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There are plenty of manuals on how to design programs, like these ones from the IFRC and UNDP.
This guide describes the minimum steps that you should follow when designing a new program. Once you think you’ve identified the problem it can be helpful to do a Problem Tree Analysis to investigate the causes and effects.
It’s also very important to verify that the problems in your problem tree actually exist. As part of the design process you also need to consider what your own organisations and team are capable of doing.
One tool that some people like to use for this step is a SWOT analysis, which identifies the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to an organisation. At this stage you should also see if there are any existing Theories of Change related to your problem.
Once you know what the problem is, who the stakeholders are, what skills and resources you have available, and what people have already tried previously, it’s now possible to decide what the goal of your program should be.
One way to identify the goal and possible objectives is simply to reverse the statements in your problem tree from negative statements to positive ones. It’s usually a good idea to start by identifying all the different goals and objectives you could have, and then choosing which ones are most relevant and achievable given the available evidence and resources in your organisation. Once you know what the goal and objectives of the program are, the next question is which activities are actually going to lead to the goal? Although this seems simple enough, in practice many organisations don’t bother to look at the previous evidence before they choose their activities. For each activity you normally need to identify the activity itself, as well as the output of the activity. The final step in the process is to create the documents that you need to describe the program. Workplan: This shows all the activities involved in the program, who is responsible for each activity, and when the activities will be completed.
I personally like to put all these key documents, along with the problem tree, details of stakeholders and Theory of Change into a single Program Manual. Unfortunately many organisations stick rigidly to their original plans because they’re afraid that donors will take away funding if they change their approach. Piroska has worked on a range of international development programs involving local NGOs, international NGOs, UN agencies and government.
He accepted a position in Vichy France, and aligned himself with the German-centered new order in 1940s Europe, but he was no sycophant and was known to criticize Hitler as well — something that the Jews who are campaigning to have his memory erased in Switzerland conveniently forget. Charles Edouard Jeanneret, better known globally as Le Corbusier, is accused of anti-semitic leanings and an obsession with eugenics in a book scheduled to be released next month. Back in the 1950s, Le Corbusier prepared the master plan for Chandigarh in which he developed the metaphor of a human being to design the city.
Jawaharlal Nehru commented back in 1959 about Chandigarh, saying, “I have welcomed greatly one experiment and that is Chandigarh…. Supporters of Le Corbusier have long described him as the father of modern architecture, one of the world’s most innovative designers.
The latest revelations include letters written to his mother in 1940 where he wrote, “If he is serious in his declarations, Hitler can crown his life with a magnificent work, the remaking of Europe.” At the height of the war two years later, he described Hitler as “glimmer of good”, welcoming the great “clean- up” that was about to happen.
Questions are now being asked about how Le Corbusier, who was born in Switzerland, was able to continue working following the end of World War-II and why these shaming allegations have taken so long to surface. He’s one of the titans of 20th Century architecture, but Le Corbusier is suddenly feeling the weight of history working against him. Letters made public in recent years and a 2008 biography suggest that the visionary known for his cool, spare designs and revolutionary urban planning ideas was a Nazi sympathizer whose Fascist tendencies went far beyond what was previously known. It’s been a tough week in Switzerland for the artist born Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, who died in 1965 after helping to create an international modern architecture movement along with giants such as American Frank Lloyd Wright and German Bauhaus innovators Walter Gropius and Mies van der Rohe.

