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Kelly Wallace about this book: As a Total Life Transformation expert I teach people to make incredible life changes quickly and easily by reprogramming negative subconscious scripts. We've all got some lousy subconscious programming due to our parents, other adults, and experiences we've been through since coming into this world. Reprogramming Your Subconscious appeals mainly to people 35-55, though readers of any age can benefit. I always tell my readers, just as I told my clients while offering spiritual counseling for 20+ years, that it isn't your fault.

All of my adult life I struggled with finances, health, and love--the three biggies that most people have trouble with.
In fact, 50% of our mental programming is firmly in place by the time we're five years old. It's at that point in life, when a person has been down one disappointing road after another, that they finally decide to take control of their destiny, determined to make changes.
After reading countless books and trying endless programs and exercises, it all hit me one day that all I need to do was flip that switch in my brain and change would be easy!

As soon as I discovered this "secret" and completely turned my life around--making a six-figure income, very healthy, with my soulmate--I knew I had to share this with others. Readers can find love, wealth, happiness, and achieve their every dream easier than they thought possible.

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