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Source: Revise GCSE Mathematics Intermediate Level by Sheila Hunt & Philip Hooper with Tony Buzan.
Group Mind Map Consolidating 5 smaller Groups (Total 30 People) on the Key Elements of Team Success for Their Organisation.
TAC has a small collection of mind-mapping and visual thinking books available for perusing in the faculty collaboration zone, located in 320B Waldo Hall. If you're interested in creating mind maps digitally, there is a very broad range of existing mind mapping software available that vary in features and cost. Wikipedia has a much more extensive list if you are interested in seeing more software options.
The first thing I’d like to say about mind mapping is how upset I am for not knowing about it sooner!
Mind mapping is certainly not a new idea, and many different folks have probably come to it on their own. Instead of listing ideas vertically on one or more sheets of paper, you arrange your ideas on paper in a web-like structure. In addition to keywords, a good mind map makes use of color and images to help stimulate the brain and facilitate fast recall. When listening to or reading an article, you can make a mind map that includes all previously unknown vocabulary. If you are working with your tutor via Skype, for example, you could both view the same mind map using a tool like Tony Buzan’s iMindMap 7 (which is the app I used to create the mind map above). And perhaps the most powerful use of mind maps is organizing your thoughts before you begin writing. Keeping focused on both the big picture and relevant details without getting lost in minutiae. Hi, I'm John Fotheringham, an author, linguist, teacher, and NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner), and full-time silly goose. Specialists in Creative thinking training, leading Innovation, Strategic Thinking techniques and facilitation. Edraw Mind Map is a vector-based mind mapping software that makes it easy to create mind maps, brain-storming diagrams, project timeline, life planner, SWOT analysis and sketch maps. Feel free to curl up on the couch or in one of the comfy arm chairs available there and take a peek. TAC is happy to provide one-on-one or group training sessions to fit your needs and schedule.Please contact Kimmy Hescock in order to schedule a mind mapping training session. If anything, these studies have proven that our capacity to think effectively and quickly is very closely tied to our imagination and our ability to create associations between information chunks.Mind mapping has come a long way since the early days when Tony Buzan introduced it to the world.
Why wasn’t it taught to me in elementary school, junior high, high school, or even university? We owe its popularity, however, to one man: British author, speaker, and memory master Tony Buzan. It is important to use only one sheet as this forces you to be brief and keep all of the ideas centered around the main idea written in the center. Don’t worry if you look childish; this is one time when doodling is actually constructive! Put the title of the article in the center of the map, and then fan the words around the center.

Your mind map can act as both an agenda for the conversation and a visual tool to aid your listening comprehension. An initial time investment of 10 to 20 minutes often saves hours of lost time thinking about what to write next and second guessing and changing what you have already written. If you just start writing paragraphs, it is easy to forget the main idea you presented in the introduction whilst filling out the details of supporting paragraphs. I have been learning and teaching languages for over a decade and have seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t. Concepts and ideas associated with the central topic radiate out from the central topic on branches.
Why did I labor through so many classes, books and professional challenges without this amazing tool? He is the author of countless books on using mind mapping to improve your performance at school or work, and how maximize one’s memory with both ancient and modern memory enhancement techniques (check out either The Mind Map Book or How to Mind Map).
This is a major advantage over using traditional writing which often makes it easy to lose focus on the main idea and get lost in interesting but distracting tangents. You can then add one-word definitions, synonyms, antonyms, parts of speech, translations, drawings, etc. After the call, you can refer back to the mind map to quickly review any new language that came up.
But if you have a mind map to refer back to you, you can quickly and easily check the relevancy of what you are typing. The Language Mastery site, podcast, and guides provide adult learners the tips, tools, and tech needed to create fun, engaging, immersive environments no matter where in the world one happens to live. Further associations can then be added to those branches and so on, so that the main topic remains central and the more remote details or associations end up at the edges of the map.
If meeting a private teacher or tutor face-to-face, you can accomplish the same thing on paper. Become an Insider now (it's free!) and instantly get 12 PDF guides, including my Quick Start Guide and 1-pagers for 1) Japanese, 2) Chinese, 3) Spanish, 4) French, 5) German, 6) Portuguese, and 7) Russian. Mind maps are most effective when they incorporate the use of color and images, which stimulate the brain and aid in memory.
There are now more visual mapping software applications out in the market than can be counted on our fingers and toes.The world of information organization is definitely changing course, and visual mapping is quietly becoming the revolutionary tool that will enable the few early adopters to gain a foothold and advantage within their industry. We will also explore several visual mapping examples using different mind mapping software programs — providing you with a visual comparison of the features and the graphical environment of each tool. The bulk of the discussion will however be built upon the IQ Matrix map presented at the top of this post.We will begin our exploration by defining the process of mind mapping.
After which we will delve into the benefits of mind mapping and describe a variety of uses for mind maps. Either way, they will assist you to better organize and manage the plethora of information that you are exposed to every single day.Using Mind MapsSince the dawn of the Internet age, mind mapping has been growing steadily as an accepted way of storing and organizing information. And this list only scrapes the surface of what is possible.Drawing Mind MapsDrawing a Mind Map is a rather simple process once you have a grasp of the basic structure. You will gain significantly by downloading these images and referring to them as you move through the content presented here. This software is designed and created by Tony Buzan the world renowned author who for many years has been a pioneer within the mind mapping community.The software is relatively simple to use, allowing each user the ability to draw and extend branches with their mouse or a computer pen.

