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November 2, 2013 By: Melissa10 CommentsAffirmation-the act of affirming, making a positive assertion, confirming that something is true.
If you find yourself with a negative self dialogue more often than not, positive affirmations can be the catalyst to help change those negative thoughts. This summer, we sailed a sunfish sail boat, shot arrows for archery, developed photographs in a dark room, played a variation of volleyball, and cooked over a campfire … and that was just the first day! These little notes of affirmation quietly sent a positive message to everyone who noticed.
My daughter’s camp has a cult-like atmosphere wherein the girls truly feel that this is place where they can be who they are and that they will be accepted for it. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. I feel like her camp is a cult LOL but it is a wonderful place for developing young ladies! It’s YMCA Camp Chimney Corners for girls and YMCA Camp Becket for boys in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. Multicultural Children’s Book Day Jan 27thMulticultural Children's Book Day is January 27th! We all have had our good and bad days at work, but what sets us aside is how we deal with the stress that work brings to us. This goes without saying that you need to find ways to learn something new everyday at work. We all have an tendency to go on like a marathon when we do something that is really close to our hearts.
The one thing I learnt after my first job change is not to work over weekends and I have been successful for the past 10+ years.
I don’t quite believe in this multi-tasking concept (Multi-Tasking reality or just fad?).
Happy are they who take life day by day, complain very little, and are thankful for the little things in life. A rotten fruit can spoil the complete batch – so it is important to be with people who have an positive attitude. The best thing you can share with your colleague as you wish them in the morning is a warm smile. Eventually, I wrote them all on the front and back of 3 index cards and now read over them every morning. If you’re looking for some more to add to the list, I ran across this great post on Huffington Post titled 35 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life.

That’s one thing I would like to incorporate is a short five minute meditation to my morning routine. Harboring negative emotions, even unconsciously, can affect your mental health and influence your actions.
The idea is for me to shadow my daughter and participate in her life at camp; meeting her friends and their mothers, eating meals with her cabin, and participating in all her activities.
At first, I thought no one really took the time to read them but then other moms mentioned the signs. I do think it was so empowering for my daughter to not care what she looks like or to submit to be judged for her appearance. I tried clicking on the name you wrote but it didn’t take me to a summer camp website. Understand, there will always be work and work will fill all the time that you can give it.
I do other things that I love doing over weekends like blogging, speaking, going to orphanage, community building, teaching differently abled children or other activities which are not my official work. As part of my above Point-2, the best way to learn is by talking with people and sharing what you know.
This is inline to the previous point, it sends positive vibes and creates an environment of inclusion and sharing. All these are things under your control and you can influence them directly to stay positive in your daily life too.
Reading over them in the morning sets a positive intention over my day and gets my mind right so to speak. I used to with a book of five-minute techniques to stay mindful each day, but I’ve let that slip.
It’s even more difficult living in a world that’s frequently focused on comparison and judgment.
One of the other moms commented about the sign in the bathroom about not flushing down your dreams.
One of my sharing avenues has been my blog, UG meets, presentations etc but at work this can mean a lot.
So try to leave your work at work and when you get home spend all the time dedicated to the family. In this process you get to learn a lot more because they are going to ask some fundamental questions.
If in your inner-self you are confident that you gave 100% in doing a task, take a break and give feel free to treat yourself (also your family maybe :)).

You will attract the positive energy if you feel positive about your decisions that will effect your life and paths you walk.
Because so many of our feelings toward something are manifested subconsciously, it’s difficult to do a mental 180 when it comes to thoughts on a situation, no matter how you try!An affirmation can be a great way to tackle a nagging negative feeling and transform it into something that you benefit and grow from.
But all girls need to hear these kinds of affirmations … society and the media dog them with other negative messages incessently so it kind of balances that out. Here are my top 8 things you can do to stay happy at work irrespective of the external pressures, office politics, deadlines, discontentment and others factors. The day you stop updating your skills, you will be obsolete in this IT era in less than 6 months to an year – trust me. If you share – you obviously making a statement to your management that you know something and because you have empowered your team mates, they are going to be lesser dependant on expecting you to finish the task assigned to them because they now know how to solve the same.
It is worth to recall yet another blog where I talk about the same thing – Getting more from your day. Good work will always be recognized – if you gave your 100% it will automagically get noticed by folks in your organization. I love to take control on things that I have influence on and I personally feel it is the best way to get the most out of you.
So don’t shrug – move on as you have a larger life in front of you than what you have within a given organization. I press on because I believe in my path.When you’re feeling unmotivated or unconfident, repeat these affirmations to change your perspective.What’s your inspiring thought for the day? Its such a great example to the world in how to be upbeat and positive and have the right mindset! Always remember, you have within you strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”Thank you Tamera for this! Have a blessed day Angel Mason Sweet I’ll call it the Seinfeld way (it’s a motto of just staying with good friends that have positvity that helps) have God in our profile is always good and then start from there-mwa,~love~ ya Tamera! It really helps me to tackle negative thoughts & remind me that I control my emotions and feelings…Thanks for sharing!

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