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When it comes to “free gems dragonvale”, there are different free ways of earning it and is exactly the reason why this game is better when compared to other dragon-oriented ones.
There is a nice saying, which goes like this – more, the merrier… Applying this strategy onto your Dragonvale game can help you fetch many gems. This is another trick when it comes to the question – how to get free gems in dragonvale. And this is possible only when you have lots of friends to exchange & send gems with on a daily basis.
Suppose, you’ve level ten gemstone dragons (not including Jade Dragon), then you can get 1 gem a week. If you have been searching for a great Chore Chart then look no further because I have found it !!I have had my share of Chore Charts for my kids over the years and even though they are now 11 & 13 they are never too old to continue to use one. Say for example: If it’s Lightning Tournament, then I would suggest you to put a Level ten or a higher Lightning Dragon.

For instance, if you’ve five every day gem-sending buddies, you can receive 5 gems a day this way. And even if you have a chance to open up Gold Treasure, you won’t have a possible option to earn 1 or 2 gems. I have always found that they respond much better to having a visual chart where they can mark down their accomplishments whether they are chores or personal goals they want to achieve. Do not expect that gold trophy always (which is worth five gems) because it isn’t a 100% guarantee that you will get one. However, if you do not like posting this on your profiles, then create a brand new account & have them posted.
And even if you don’t win the golden trophy, you are sure to earn 1 silver trophy at least (worth 2 gems). I think it is very important that if you are going to give your kids goals that you reward them as well for achieving them.

When they were very young all it took was a sticker on their charts and they were beyond excited.
Of course as they got older the rewards grew into cashing in tickets for bigger prizes and now at the age my kids are Money is a BIG motivator.When I saw Goalforit I wished they had been around years ago because I think what they have to offer parents is Priceless and that is why I am sharing it with you. Actually have them help create their own with you.Here is a look at my To Do List I made for myself – Woot Woot !!!

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