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Mind power refers to the proper use of conscious and subconscious minds to realize your desire successfully, to achieve your goals, and to improve your overall personality. Everything in the universe is energy moving at a certain frequency that attracts other energy moving at the same frequency. The placebo effect in medical science claims that the threat of a disease is related to a person’s level of belief, imagination and willpower. If you are ready to learn and implement all the relevant tools and techniques in your life, within few days you will see a major change in your thoughts, actions and results. I always spent my half an hour to read this website's posts everyday along with a mug of coffee.
If you look at any of your problem areas in your life, you’ll probably find they are rooted in faulty and limited beliefs, imbedded deeply in our subconscious mind. These negative and dis-empowering beliefs, are the reason our life does not work as well as we would like it to; they are the barriers and blockages that stop us from reaching our full potential. I believe these are the source of our self-sabotage, and through daily affirmations and declarations we are able to imprint in our mind a new way of thinking, new beliefs that are empowering, boost self-esteem and develop self-confidence. We are re-programming our subconscious mind through daily repetitions of these affirmations, and remember that every new belief needs time and attention to flourish. Affirmations can be used for immediate, short-term results as well, when you want to influence and redirect the thoughts that occur in your conscious mind.
For example, in a situation where you are feeling stressed, tense or upset, you can repeat an affirmation such as, “I feel calm and relaxed. I have put together 27 of the most powerful affirmations and declarations that I have come across, specifically to boost self-esteem and develop self-confidence. You can choose to start with the ones that fit you best, and rotate them daily or weekly, whatever is appropriate for you.
Dr Camelia Furlan is a Dental Surgeon, Author, Entrepreneur, Transformational Life Coach and Speaker. This entry was posted in Daily Affirmations, Improve Self Confidence and tagged boost self-esteem, daily affirmations, develop self confidence. Softening subconscious conditioning allows the heart energy to inspire the conscious mind, which leads it in the direction of your heart’s desire, which is always the direction of expansion, connection, appreciation, and awareness.
When you consciously choose to follow your Wild Heart’s inspiration, it creates more space in your life and your mind for your heart to direct you even more. This creates a natural circle of influence from heart to subconscious mind to conscious mind and back to heart, and the circle flows through again and again, expanding you into a deeper connection to your heart, and your true self, with each cycle. The Heart Circle Breath uses the subconscious communication tools of imagery, sensation and metaphor along with the heart’s energy and intention as a quantum technology to give the subconscious mind the experience of being safe when receiving the guidance of the heart.
This allows the subconscious mind to release the conditioning that is in conflict with the unconditioned heart, which, over time, allows you to live in greater alignment with your heart energy and guidance, inner wisdom, natural genius, core values and all the yumminess of you that lies beneath all you have learned about who you are supposed to be. This breath technology can be self-directed but it is magnified when you practice it along with a recording so that your mind can relax and fully receive the energy of the heart. The basic technology is a combination of the intentional use of breath and the intentional direction of energy that act together to create a quantum-level shift within you. Listening to a general recording is a great way to begin living from your Wild Heart, but imagine if you could have a recording custom tailored to you–addressing your challenges, releasing your block, and optimizing your Yes! Community Heart Circles are a wonderful way to collectively embody an idea, vision or direction.
Historically, crystals have been used by the likes of the Romans, the Ancient Egyptians, the Chinese, the Ancient Greeks, Indians and the Ancient Japanese to promote healing, enlightenment and the attraction and fulfillment of all forms of desire. My journey with crystals started fairly recently, and now, not only do I carry one with me wherever I go, I gift them to friends and family, keep some in my water filter, make grids out of them, dote over them like they are my small (but very real!) family members and dream of mining crystals myself one day! All crystals (or Crystalline Silica to be precise) are considered to be one of the building blocks of life.
When a quartz crystal is cut, or struck together, the pressure applied to it generates an electrical charge.
Researchers have been able to demonstrate the ability to store massive amounts of data indefinitely in a synthetic crystal. This information suggests that crystals (specifically quartz) have the ability to store information through the medium of laser technology (which are effectively – wavelengths of energy). The damaging effects of high intensity ionising radiation appears to be at the forefront of our minds. The impact of radiation poisoning caused by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, for instance, can still be seen today. The movement led by the Shaman Little Grandmother Kiesha, to place crystals into the Pacific Ocean to absorb radiation poisoning suddenly bears a lot more weight! My name is Risha Joshi and I am a team member, editor and writer for PowerThoughts Meditation Club.

