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Becky and I head out to the weekly yard sales most Saturday mornings in the spring and summer.
As positive people who believe that positive thinking and intention helps us attract what we are looking for, though I tend to believe this more than Becky. Generally, though, what I enjoy most is bringing home an antique “whatever” for $2, then researching the item on the net when I get home. My dream is to find a rare document or rare painting. Back in 1989 a collector spent $4 at a Pennsylvania flea market for an ugly painting. As I fasten my seatbelt, I take a moment to imagine our office, fully furnished, and looking warm and cozy with a combination of antique and modern furniture. As I walk toward the garage I notice a leather Poang Ikea chair at the edge of the driveway. This is the exact chair that I imagined in my mind! Next to the leather chair is a small table which also holds the cash box. Wouldn’t it be great if they want to sell it, I thought. On a whim I asked the owner if she was planning to sell it.
Long story short, I purchased two dressmaker’s mannequins (sold one for a small profit), lots of primitive wood bowls (all sold at a good profit at my garage sale) and three trough tables (also known as dough bowls).
So, these were not a first edition Dec of Independence, but still a deal and a great piece to add character to our eclectic home!
Being the obsessive person that I am, I gave up going to garage sales awhile back because I always felt I was missing something If I didn’t stop at every sale I saw.
Anyhow, one Saturday morning I leave my house and my neighbour has put a mountain bike, hardly used, my size outside his house with a sign saying I’m free outside his house. Wendy, I’m the one who came in after I had lost my engagment ring, wedding band and anniversary ring. Learn step-by-step the proven tools Wendy's clients use to achieve personal and business success in her bestselling book, Powerful Thinking on Purpose.
Powerful Thinking on PurposeIt's been three years since our coaching sessions and I wanted to let you know that I use a lot of what you taught me to this day.
Wayne, PAPowerful Thinking on Purpose"I highly recommend reading Wendy's book "Powerful Thinking on Purpose".

I just love your add on of the five powerful words and I used them on an issue at work and got the support I wanted.
Master Career Consultant and Life Options Retirement CoachPowerful Thinking on PurposeIn an effective and straightforward way, Wendy Merron shares simple steps that you can use immediately to take control of your thoughts and change your life. You may have read other books on "positive thinking" but in Powerful Thinking on Purpose you'll learn how to overcome worries and doubts and help your mind 100% “buy into” getting what you want. Author of Reconstructing Eve and Authentic Living AdvocatePowerful Thinking on PurposeWith Wendy Merron's easy to follow blueprint, I was able to create positive thoughts right away and notice a great difference in my attitude and actions toward my goals. A yard sale clue that it is not for sale. I walk over to the chair and inspect the leather.
She was smiling and holding an armful of brand new candles she had just purchased. I offer to carry some of the candles to help lighten her load and we head towards the street, ready for the last yard sale of the morning.
Brighton, the city I was living in has the South Downs within cycling distance and is also quite hilly itself.
I knock on his door, having trouble believing my eyes to ask why his giving his bike away, his response was that Brighton was to hilly for riding! It took two and a half weeks, but I followed your direction and told myself “I like the idea that I can find what I have lost” every morning and night! Every morning and afternoon I've been saying “I like the idea that I can get control of these migraines”.
It is the perfect accompaniment for those providing healing practices as well as their clients to gain a fresh perspective in viewing life from a more positive, creative point of view. I have studied a lot about Law of Attraction and Neurolinguistic Programming, and have used affirmations before and taught others to do so.
As an author who likewise champions positive thinking, I eagerly delved into the book and was wowed by Wendy’s approach. When he took the picture out, he found a pristine first printing of the Declaration of Independence. So I got the size and style, even the colour (chrome) was what I wanted, I now believe the universe does provide, but you really have to be specific in what you want, make that choice and set the intention!

Great for those new to this work, as well as for those who just need a gentle reminder."Gary Wietecha, MD, CHPowerful Thinking on PurposePowerful Thinking on Purpose is unique and simple.
Your book brought up a good point: that if you don't believe the affirmation it has limited impact.
Everyone who wants positive change in their life should read this book.Maria Lynn Fanelli, Director of Workplace Programs, U of P Health SystemPowerful Thinking on PurposeI just wanted to say that HONESTLY I LOVED YOUR BOOK.
After I finished the book I started using the techniques and I immediately noticed a drastic difference in how I feel. Because Wendy skillfully took a complex topic and broke it down into an easily digestible format. When I began to use one of the tools in your book I felt a "shift" or should I call it: THE TRUTH.
Honestly I think this could compare to Don't Sweat the Small Stuff book by Richard Carlson (if not better). One morning I was driving down the road near my house and spied something that looked like a flat file set on its end by the side of the road. Until last week when I was driving along another nearby road and spied a Dyson vacuum cleaner by the side of the road, set out by a mound of trash bags.
We would have learned what the wise have always known, that we are creative every moment in how we choose to think and that our life, like a mirror, reflects what we create. I can’t recall all the things that I have miraculously acquired by simply allowing myself to want them.

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