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Love This piece is my rendition of Love using sacred design… In this piece we will start at the center. Thousands of Buddhist monks chanted during a lantern lighting to celebrate Makha Bucha day, which commemorates Buddha’s first sermon on the essence of Buddhism. Allow yourself to be swept away by this inner current of Love, which is to be found within your heart. This current of Highly charged Light energy is bringing up a lot of issues that need to be healed and forgiven. We can be in this world, but it’s not something that we have to change because something is wrong.
Then i put a Vesica Pisces in the center of it causing it to have two slivers on each side.
You have to let go and surrender to your heart, some will be concerned that surrendering to their heart current could disappoint people in their outer reality, because they may think they have a responsibility to change the world.

We have to understand that we cannot follow anyone else, because we will all have different values and inner priorities. When you become one with this natural Love current, you will synchronisticly be of service to others within your life. You will come to understand that all of these old and limited beliefs hindered you from Allowing you to Let go and become one with the current of Love.
We cannot tell them that they are creating their lives and circumstances, because all people aren’t ready to hear that.
So you have to get used to walking and creating your own path, without forcing it on anyone else. Now within the Vesica Pisces i put a heart (a common symbol for love) and within that we have the infinity symbol. The infinity symbol is there to show how the Vesica Pisces creates infinity within its basic geometries.

When you are ready to see that you have everything within yourSelf and you have enough to survive – there is room to flourish in other means besides financial worth. The star tetrahedrons are symbols commonly used to simulate the geometry of the merkaba energy field that surrounds the human body. Radiating from each of the star tetrahedrons are rows of concentric circles, these circles merge with the concentric circles radiating from the unity circle in the center showing a the merger of the two energies. Next we have the rings coming from the bottom and top of the center Vescis piscis these rings depict the torus or toroidal energy field found in all matter.

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