I am an avid fan of meditation and strongly believe in the benefits gained by adopting it into our daily lives. My mission: To help and empower people so that they may see their abundant personal power and potential, in the hope that we may all realise our connection to everything and everyone. Personal Development & Spiritual GrowthYou can sign up for our weekly Personal Development & Spiritual Growth Tips & Tricks for FREE now!
If you’re nodding your head to this question, introducing your child to affirmations could really create wonderful changes in their life (and yours) – especially if they’re a teenager. Affirmations are a popular strategy used for positively programming your child’s subconscious mind, and can be used as a motivational tool to enhance their self-esteem. So if your child is struggling with their self-esteem, try arming them with some of the affirmations below. Remember the subconscious is the bottom line; if their affirmations are too long, wordy, or negatively stated, it may create some confusion and forfeit their outcome – so cut to the chase. 2) Be sure your child repeats their affirmations silently with their eyes closed and with strong, sincere emotion. Their attitude and emotional intensity will subconsciously place their affirmations on a priority status.
3) The ideal time for your child to repeat their affirmations is as they are drifting off to sleep. Their final thoughts while entering sleep will be filed away at a deep subconscious level creating stronger lasting impressions and speedier results.
It’s important to remember that your child’s self-esteem is their own subconscious resume describing who they think they are, their limits and a myriad of other beliefs. In addition to the above examples, are there any other affirmations you think we should add to the list? John Eric is a practicing hypnotherapist, consultant and motivational speaker for almost three decades. It also talks about the application of psychological and physiological tools to improve the mental health and related diseases. Conscious mind gathers information from the environment, analyzes it, and interprets it; this information is pushed into the subconscious mind. The answer is very simple because your subconscious mind thinks something different and your conscious mind thinks something else.
Subconscious mind is the gateway to the universal creative mind; it’s responsible for all the intuition, intelligence, wisdom and ultimate source of energy. A lot of times it's very difficult to get that perfect balance between user friendliness and visual appearance. I could have sworn I've visited your blog before but after browsing through many of the posts I realized it's new to me. Because they are in the subconscious mind, often you are not aware that they are the source of your thoughts and actions.
This spaciousness allows you to better live from your authentic self, your natural genius, your core values.
Crystal use dates back at least 6,000 years to the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Silicon is also an excellent conductor of electricity and, therefore, crystals are of great use in the technology industry.
It is commonly used in transistors, the world of integrated circuits and is the backbone of all computer chips. A piezoelectric crystal converts mechanical pressure into electricity. That means that bending or stretching or compressing the crystal creates an electrical current. When an electric charge is applied to the quartz, the crystal distorts, and as the voltage is removed, the crystal creates an electric field….
Furthermore, it suggest that this absorption process works particularly well with high intensity waveforms. There are approximately 500 nuclear reactors worldwide used for the production of electricity. Affirmations are clear, concise, positive suggestions designed to influence their subconscious to create a specific outcome. But before you get started, there are four rules you must follow when creating affirmations. If you tell a child, “Don’t slam the door,” the brain does not register the word, “don’t,” and instead hears the command, “slam the door.” As a result they will slam that door hard. I’ve successfully used all of these with my own children, so I hope these have the same successes with your children.

As parents we can help our children to utilize affirmations for making major shifts in how they see themselves. Please do share them below, especially if you have children or if you have regular contact with them, and have successfully been using affirmations to boost their self-esteem. Subconscious mind just acts over the information and always tries to prove that whatever conscious mind thinks is absolutely correct. This conflict between conscious mind and subconscious mind blocks the emotional energy and the universal creative process.
This universal creative mind has got many names in different cultures and times like god power, super soul, holy spirit, mind power, string theory, the universe, TOE, GUTS etc.
In the recorded version, each step is enhances with imagery, sensation and metaphor to activate the process deep in your body and being.
They are considered to have metaphysical properties and some even claim psychic abilities with regular use. I have swallowed my pride and become a true convert … I am the proud owner of a wide array of beautiful crystals. These properties have made Crystalline Silica an indispensable component of the natural and technological worlds.
It is also used in all forms of electronics including telephones, mobile military radios and advanced electronic systems. Certain microorganisms (radiolarians) use the compound, taken from water, to form their structures and shells.
The reverse is also true; an electrical current causes the crystal to bend, stretch, or compress.
He successfully recorded a 300KB digital copy of a text file onto nanostructured glass using ultrafast and intense pulse laser. This may be particularly useful when it comes to the absorption of other high intensity electromagnetic waves like ionising and non- ionising radiation! Certain forms of radiation are slower moving and are not deeply penetrating into the body (non-ionising radiation), like sunlight, heat and sound. They are unique, in that they are conductors of light, sound and electricity, yet can absorb high intensity energy endlessly. From a young age I have felt a strong urge to help those who suffer from the consequences of negative thinking patterns.
In other words, the job of the subconscious mind is to follow the instructions of the conscious mind and to always prove that conscious mind is always Right. But for the time being, the short solution is to focus and to validate all your thoughts, images, emotions and actions with your True Hearts Desire which will make you to move on the path of personal development naturally. In the recordings, we also add suggestions that magnify Wild Heart energy and your mind’s ability to receive this energy and influence to maximize the benefit of the basic technology. Other types of radiation are fast moving and extremely harmful (ionising radiation), like the ones used in MRI scans and Gamma radiation. A meltdown at a Japanese nuclear facility, near Fukushima, during the Tsunami of 2004, resulted in over 800 tonnes of radioactive material leaking into the Pacific ocean, every single day since then!
With the passage of time, a repeating cycle [Conditioning] is designed from Thoughts (Information), Images, Actions & Results, and gradually this whole process becomes Autonomic.
This is also the self-destructive comfort zone that consciously or unconsciously attracts negative vibrations and energy. They also stated that is able to store the vast quantities of data for more than a million years! I greatly enjoy helping them to overcome their fears, as well as equipping them with the courage to face their experience. So you continue to repeat these behaviors and their modified forms even if they harm you knowingly or automatically. Could crystals maybe help to purify radiation poisoning within the oceans and absorb the high intensity Gamma waves? Any opposition or change to this autonomic process is resisted by the subconscious mind and hence the conscious mind.
Many a times, this resistance is so powerful that you encounter stress, various bodily discomforts, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety etc.

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