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Even with the price of gas on the rise, driving to your vacation destination will generally be cheaper than flying. Whether you invite other family members or friends, the bigger the group, the more people to share the expenses.
Once you figure out the cost, break the total out into how much money per month you will need to save. While skipping the nice steak house is easier to do when you’re trying to save money, fast food restaurants and quick service spots may not be as easy. I’m a huge proponent of points and use them all the time for free car rentals, free nights at hotels and better yet, free airline tickets. With the actual savings you have put them in an account, otherwise you may see that extra cash and want to splurge on something else. Great ideas Elaine, I totally love the idea of involving the kids so they understand financial planning and responsibility!! Teaching kids to save even if it’s a quarter a week is a great way to introduce the concept of saving and planning for future trips to young children. Elaine Schoch is the founder of Carpe Travel, a site designed to inspire others to travel, to know it is possible to balance life’s passions – travel, wine, family – with real life, aka work, deadlines, screaming kids and the overall daily grind.
Thast's what we're here for; with all kinds of easy-to-understand articles on a variety of topics to help you reach those goals.

For instance if the trip is going to cost $4,000 and you have six months to plan for it, you’ll need to save $670 per month. This goes back to the first point, set aside the amount each month you need for the vacation.
I would want to gather up my three best friends for a girl’s trip and split the cost of meals, gas and hotel fare. That can be a daunting figure and seem impossible to a lot of folks but there are creative ways to save beforehand.
If you have a credit card, which most people do make sure your cards are earning the right rewards for you. All of us (including the kids) add change to a jar and when the jar has been filled twice, we go to a restaurant we couldn’t otherwise afford! Not only can you encourage your family members to make an attempt to earn more money – babysitting, mowing lawns, dog walking, washing cars, etc. The threat can be well over $100, not to mention the babysitter fees, which can be even more. Doing things beforehand to save money for a vacation can really help limit those vacation hangover bills and help ensure you have a great time without worrying about the costs. With that said, you need to determine just how much your vacation is really going to cost so you can save properly.

When I was working downtown everyday I spent $20 a week at Starbucks; that doesn’t count the random afternoon fix I may need. The entire family should discuss (together) how they can cut back on entertainment, snack food and other unnecessary spending. Grab (or make) a good pizza, open a bottle of wine and pay $4 for a movie through your cable or satellite provider. By planning ahead and getting the whole family involved you can save money, plan a great trip and teach your kids a few key financial life lessons along the way.
The point is that everyone chips in to reach the shared financial goal of paying for a family vacation. So, I purchased my own little stove top latte maker for $80 and now save myself cash and calories.
Not only are you teaching “team work” but it’s an excellent financial planning life lesson you’re teaching your kids – by doing it together.

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