The revelations are not completely surprising, as it has long been known that Le Corbusier aligned himself with the French far-right in the 1930s and accepted a post as a city planner for the Vichy regime that ruled France and collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II.
What is perhaps most noteworthy is the sudden Swiss rejection of a native son — born in the sleepy town of La Chaux-de-Fonds — whose face appears on the 10-franc bill. UBS’ decision came after protests from Jewish groups and publishers in Switzerland, who accused Le Corbusier of being an anti-Semite. Zurich authorities decided three years ago to name a square next to the central train station after Le Corbusier once construction was completed. Le Corbusier left an enormous body of work, including some 30,000 architectural plans, 7,000 watercolor paintings, 500 oil paintings and 52 books. Our beautiful, full-color glossy magazine-style introduction to the National Alliance, Building a New White World, is one of the most powerful ways to introduce your friends and family to the ideas and ideals they need to understand and appreciate in order to take part in shaping a White future.
Every day National Alliance members spread the word about the Alliance by distributing our professional, attractive, and colorful National Alliance business cards. Several excellent National Alliance fliers, with different themes, have been produced and are now available for you to freely download and print — either on your own printer, or at your local print shop in mass quantities. Jewish communism is responsible for the murder and starvation deaths of over one-hundred million people worldwide last century not counting nearly that much that perished in both world wars, something Jewry was responsible for starting from behind the scenes.
Notify me of followup comments via e-mail (check box).Slander, crude language, incivility, off-topic drift, or remarks that might harm National Vanguard or its users may be edited or deleted, even if unintentional. The steps can be done in a different order to the one presented here, or even in parallel if it suits your situation. I often find that people can have very different opinions about the causes and effects of a problem.
So it’s essential that as part of the design process you identify all the other stakeholders who might be involved. You are probably not the first organisation to try and address the problem you are working on.
A Theory of Change identifies all the possible pathways that might lead to change, and why they lead to change. You could have just one goal, or you could have one goal plus several sub-objectives or outcomes. This can help you identify which changes would be necessary in order to have an impact on the problem. At this point you also need to decide how you will measure progress towards the goal and objectives. At this point you should have a close look at the activities and results from previous programs run by other organisations. As a result, a lot of money and time are wasted on interventions that are known not to work. For example, if they activity is to run 10 training sessions for 30 people each, then the output would be 300 trained people.
These documents are normally required by donors, but they are also useful for explaining how the program works to stakeholders and team members.
While this may certainly be true for some donors, in my experience most donors are happy for you to change the program design if things aren’t working, as long as you let them know in advance.
We may deplore his anti-traditionalist pronouncements and his less-than-creative post-war rectangular blocks, yet acknowledge his more creative works and his concern for architecture’s social value.
The “head” contain the capital complex, the “heart” the commercial centre and the “arms” have the academic and leisure facilities.
France is preparing to mark his 50th death anniversary with an exhibition in Paris that will look back over his work. That was also shortly after Hitler’s armies conquered France and much of Western Europe.
The accusation hit a raw nerve with a bank that suffered a crisis in the 1990s over revelations that it prevented Jewish claimants from accessing Holocaust-era accounts belonging to their ancestors.

William Luther Pierce — 20 speeches on each mp3-CD, more than 24 hours total listening time in the series so far. Only the National Alliance has a coherent plan to bring that future into being — and Building a New White World presents that plan impressively, in a way that can never be forgotten. Adolph Hitler and the National Socialists were on the cutting edge of many marvelous things.
For example, I once worked on a program where community stakeholders believed one of the root causes of unplanned pregnancy was that husbands would not allow their wives to use family planning methods. Often a frank discussion with all members of the team is enough to identify the resources and skills available for running the program. In fact, it’s likely that many other organisations have tried previously with a range of different approaches.
Having a good Theory of Change that is based on previous research can be very helpful in identifying possible goals and interventions, which is the next step.
For example, if a previous program found that outreach workers were able to increase the use of fertilizer among small hold farmers then it might be worth trying that activity. His affinity for the socialism of Saint-Simon and Fourier places him squarely in the dreamer class, and it is no surprise that such a man saw the revolutionary potential for change inherent in National Socialism.
Another biographer and architecture critic Francois Chaslin has separately accused Le Corbusier of being anti-semitic, quoting from a different letter in which Le Corbusier refers to “Jewish cretins”.
The courts, legislative buildings and secretariat are all among the renowned buildings of the City Beautiful which Le Corbusier helped to design. A decision will be made at a meeting of the city’s street-naming commission next month, said spokeswoman Charlotte de Koch. Among his most famous structures are the Villa Savoye near Paris, the Punjab government complex at Chandigarh, India, the Unite d’Habitation apartment block in Marseille and Notre-Dame-du-Haut chapel in Ronchamp, France. One copy is just $3, ten copies just $15, and additional quantity price breaks are available. Place them on bulletin boards, in select books at public libraries, or hand them out at public events. However, after we did a survey to verify this we actually found that only 2% of women had this problem. This information will help determine the types of programs that you’re actually able to implement.
There are several websites and databases where you can find the results of these previous programs. If you’re not sure what a Theory of Change looks like, check out these examples from DFID.
However, if several previous programs found that outreach workers had no impact on the use of fertilizer then perhaps it’s best to try another approach.
Piroska is passionate about using scientific evidence and creativity to design programs that work. Keep listing causes down the page so they become the roots of the tree, until you think you’ve reached the very bottom root cause. This includes government, beneficiaries, other NGOs, and even key individuals in the target communities.
This will help you find out if a particular approach is likely to work before you waste money trying it.

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