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In the past, I’ve warned people about sites like these that always portray a work at home mom supposedly making tons of money.
It also just so happens that these same sites often switch up the name of the programs being advertised but keep everything else the exact same thing. However, for the benefit of the doubt, I went on and clicked the link on the above site to see where it would take me.
Most of the time people become confused when they see different names of programs and assume they are not related.
In case you skipped this part, you’re going to be billed a monthly fee after 3 days which is what they call your trial. But these are just fronts for hard selling sales calls you’ll likely have to endure if you purchase the product.
Now with Direct Online Income going to a page like Earn at Home Club and that looking different than the other ones I’m used to, I believe the people behind these scams are starting to get desperate because they know people are catching on and it is imperative that more and more people be made aware of place like these.
I am now filing complaint with the BBB concerning the Earn at Home Club for their fraudulent advertising. Yeah I paid the $4.97 to get my package or whatever then I decided to check reviews and scams for this work from home website. Odds are, if you don’t cancel before whatever trial period they set, you will probably be billed one time or monthly. The program is great not just because of these things, but also because you get REAL help fast, including from the actual owners. That’s a fair argument Jaime, but the information you get within the starter membership, while general is actually stuff other places will ask you to pay for. You also have to take into consideration that there has to be some sort of monetary aspect to the business. I know that skepticism Jamie and I understand your position, but they never make any promises of money at any point in time, even in the premium membership.
WA at every point in their training makes it very clear that the money comes AFTER you have created a real business that helps people and every part of their training, including the starter area makes that very clear. That’s the lowest form of up-selling they ran you through Liz and these places always do it.
I do not bad talk any program unless it is a scam which in this case, Direct Online Income is. Writing is my number one source of income that has been a result of my blogging activities.
I record each opportunity I find in this spreadsheet which includes payment rates, site traffic, blog subscribers, whether the site offers an author bio, and additional details including a link directly to each site’s write for us page. If the site wants writing samples first, be sure to send them only your best and ones that specifically fit their audience. If the site wants you to pitch them ideas, be sure to research their blog in advance and find out what topics are the most popular. If the site wants you to send a post, be sure to format it as specified in the guidelines, verifying that images will look good at the size the blog will scale them to and that you’ve used a similar styling with regards to headers and other emphasized text.
More and more blogs and businesses are looking for temporary and permanent content developers for their sites, and many advertise on job boards or popular outsourcing sites.
Depending on the site you go with, you will want to setup a strong profile as potential jobs will have plenty of writers from which to choose.
If you’re good at writing blog posts and promoting them, then you need to start participating in blogging contests.
Famous Bloggers Affiliate Marketing Blog Contest – First place wins a $1,000 cash prize. The Blog Engage 1000 USD Best Guest Blogger of 2011 – First place wins a $1,000 cash prize. No matter how you decide to make money online through writing, the one thing that you will need to do to make a good impression with the sites you write for is promote your posts. Filed Under: Archives, Blogging, FeaturedAbout Kristi HinesKristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.
I typically just write content on my sites in an effort to funnel those readers to an offer or rank in the SE’s, but these are some great alternative ways to increase income! By the way thanks a lot for sharing that spreadsheet of yours of Paid Writing Opportunities.

