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Below are 5 positive attitude tips that can help you use the right words and phrases in your daily interactions, with yourself and others. Now, if you think about it, this doesn't serve much purpose at all, other than providing momentary relief. Instead, have a positive self talk by using alternative words and phrases such as: "I can, if I want to apply myself to it" or "It's possible, if I am willing to put in the time and effort" These phrases, while acknowledging the task requires effort, put the responsibility of handling it on you. If you are one of those people who always wait for someone to initiate a conversation, then it is high time you quit the habit and initiated a tete-a-tete yourself.
Even as initiating a conversation is important, also remember that socializing does not always involve speaking.
If you are at a party or any other social events, it is quite probable that there might be a lot of distractions.
As much as we would like to not judge people without knowing them well and vice versa, it is a fact that there are only a few of us who can actually stop ourselves from doing it. A golden rule of socializing that should be kept in mind is that no matter how much you try and improve on your shortcomings, there will remain people with whom you will get no further than casual acquaintance.
While there are surely more ways to socialize, the bases for all of those methods lie in these few intricacies.
Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit, an ancient language of India, and there are seven major interdependent chakras located along our spine making up the system where the mind and body connect.  Chakras represent archetypal levels of consciousness, meaning each energy center is like a blue print or map for understanding how we integrate information from the world around us, creating responses to it and how we navigate our place in the world.
Through ancient teachings, the seven main chakras are known to link the proverbial heavens to earth.
The Root Chakra is also called the 1st Chakra, and is located at the base of the spine and governs grounding, security, prosperity, and trust.  This chakra is associated with the color RED. The Sacral Chakra, our 2nd Chakra, is located in the lower abdomen and processes creativity, emotions, joy, and pleasure.  This chakra is associated with the color ORANGE.
The Solar Plexus Chakra is located at the navel and governs willpower, courage, growth, and self-esteem.  This third chakra is associated with the color YELLOW. The Heart Chakra is located in the chest and encourages love, compassion, acceptance, and balance.  This chakra is associated with the color GREEN. The Throat Chakra is located in the throat and encourages communication, expression, individuality, and truth.  This chakra is associated with the color BLUE.

The Third Eye Chakra is located at the forehead and encourages intuition, imagination, dreams, and vision.  This chakra (sixth) is associated with the color INDIGO. The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head and encourages consciousness, bliss, wisdom, and awareness.  This chakra is associated with the color VIOLET. Now that you’re hip to the ABCs of the chakra system, be saavy and maintain its balance by entering the realm of possibilities right there in you – and explore! Tip: to maintain balance and cultivate the health of your energy system, add meditation to your daily practice. Here's why:If you think about it, even before uttering them aloud, we use words in our mind to convey our thoughts to ourselves. And here's a list of positive adjectives if you would prefer to look at a list of positive words instead.
But in interest of fair disclosure,please be aware that we may earn a commission from some of the offerings on our site. If you are in a conversation with a person, make sure you give that person your undivided attention. However, that trade was stopped by Lucroy, who refused to waive his no-trade clause and turned down a chance to join a contender."There were some circumstances that came up that made me void it, obviously," Lucroy said in Milwaukee.
Meaning, the universe we live in is actually within our consciousness and intimately connected to our biology!   A little imagination to illustrate the idea can go a long way – think of your body as an energy field in the shape of a prism, light pours into the tippy top of your head and as the light waves reflect throughout your body, a beautiful rainbow appears in the most chakralicious of ways! The number of acquaintances you will make in this way will, by far, outstrip the number that you would have made if you had waited for people to come and approach you. Not only will the use of it cause no harm to the receiver, it tips the scale heavily in your favour too.
It is, therefore, important that you find similar interests so that the conversation takes place on a common ground wherein both of you can contribute adequately if not equally.
Not everyone can get along with everyone, and that is what makes socializing so very interesting. Let’s face it, not everybody has the time to come around talking to all the people that they meet.
You might not impress everyone, but it surely is better than trying to impress someone by acting someone else but yourself.

So when you see one such acquaintance with whom you cannot make any headway, it is better to excuse yourself and move on to meet the next person.
So, to make sure you do not miss out on the opportunities to meet new people, take matters in your own hands.
It will help you understand the person better and also provide material for later conversations. If socializing would have been such a breeze, many would have been spared the unpleasant tags of loners and recluses.
Not only will this send out a very receptive image of yourself, you might also find a few people with similar interests whom you would otherwise have missed if you had waited for them to come and talk to you. If you smile at a person and your body language indicates no genuineness, it defeats all purpose.
The next time you walk in to that same room, you will know which switches to press for what you require. Your body language should indicate your pleasure at talking or interacting with the person.
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Miller spoke to Francona shortly after the trade was finalized and told him he would do whatever is needed."For me now, it's a chance to go to a team that's in the thick of it and has big plans for this year," said Miller, who is signed through 2018 at $9 million annually. The Indians had to part with Frazier along with minor league pitchers Justus Sheffield, Ben Heller and J.P.

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