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With my summer holiday rapidly approaching I have been trying out various travel related apps to see what will be useful and this weeks App of the Week is a great one for making the most of your spending money. This popular online currency site has now created a simple to use mobile phone app that allows you to check the exchange rate for over 190 currencies and four metals. The app has a very simple and easy to use interface, when you open the app you are presented with a screen that allows you to choose the two currencies you want to get the exchange rates for.
When you have chosen the currencies you want to see then you have the option to choose an commission rate so you can calculate how much your going to pay for your currency.
So the app may not do a lot other than convert your Pounds to Panamanian Balbou or Euros to Ecuador Sucre but it will be pretty handy when you are on your holidays and you want to make sure that little currency kiosk is giving you a decent rate.

The fact that it is so easy to use and best of all it’s free as well as it being available across all platforms including Windows Phone and BlackBerry makes this app deserve a resounding 5 out of 5. This page shows a few examples of some of my betting bank account statements which cleary highlight the money coming in and out of bookmakers.
Horse Racing Betting, Greyhound Racing and Football Betting Systems, Methods, Information, Articles, Tools and Tips. These interest rates include 2% which is a typical cash machine withdrawal rate, 3% credit card rate and a 5% rate which is a typical kiosk rate. I also love that I can check the rate I am getting is decent so I will have more money to spend on souvenirs – result!

These transactions are from my use of Racing Synergy (BetSynergy) and Value Horse Method's only. They do not show my best returns or indeed worst, but are showing average activity for me when using Racing Synergy and The Value Horse Method. I'm not going to come out with the usual rubbish and say that by using Racing Synergy and The Value Horse Method, I've become a multi-millionaire with a Mansion and Aston Martin.

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