Content is added to each branch via the keyboard once that branch (line) has been selected. Colors, fonts, images, symbols, and discrete notes can also be added to each branch as required.The software is quite pleasing on the eyes from a graphical perspective, and is probably most suited to young children and those who are just starting out with mind mapping. Predominantly used for business purposes, MindManager is today gaining inroads into educational institutions and the home environment.MindManager provides the user with great flexibility to organize, arrange and categorize information in a variety of ways, while providing seamless Microsoft Office and Outlook integration. While at the other end of the spectrum there is the very structured layout of MindManager which is primarily used for business mapping purposes. If so, then you might like to download the accompanying mind map reference poster to your iPad, tablet or computer.
Within this scenario causes are identified and effects are measured, effectively unlocking the hidden patterns that are continuously re-creating your life experience on a daily basis.The MasterMind Matrix presents you with a visual concept map of your personality. It progressively unlocks and expands your understanding of your current patterns of behavior, while helping you develop new habits that can guide your life in the direction of your choosing.I will not go into any extensive detail to break down the chart here as this has already been discussed within the 76 Part Breakdown of the chart. Personally, I couldn’t quite grasp how our psychology linked and interacted with the outcomes we experience in our lives.
However, as my research into the human psyche moved forward and I gained valuable feedback from other people, I began adding additional pieces to the chart, until it became what it is today.Upon first glance, the MasterMind Matrix may look complex. However, if followed section by section, you will hopefully begin to understand how all the pieces of your psychological puzzle fit together to lay down the building blocks of your personality. And once you have this understanding, you will be ready to take the necessary steps to transform your life and behavior forever.Answers to a Successful Life Lie in Your HandsThe MasterMind Matrix was not made to answer all your questions about your personal psychology and behavior. However, it is designed as an easy-to-reference tool that will help guide you along your journey towards transformation.No longer will you wonder what the personal development Gurus are talking about in their books, DVDs or seminars.
From this moment onward, you will be able to piece together their content and information into perspective within the MasterMind Matrix. In fact, every future IQ Matrix map also represents specific segments of the chart to enable easy reference and management of information.Each segment of the chart that links to a smaller IQ Matrix map is represented with the IQ Matrix central image (the image that is used at the center of each IQ Matrix) and a number that is allocated to each IQ Matrix within the IQ Matrix Store.
For example, in the image below the IQ Matrix for goal setting is represented with the number #13. This topic has however been placed into the developmental pipeline and will be completed sometime in the future.Each IQ Matrix map is designed to expand the segment of the MasterMind Matrix it is assigned to in greater depth and detail. Don’t get me wrong, I do actually believe that we attract into our lives those things that are aligned with our dominant patterns of thinking. However, life isn’t about thinking optimistically, visualizing and having a positive expectation that you will receive what you want to attract. If it was that easy, then everyone would be a millionaire and married to the partner of their dreams.As you progress through the MasterMind Matrix you will see that in order to manifest what you want most into your life, you will need to make sure that your thoughts, emotions, physiology, beliefs, values, psychological rules, the language you use, the questions you ask yourself, how you use your imagination, the people you allow into your life, the goals you set on a daily basis, the actions you take, and a plethora of other factors must all be aligned consistently and focused on what you want to attract into your life. If any one of these factors does not point towards that direction, then your energy will be scattered, displaced and in conflict, and you will consequently suffer the consequences by cycling through the Path of Most Resistance over and over again.It is only when your energy is fully aligned with your true intentions and not your desires, that you will begin to manifest what you want most into your life, easily and effortlessly.

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