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You will also receive Soul Guidance newsletter, including channeled messages in each issue. It is in uniting your individualities into connection with each other and therefore into something greater, that the Master Self becomes apparent on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Forgive me for stepping out for a.moment,i need to attend to the whistle and go turn the stove off before serious damage occurs, enough is enough!

It is a reminder, to all who respond and notice, that something new has arrived on the planet. Eram Saed, in her teleseminar series has the noble courage not to dodge the frightening issue. Tomar,would you also, primarily on my behalf, check further (with your guides) if there is anything else they feel a need to Share aboutLord Maitreyah and bis Masters of wisdom team. That there is a movement, inward and upward at the same time, and a desire to bring together the realms that have always stood apart. Some say that the (so named) Prayer of the Lord Jesus who is one of the Masters of Wisdom whose Teacher is Lord Maitreya himself,the awaited World Teacher.

As for those souls you are concerned about, surely there are other prayers that can help them find their way? I am not sure there are enougho people who know how to say kaddish at this point in history, say kaddish and raise the dead back to life.

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