentle reminder as to what is deemed to be appropriate. The new legislation will make it illegal to let commercial and residential properties which have an EPC rating of F or G. Properties at the lower end of the EPC rating scale will become challenging to market unless upgrades are made. This will give you ample time to carry out any necessary changes to improve the efficiency. As first time buyers we were unsure what to expect and at times we were a little nervous, but you have been extremely informative, going the extra mile to provide clarity and put our minds at ease.
The most common option for private landlords is to put an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST) in place.
He dispels the myth of stuffy, unapproachable solicitors and more importantly he ensured that I understand completely the issues we are discussing.
Innovative, open minded and human does not go far enough to cover the care I have received, it was second to none. Each year, staff partake in a structured staff training programme led by Partner and Head of Family Law, Alison Kitchman.
The team building tasks that required us to work together to figure out the problems set, were absolutely brilliant and I've not enjoyed anything so much for years.a€? - Sue Platts, Senior Property Lawyer. They kept us informed at every stage of the transaction and gave good and impartial advice when it was requested. This means, for example, that if you were unable to deal with your financial affairs for reasons of physical incapacity then your attorney can carry out tasks for you.
Mental capacity can be lost not only through age, but in an instant through an accident or injury.
Anyone who answered the phone was willing to help you even if they knew nothing about your file. An exit from the EU would not take place overnight as the EU treaty requires any member state wishing to leave to serve notice, and exit terms would need to be agreed.
Those rights stemming from domestic legislation and particularly those that are more favourable, such as holiday entitlement, are likely to be unaffected but it will be interesting to see how more favourable rights due to EU rulings are affected especially those that have become custom and practice in the workplace. If we have problems in the future we will have no hesitation in using Taylor Bracewell again. This was following the Sunday People newspaper receiving a tip off from a source who had located her mobile phone and discovered she had been in a relationship with a Premier League football player. Whilst the issue of costs recovery is always a matter of discretion for the Judge, there are a number of different funding options that can be investigated in order to seek to limit your exposure to costs. We will always look to see if there are alternative ways to settle as opposed to going to Court, such as mediation ADR.
As an employer, you should be mindful that the productivity of employees taking part may be affected.
I recommend you set up a policy on religious observance in working hours; making allowances will have a positive impact on employees. It may not be possible to accept all annual leave requests; therefore employers should ensure they do not discriminate against employees who observe different religions. They handled situations very professionally, promptly and clearly and I can honestly say that under the circumstances I think some practices would not have been able to cope. We would highly recommend Taylor Bracewell as a professional, efficient and pleasant legal firm. Both transactions were handled extremely professionally with Alison & Jo always ready to answer my queries and explain carefully and patiently any points on which I had concerns.
Also known as a€?Social Media Marketing Angela€™, she helps professionals, business owners and SMEs raise their online profile through social media and public relations.
Based on the principle that a€?you dona€™t know what you dona€™t knowa€?, Frederika will of course present certain key aspects of Twitter and LinkedIn, as outlined above, but do come armed with plenty of questions as the session will be interactive and is intended to help you with your specific stumbling blocks.

We will help you get matters into perspective and find the most timely and cost-effective solution. At Taylor Bracewell we can offer professional advice to help you plan effectively and minimise tax liabilities.
At Taylor Bracewell we are proud patrons of JCI Doncaster and are always keen to support their events. Her original feedback form said a€?I was very happy with the service that I received from Jessica Lidster. Frustratingly, these employers then have significant difficulty in recovering their costs and very rarely are costs awarded in their favour.
Thankfully, the judge was quick to get to the facts of the case and established that the Claimanta€™s dismissal had nothing to do with him asserting a statutory right and we successfully defended the claim.
A Deputy has the duty to act in the best interests of the person who lacks mental capacity.
Living together without a Cohabitation Agreement or a Will, can cause difficulties if your relationship breaks down or if you die. Some local train companies have been quick to heat up their customer service by offering bottles of water and hand held fans to their passengers which has been a great way to get people talking about their service. A big thankyou to Lauren Smith for all her help and kindness and I know if I need anything else, she will be willing to help. It is currently a legal requirement that all properties marketed for sale or to let hold a valid EPC. This, in turn, could reduce the market value of the property and could prompt rent reviews and dilapidation assessments. This can include the amount of rent the tenant will pay, the length of the tenancy and any repair responsibilities. Our bespoke training programme has been designed to encourage personal and professional development.
