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The diagram shown on the next page represents a planar pantograph-based leg for a walking robot.
You are to obtain the mathematical model equations of the leg's forward kinematics and to verify this model using simulation. 2)    Obtain the forward kinematics equation :   [ OnT(q) ] , then find the  expressions for the position vector at the origin of the foot frame ( OPnorg  ) and the orientation of this frame ( OnR ). Problem 1:   What are the different methods that can be used to solve a differential equation? The Format Function and ellipsis: The default in MATLAB is to show numbers which have decimal places with four decimal places.
Rhinos and Unicorns is based on the Conjugate Method fashioned after the strength program at Westside Barbell.

The first Monday of the program we will be doing a powerlifting total (max on squat, bench press, and deadlift). Look forward to working with each and everyone of you, and making some badass Rhinos and Unicorns out of you all.
It is imperative that if you commit to this programming, you attend atleast 2 times per week. This will be the foundation we base your next four weeks on so if you plan to participate, be there!
One rotary actuator drives joint 'q', while joints 'O' & 'U' are allowed to rotate about fixed axes. If you only make class once in a single week you will no longer be able to participate during that 4 week cycle.

This is not a substitute to your regular CF training, so bear in mind that it will be difficult to improve upon both aspects of your training at once without a rigorous training schedule.
Also, each week builds off of the prior week so attendance on a regular basis is mandatory.

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