I haven’t been thinking seriously to get paid for writing, but I started a campaign of guest posting to boost traffic and subscribers for my website. I have not tried guest blogging for a contest but it looks like your seeing amazing results with it I will have to add this strategy to my internet marketing campaigns. These are great tips to earn money by persons who have good writing skills and have the talent of producing quality content. Thanks for your generous links and explanation and it proves at usual that if you really want to earn money you will find ways to do it. This is a great post, Kristi, perfect for a colleague of mine who has left her job and is doing guest blogging.
Having spent nearly 20 years getting a paycheck for sitting at a desk, interviewing people and writing newspaper stories, writing for free is definitely more fun. Understanding that writing is your exclusive marketing strategy for your business is the key. I have been cranking away at my blog for over a year, thought of freelancing it but thought maybe I should get my feet wet in guest blogging first. I believe that in coming years content writers will be in much demand and whole marketing of the website will depend upon them.
How to Earn Every Month through Money Makers ProgramWhen I started with this program, I no longer deleted those websites that keep on sending sales, deals and coupons everyday in my inbox. PayPal will also send an email informing you that you recently received a payment from DealsPlus through Sazze Inc. Once you become a member and you want to start earning money by posting deals, coupons, or write topics, simply click the large (+) “plus” button located near your name at the top right of their webpage. So for a second I though this time around I may actually be reviewing a legitimate program. Well I guess if you’re reading this now and you were considering buying this program, I may have just saved you a lot of money.
This $4.95 cost is probably just the start of what will probably be monthly charges and even more potential up-sells once you buy. These sales calls will probably try to get you to buy some super systems or coaching advice which can run you up to $1,000’s (no joke). I think if you gave Wealthy Affiliate a chance, you wouldn’t say those things about them or me. They actually deducted 77.00 dollars from my account, and when I called them for an explanation I was told that it was for the three day trial. You get access to their forums yes, but you also get 2 websites and keep them no matter if you’re a member or not. Most of the experiences people get from the starter membership gives them a good idea if they want to progress further or not. You can’t just have people who are business oriented work 24-7, never get paid and be expected to keep providing that sort of service.
I would really recommend giving WA’s training a shot again and the premium training for at least a month. I understand very well that I will recieve now multiple emails since I put my email address in. So here, we are giving the collection genuine methods to earn good amount of money through online.
I’ve seen a lot of contests where contestants just give up promoting their posts after a few days. I still remember the day – when i made my first dollar through an guest blogging contest. I think that this is indeed a great alternative (if not replacing it to the main choice) of bloggers being able to make a decent amount of income.
I think many bloggers do not get success with normal blogging through advertising and affiliate marketing and stuffs and I think it is really a great idea for people like those to do freelancing blogging and writing jobs. I knew there was some money in writing guest posts, but never would I have imagined that it would be possible to earn so much.
SEO, Linking, whatever…) to writing posts for money or submitting content to contests? I am definitely going to look at entering some blogging or writing competitions as you suggest.

I think that after few time the demand of link builders will become very low and SEO will be limited to the on page and the offpage part will be dissolved in social media marketing which depends on the content. It takes work to make money online and if you have the proper guidance and put the effort into making it happen, you can see amazing results.
There was no indication of a three day trial mentioned on the membership page and the three days hadn’t passed yet! I don’t know how to go about stopping them from taking anymore money out and canceling my so called membership. Changing your credit number will probably be the safest way to prevent this from going further. The training is SEO & PPC oriented mostly, but training in various other aspects is also there. The part that I really didn’t like was yes they give you 2 free websites and some videos to get you started, but the free video training only shows you enough to get started but falls way short of getting you to make money and the only way to get the real training is to buy the monthly membership.
Most people are promised everything from most programs, get big expectations and fail because those programs are just scams. As an online entrepreneur, you get to work on your terms, and every project you work on makes you that much more refined, adept and mature!!
I think that way they can earn a lot because they wont have to do the promotion and SEO and just can focus on their writing.
I am quite new to writing having started my blog earlier this year and finishing my book this summer but I am really enjoying it and it is dominating my time now.
One of the good thing about this post is that this is well researched and provided with all resources. It’s a reliable program that will let you earn money when online visitors view those deals and coupons that you have posted including deals that you've updated.You can easily track your Page Views as well as Earnings through your Dashboard. Like I said before, the program most likely changed names like these scams are notorious for. I’ve been personally doing it for 9 years (full time) and this is the only program which I trust 100%.
What they teach is building something REAL, offering people true information of value and making money that way. Once your free trial runs out the support stops and the site essentially becomes useless for you Unless you upgrade to monthly membership. I feel it should be labeled different and not say free because if you want to learn enough to actually make money you will have to pay a monthly fee. Building credibility as a professional service provider online demands constant up­ gradation of knowledge, skills and abilities. Writers are becoming more famous now due to the blogging and with great approach towards blogging they can make big bucks. It’s so easy to join and you’ll be given access to your own personal Money Makers dashboard, where you can check all of your posts, updates, special links, page views, bonuses and earnings.
The site itself is not a scam, but the way it operates and allows for scams like these to even advertise with them is what gives them a bad name. I had to call my bank to get them to investigate the incident further and to replace the funds. The membership gives you access to there forums, some Web hosting and some keyword research tools.
It also requires you to be a keen observer, with a high attention to detail and an intense desire to genuinely leverage your knowledge, skills and abilities to make money online! A freelancer, freelance worker, or freelance is a person who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long-term. While you register into these freelancing sites, it will ask your skills and then it will shows the available projects related to your skills. Here you have to select the project that you feel you can do and select a project proposal (explaining why the project should be given to you) and the amount of money you require to complete the project. Over the last couple of years, this is observed to be an increasing trend and hence the increasing number of freelance projects online!

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