If, however, your prefer, you can include restrictions in the document to state when and how your attorney can act. The earlier you set up the document, the better, as once you have lost mental capacity ita€™s too late.
Exiting could take up to two years after giving notice and it is likely that employment policy and practices will remain the same throughout this notice period. To remove these rights will require employers to seek their employeesa€™ agreement and embark on a formal consultation process where the agreement is withheld.
It is a period of religious observation and it is important that employers do not discriminate against employees for their religious beliefs. You must ensure that you do not unduly discriminate or criticise an employee whose productivity has suffered because they have been fasting during Ramadan. Frederika has been helping Taylor Bracewell raise its profile in Sheffield and Doncaster overthe past 15 months.
However there are various restrictions on how this can be used and certain criteria must be met. We can also advise you on the changes which are due to come into force and whether you should review your Will as a review of the changes in legislation.
It is not easy making a will, therefore to be shown care and consideration is a great help and benefit. They will need to take out a Security Bond as directed by the Court and also prepare and submit annual accounts.
The close relatives will be made aware of the application and will have the opportunity to raise concerns. I was totally impressed from start to finish and Sue was on it and kept me informed and when she was unavailable (which was rare) her colleagues were all up to date with the situation and would update me. Not only is the process time consuming and with risk, it can result in a disgruntled workforce and a possible downturn in productivity. THESE VERY SAME ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES, WHO HAVE SWORN TO PROTECT AND SERVE, OUR COUNTRY, AND CITIZENS ,ARE BUT SOME, OF THE CORRUPT,GREEDY TRAITORS .ENGAGED IN THE TYRANNY AND TORTURE. The school district has moved to a biometric identification program, saying students will no longer have to use an ID card to buy lunch.A  BIOMETRICS TO TRACK YOUR KIDS!!!!!i»?i»?A TARGETED INDIVIDUALS, THE GREEDY CRIMINALS ARE NOW CONDONING THEIR TECH! Paul Weindling, history of medicine professor at Oxford Brookes University, describes his search for the lost victims of Nazi experiments. The chairman of the board at ESL a€” then proprietor of the desert wasteland in Nevada known as a€?Area 51a€? a€” was William Perry, who would be appointed secretary of defense several years later.
EUCACH.ORG PanelIn a 2-hour wide-ranging Panel with Alfred Lambremont Webre on the Transhumanist Agenda, Magnus Olsson, Dr. Henning Witte, and Melanie Vritschan, three experts from the European Coalition Against Covert Harassment, revealed recent technological advances in human robotization and nano implant technologies, and an acceleration of what Melanie Vritschan characterized as a a€?global enslavement programa€?.Shift from electromagnetic to scalar wavesThese technologies have now shifted from electromagnetic wave to scalar waves and use super quantum computers in the quantum cloud to control a€?pipesa€? a reference to the brains of humans that have been taken over via DNA, via implants that can be breathed can breach the blood-brain barrier and then controlled via scalar waved on a super-grid. Eventually, such 'subvocal speech' systems could be used in spacesuits, in noisy places like airport towers to capture air-traffic controller commands, or even in traditional voice-recognition programs to increase accuracy, according to NASA scientists."What is analyzed is silent, or sub auditory, speech, such as when a person silently reads or talks to himself," said Chuck Jorgensen, a scientist whose team is developing silent, subvocal speech recognition at NASA Ames Research Center in California's Silicon Valley. We numbered the columns and rows, and we could identify each letter with a pair of single-digit numbers," Jorgensen said. People in noisy conditions could use the system when privacy is needed, such as during telephone conversations on buses or trains, according to scientists."An expanded muscle-control system could help injured astronauts control machines. If an astronaut is suffering from muscle weakness due to a long stint in microgravity, the astronaut could send signals to software that would assist with landings on Mars or the Earth, for example," Jorgensen explained. These are processed to remove noise, and then we process them to see useful parts of the signals to show one word from another," Jorgensen said.After the signals are amplified, computer software 'reads' the signals to recognize each word and sound.
