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Tracing back to the idea that people don’t like to change their minds and admit they are wrong, you can see how maintaining a sense of grand purpose might make you more hesitant to admit you are wrong. Money represents a social agreement, which has implications for how we value wealthy people. Popular mobile payments app Venmo enjoys the benefits of behavioral economics biases, causing users to feel less pain from spending money. No matter how one judges the rights and wrongs of the recent Hamas assaults and Israeli reprisals, in Gaza the fundamental casus belli is Israel’s occupation that has now lasted for nearly 40 years. Basic Concepts OPPORTUNITY COST of any good or service Quantity of other goods sacrificed to get one more unit of this good The underlying notion of trade-offs.
Market DEMAND quantity buyers wish to buy at each price SUPPLY quantity producers wish to sell at each price MARKET any arrangement in which prices adjust to reconcile buyers and sellers intentions EQUILIBRIUM PRICE the price at which market clears (i.e. DEMAND IN DETAIL elaborating on the ‘other things’ Demand curve shows relation between price of a good and quantity demanded of that good. SUPPLY IN DETAIL elaborating the ‘other things’ How does SUPPLY of a good vary when 1technology improves?
GROUPWORK 2The price of crude oil increased from $2.90 to $9 per barrel in 1973, in a coordinated move by OPEC members. GROUPWORK 3The following data describe price and output of a product: (a)Plot a scatter diagram (b)“Higher prices make firms raise output.” “People buy less when prices are higher” Does the diagram shed any light on these statements?
Implications for Revenue In demand is elastic, a fall in price raises the quantity demanded by a greater percentage than the price. The Effect of Relative Price Changes The effect of price changes Substitution effect: you buy less of things that have become relatively expensive.

Even saying “the death penalty should be abolished because it doesn’t deter crime” is a positive statement, as this can be defended by fact. Once you have accepted that everything is temporary—from “truths” both scientific and personal to political systems to human life—changing your mind on an issue in the face of new data no longer seems as scary.It is also a truth that generally, more intelligent people have an easier time admitting when they are wrong or don’t know something. Thus revenue rises as price falls In demand is inelastic, a fall in price raises the quantity demanded by a smaller percentage than the price.
Income effect: the decrease in real income due to price increase may reduce purchases of all goods. Normative statements are just based on our moral biases, and while it’s great to have morals, they usually aren’t facts.Sticking to the data in drawing conclusions is critical. There is no greater “danger sign” than someone who believes they have the correct opinion or knowledge about everything in the world.
Unfortunately, most people don’t do this—scientists have found that “When your deepest convictions are challenged by contradictory evidence, your beliefs get stronger”?. This is referred to as the “backfire effect”.I have a feeling that this effect is much stronger the older people get, as they develop a world-view they deem correct. If you are anti-welfare because you think that certain people are lazy and worth less as humans?, no amount of data will ever change your mind about this topic. Humans want to think we are very smart, so few are willing to acknowledge how insignificant they are in the grand scheme of things—it would be a depressing way to live life!
If you don’t like welfare, however, because you think it provides negative incentives to individuals and costs too much?, you might change your mind if you got information that said the opposite.Now you may be starting to see how flexibility of opinion is largely a function of intelligence—the smarter you are, the more likely you are to know why you believe something, and, if that “why” is challenged, you might be able to accept your own fallibility. Thus, many take themselves (and life) way too seriously, as it gives them a sense of purpose.

In the words of Freakonomics authors Steven Levitt and Steven Dubner,It has long been said that the three hardest words to say in the English language are "I love you".
Admitting that individually we matter very little can seem depressing, but is actually quite freeing—if it doesn’t matter what you do, then why waste time adhering to societies’ mores?
I believe that if more people thought this way and focused on maximizing their own happiness, we would have a more productive society—a view called utilitarianism.This isn’t to say that people shouldn’t try at their jobs or in life because it doesn’t matter, just that they shouldn’t hold themselves to other’s expectations or change who they are. If every individual approaches their job with a sense of purpose and genuinely tries to make others lives’ happier through their work, the world would be a much better place.
That's a shame, for until you can admit what you don't yet know, it's virtually impossible to learn what you need to.
Anyone who has seen Jiro: Dreams of Sushi will understand how mastering your craft, no matter how simple, can be immensely satisfying. Once you consider opposing viewpoints thoughtfully a few times, it becomes much easier to do.? Ask yourself: are my opinions positive, or normative? Numbers coming from a machine aren’t colored by preconceived notions unless the people controlling the machine are.

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