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Creativity and PassionTangerine Quartz is the name given to a variety of Quartz that has either a pale tangerine or deeper orange colouration. The British government has set the wheels in motion for a popular referendum on June 23rd over whether to leave the European Union (EU).
The country is currently divided in early polling, with 43% of the population in favor and 40% opposed.
Some politicians and economists argue that a Brexit will free the United Kingdom to stabilize its economy and enact monetary policy more easily. While a fall in the pound's value could theoretically benefit exporters, Britain's current account deficit, which stands at 4.5% of GDP, crucially needs foreign inflows of capital to finance it. In a poll conducted by the UK-based Financial Times, more than 75% of economists surveyed predicted a negative economic outcome from a Brexit, with only 8% predicting a positive result.
Britain's population is set to vote for a British exit, or Brexit, from the European Union in June of this year. The orange tones and colour are due to combinations of iron, Hematite and Manganese that appear to be bonded onto the surface of the Quartz or within.

It opens and stimulates this chakra so that one is open to the energies of abundance and creativity.
A British exit, or Brexit, would be the first such departure from the EU, despite the lingering possibility that a peripheral Eurozone economy, such as Greece or Spain, would be forced out.
Meanwhile, the Parliament is also split, as well as the corporations who comprise the FTSE 100 stock index in the U.K. In the absence of eager foreign direct investment, that budget deficit would be harder to support and the currency could fall even further. Leaving the Eurozone may cause both political and economic rifts that will negatively impact trade.
Labor party leaders have stated that more than 50,000 manufacturing jobs would be lost and over 100,000 jobs lost in the banking sector. While its supporters claim that being free from the EU pact would allow its economy to grow more rapidly and with greater autonomy, many others suggest that it can lead to the possible doomsday scenarios of currency collapse or a significant reduction in GDP and a loss of many thousands of jobs. Previously, such a vote had not been anticipated to occur until at least the end of the year 2017.

Observers have noted that as the likelihood of a 'yes' vote to leave the EU increases, economic and political uncertainty also increase, causing the pound to fall.
David Cameron has gone on the record saying, "Leaving Europe would threaten our economic and our national security." The result could be increased British protectionism in order to compete internationally and consequently a hit to Britain's GDP. Some also worry that job-creating companies will be incentivized to leave Britain in favor of a location where they can easily and cheaply obtain European migrant labor, taking those jobs away as they relocate.
With current polls projecting a split outcome among voters, politicians and businesses, the value of the pound and British asset markets may waver as the risk and uncertainty surrounding the vote increase. Many believe that foreign investment into Britain would fall and the demand for the pound abroad would weaken.
French insurer AXA's analysis has pegged the drop in GDP to be somewhere between 2% and 7%.

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