Our Research and Development Division has been in contact with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the California Department of Corrections, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Massachusetts Department of Correction to run limited trials of the 2020 neural chip implant. We have established representatives of our interests in both management and institutional level positions within these departments.
Federal regulations do not yet permit testing of implants on prisoners, but we have entered nto contractual agreements with privatized health care professionals and specified correctional personnel to do limited testing of our products. We need, however, to expand our testing to research how effective the 2020 neural chip implant performs in those identified as the most aggressive in our society. In California, several prisoners were identified as members of the security threat group, EME, or Mexican Mafia.
They were brought to the health services unit at Pelican Bay and tranquilized with advanced sedatives developed by our Cambridge,Massachussetts laboratories.
The results of implants on 8 prisoners yielded the following results: a€?Implants served as surveillance monitoring device for threat group activity.
However, during that period substantial data was gathered by our research and development team which suggests that the implants exceed expected results. One of the major concerns of Security and the R & D team was that the test subject would discover the chemial imbalance during the initial adjustment period and the test would have to be scurbbed. However, due to advanced technological developments in the sedatives administered, the 48 hour adjustment period can be attributed t prescription medication given to the test subjects after the implant procedure. One of the concerns raised by R & D was the cause of the bleeding and how to eliminate that problem. Unexplained bleeding might cause the subject to inquire further about his "routine" visit to the infirmary or health care facility.
Security officials now know several strategies employed by the EME that facilitate the transmission of illegal drugs and weapons into their correctional facilities.
One intelligence officier remarked that while they cannot use the informaiton that have in a court of law that they now know who to watch and what outside "connections" they have. The prison at Soledad is now considering transferring three subjects to Vacaville wher we have ongoing implant reserach. Our technicians have promised that they can do three 2020 neural chip implants in less than an hour. Soledad officials hope to collect information from the trio to bring a 14 month investigation into drug trafficking by correctional officers to a close.
Essentially, the implants make the unsuspecting prisoner a walking-talking recorder of every event he comes into contact with. There are only five intelligence officers and the Commisoner of Corrections who actually know the full scope of the implant testing. In Massachusetts, the Department of Corrections has already entered into high level discussion about releasing certain offenders to the community with the 2020 neural chip implants.
Our people are not altogether against the idea, however, attorneys for Intelli-Connection have advised against implant technology outside strick control settings. While we have a strong lobby in the Congress and various state legislatures favoring our product, we must proceed with the utmost caution on uncontrolled use of the 2020 neural chip.
If the chip were discovered in use not authorized by law and the procedure traced to us we could not endure for long the resulting publicity and liability payments.
Massachusetts officials have developed an intelligence branch from their Fugitive Task Force Squad that would do limited test runs under tight controls with the pre-release subjects. Correctons officials have dubbed these poetnetial test subjects "the insurance group." (the name derives from the concept that the 2020 implant insures compliance with the law and allows officials to detect misconduct or violations without question) A retired police detective from Charlestown, Massachusetts, now with the intelligence unit has asked us to consider using the 2020 neural chip on hard core felons suspected of bank and armored car robbery. He stated, "Charlestown would never be the same, we'd finally know what was happening before they knew what was happening." We will continue to explore community uses of the 2020 chip, but our company rep will be attached to all law enforcement operations with an extraction crrew that can be on-site in 2 hours from anywhere at anytime. We have an Intelli-Connection discussion group who is meeting with the Director of Security at Florence, Colorado's federal super maximum security unit. The initial discussions with the Director have been promising and we hope to have an R & D unit at this important facilitly within the next six months.
Napolitano insisted that the department was not planning on engaging in any form of ideological profiling. I will tell him face-to-face that we honor veterans at DHS and employ thousands across the department, up to and including the Deputy Secretary," Ms. Steve Buyer of Indiana, the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, called it "inconceivable" that the Obama administration would categorize veterans as a potential threat.

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