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Over the years, I have learned that positive affirmations can be a powerful tool to make dreams come true. But you must first believe without a doubt, with all of your heart, and with all of your mind that you can have your dream. Many would-be dreamers do not understand how a positive mental state can assist you in overcoming difficult situations and changing your life. When something unpleasant happens to you–how often do you allow the situation spiral your thinking into a negative state of being? Your mind is capable of creating great achievements, but it will dwell on, and produce, what you feel with all of your heart and soul.  If you focus intently on what is wrong, your mind will continue to show you nothing but what is all wrong in your world.
Instead, I should have welcomed the fact that no one was seriously hurt and understood that the incident was probably trying to tell me something about my life.  Car troubles often mean that you need to slow down and be more fully present in your life. Haven’t you noticed that when you are open to more good in your life then more good sweeps in to support you? I remember the day when I was thinking about how I wanted something more in my life than being a media designer. A few days later Catherine (Editor and director of 8 Woman Dream) sent me an email asking me if I wanted to be a part of the 8 Woman Dream team and share my personal dream stories with their huge following. But you have to be open to the possibilities and believe that you deserve the good that is looking for you–you have to feel it inside of you.
Faith and belief are the water that make your dream affirmation grow into something physical in your life.  It really is magical. I attract positive opportunities in my life everyday and I welcome all opportunities right now!

You need to speak positively about what you want from life and believe that you deserve it. This week I affirm for you that you are having the best week of your life.  It will be filled with positive energy. Isn't it amazing how just reading those positive feeling words can make you change state immediately? Chicken Soup for the Soul is a registered trademark of Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, LLC. It says these things without even giving a clue to our conscious mind that those thoughts exist under the surface.
From my own personal experience, I’ve witnessed first-hand how thoughts can affect your life.
I should have hailed to the heavens that everyone was alright and thanked the universe for reminding me to remain calm during times of crisis. It’s as simple as creating a short sentence affirming what you want and then becoming happy as you see it coming true in your mind, then believe with all your heart that you deserve it.
You need to speak your dreams into existence and believe that your affirmations create your world. As I have read your stuff and focused more on the law of attraction, it's truly amazing how much negative chatter is in my noggin.
I read your Success Principles which helped me defeat the negative self talk I was battling with. My thoughts began feeding upon themselves to the point where I couldn’t let go of my anger.  And what do you think happened to me because I stayed in this frame of mind?

Sue's big dream is to spread her messages of hope and gratitude to women around the world with her motivational speeches and inspirational messages. I write affirmations on the chalkboard in my bathroom, along with a love note to my son to have a great day. HayAffirmations are one of the most powerful ways to create a vibration match for what you want to attract into your life.Every thought you think and every word you say is an affirmation. Because in the mind… when the world presents a perceived reality that is different from an expectation of that reality, stress occurs within the mind and body.
I decided to pray about it, offer up some positive affirmations about my new dream, and believed with all of my heart and soul that an answer would come. Your thoughts and words are declarations of who you think you are and how you perceive the world to be.
I've done a lot of study of positive psychology recently, but what I haven't delved into is what is it inside us that creates this negativity machine? Every time you think a negative thought or make a self depreciating comment you are actually affirming it as your personal truth. Fortunately, the same holds true for positive thoughts and statements.Strong positive affirmations are powerful means of self-transformation and they are a key element in the creation of the life you desire.

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