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As I’ve stated in the heading of my blog, the real power of mind control is within us all. Napoleon Hill states that one must have a Definite Chief Aim (in life) to focus ones mind on. This I have come to believe, as many of you will or already have, is the cultivation of the real power we have stored in us. That rang & still resonates very deep within me to not only take action but to stay focussed.
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The reason I say this is because when I listend watched & listend to Napoleon Hill speak about the power lying within us all I felt that I was being reminded of a great truth once known to me. He further has different techniques he shares, here, to apply in order to exercise your mind & allow it to focus more on achieving your, self prescribed, Definite Chief Aim. Eminem even had it as a catch phrase that stuck with me, at a high point in his successful musical career. If we took the time to train or re-programme our thought pattern(s), we would be very different individuals, living very different lifestyles. Real power ready to be controlled is the status of most of us today because we seem to forget this fundamental yet great truth & settle for our current life circumstances instead of demanding for more.

Even if you don’t believe me, you not believing me is using the same real power to focus your mind on attracting the very things that allow you to not believe me further. Whether you can imagine it or not, that is the level of power contained with us all allowing us to control our minds, which in turn creates our reality around us as we attract more of what we focus on. Some of us know, what we have achieved thus far is just a drop in the ocean compared to what we know we can achieve.

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