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A good friend of mine requested a hypnotherapy treatment: strong, unwanted emotions were tearing into her well being and family relations. Paul McKenna, one of the most famous British hypnotherapists, equates our human mind with a computer. Delving into the archives of ancient history, we find that the trance like state has been known and used for thousands of years. The reason for hypnotherapy sessions is to implant new, powerful thoughts into your subconscious that will cause you to believe in your ability. Hypnosis is a relaxed, NATURAL state; there are no side effects to it, except letting go of stress, phobias, nervousness and unwanted habits. Irina Valentino specialises in depression, anxiety, fear, phobias, panic attacks, addictions. She practices from the Complementary Health Care Clinic in Norwich and Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Centre. Consider Hypnosis – a straight forward way of communicating with your subconscious mind and yet it’s incredibly effective. Hypnosis is an effective way to access and alter the programs your mind unconsciously run that are not helpful any more: useless habits, addictions, irrational fear, debilitating emotions. Session by session you will also notice that your confidence is improved and you enjoy your life much more. Recent Testimonials"When I first arrived I was experiencing quite severe abdominal symptoms, IBS, depression and mental stress. Love Beyond IntelligenceAudio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip.
Irina Valentino helps people to align with who they really are, to connect with the source of love, inspiration, creativity and abundance that resides within them. The reason that most New Years resolutions fail is the same reason that some people can’t manage to make the changes to heal themselves. When you resolve to do something, whether it’s changing our diet or starting an exercise routine both our conscious mind and our subconscious mind have to be on board. Your conscious mind sets goals but your subconscious mind either helps or prevents you from carrying them out. When our intent to change is fueled by the word “should” or ambition, only a small part of us is onboard.
Approximately 90 percent of our processing power comes from the subconscious mind (this includes body functions like digesting, breathing etc.) The power of the subconscious mind is much greater than that of the conscious mind. You might think your conscious mind is in charge but your subconscious is really running the show.
It’s like an overprotective best friend who thinks they know what’s best for you, regardless of your opinion. And fortunately, there’s a way to work with your subconscious to bring it in line with the intentions of your conscious mind. If you have a goal you can’t seem to accomplish don’t get down on yourself, but use it as an opportunity to learn what’s really going on with you. You will start to see the nature of your fear and how your subconscious is protecting you from it.  When your fears become conscious you can begin to work with them. So remember, if you are struggling to make changes and failing, don’t get mad, sad or frustrated.

By taking your time to know each one of them in depth, you not justA raise your awareness but you can use them to lead the life you desire. I will try to pass you the most excellent knowledge on what is conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind and explain in simple terms how do they work with easy to swallow examples.
The conscious mind or also called ego is responsible for ourA awareness of the current moment. The conscious mind is just the external manifestation of what information you have stored in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind or also called the preconscious mind is the right hemisphere of our brain. AA huge percent of the population uses the consciousness to dealA with their everyday tasks while a small portion of us use it in combinationA with the subconsciousness without being aware of that.
Incorporating the role of the subconscious mind(responsible for our thinking) in the world of consciousness(responsible for the way we act) we can show and perform amazing results.
Georgi Karalov is the founder of the project 'Inner Outer Peace' - become a master of yourself. Like the computer which is re-programmable, our minds can elicit destructive and unhelpful thought processes or behaviour. Our minds are able to change their focus and engineer new, and greater outcomes. In fact, from the study of primitive peoples’ healing and religious ceremonies, there exist the elements vital to place people into a hypnotic state. You are safe; it’s only a change, so with peace of mind and happiness gained, you can get on with your life.
Contact the Clinic in Norwich on 01603 665173. To book an appointment in Hoveton ring 07877141692.
It runs your body without you consciously giving orders for your heart to beat, for your blood to circulate and for your kidneys to excrete urine.
Now your conscious mind is controlling your breathing, you can consciously fasten, slow down and deepen your breaths. Hypnosis will help you to align conscious and subconscious minds to bring the desired positive change. Using techniques learned I have been able to reduce instances of binge eating and generally feel better. When we set goals, intentions and aspirations every part of us has to be in line with our mission. Your subconscious is not trying to undermine you, on the contrary it’s looking out for you. Affirmations are intended to reprogram your subconscious and work quite well when repeated consistently. The best time to repeat affirmations is right before you fall asleep or upon waking up because you have the best access to your subconscious in those moments. The actions we make like taking the decision to sit, get up, write, read are a consequence of ourA consciousness. It can be described as a big warehouse where the gatheredA information is arranged so it can be used when you need it.
After you finish work, you get in your car or on the bus and know exactly where your house is situated.
There are special mental exercises that can gainA you control of your subconscious mind giving you the advantage to operate successfully in stressful situations.A This is a part of the benefits you obtain when you learn how to reach the subconscious mind.

If you want to change something in yourself, an aspect of your personality that you do not admire, this information should move gradually from our unconscious mind through the subconscious until it reaches the consciousness.
We will become more decisive and takeA right decisions with ease, lower the mistakes we make, be healthier, live longer and be more successful. Combining the left and right hemispheres and using our mind powers at their full potential can make our life run smoothly. Georgi is passionate about spirituality, metaphysics, psychology and can be often seen writing about the levels of our consciousness. Is it ok to have a few hypnotherapy sessions?” she asked, like so many clients, before treatment.
As a deep relaxation form, hypnosis involves the fixation of attention and engages the imaginative spectrum of the mind.
The hypnotic trance-like state is similar to those few seconds before you fall asleep or the first seconds of waking up.
By rhythmic chanting, monotonous drum beats, together with strained fixation of the eyes, the village shaman or priest is able to induce catalepsy of the body for healing to take place. It is where your long term memories, beliefs, habits, intuition, creativity, automatic body functions and emotions are stored.
Working together I have been able to leave every session feeling really good and to take those feelings with me throughout the week.” – Ruth, HR Manager of a large organisation in Norwich, had depression and a few different dependencies trying to cover up her inner discomfort. If you fight against your subconscious or try to repress what it’s communicating, it will get louder and more powerful.
Even if your subconscious fears seem ridiculous, they are very real and have been driving your behavior for a long time. Assure it that you will protect yourself from the worst case scenario and point out the best case scenario. It is confusing for many of us to understand what each of these sections mean and we mistake them with one another. Being aware of what you are doing and why are you doing it are characteristics of the conscious mind.
It is ourA rational intellectA a€“ the decisions we take in the present moment are based on pure logic.
Close to nature and with the spirit of an explorer, he took on the cause to help people improve their life through fulfilling one's vast self-potential. Subconscious mind, however, does not recognise the difference between the reality and the conceivable reality. They say they will do it but procrastinate, make excuses to themselves about being busy, or just conveniently forget. It is a dream like state where your conscious mind has not ignited the chatter between two ears yet.
Break free from the limiting beliefs, make decisions quickly and take confident steps towards what you want to achieve in life. Relationships, leadership, confidence, wealth, solutions to problems, the importance of being yourself, being at peace and other areas of life are covered in the inspirational readings.

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