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If have talent(Something that is useful to others) lets start earning money for your talent.
Subscribe to Fast Tech Buzz Newsletter and get all latest Tips and tricks directly to your inbox. Michael Blake, founder of Startup Lounge, a private networking event for early-stage entrepreneurs and investors, says that most entrepreneurs will “reach a point where their faith in their venture is tested, because they’re stuck.
Most mentors appreciate that they’re paying back what was paid forward when they were starting out, by passing on their collected wisdom to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs might be interested in having their mentor make a financial investment in their company. Papparelli says that “The biggest fear of any entrepreneur is death by what he or she doesn’t know.
Most mentors, though, aren’t invested in the company, they’re invested in their proteges, and they want their proteges to be successful no matter what venture they’re engaged in. Mentors have tremendous value to entrepreneurs because they have knowledge and experience in a particular area of business.
But eventually, most entrepreneurs accrue enough wisdom and experience to outgrow their need for a mentor’s business advice. PrepMe founder Avichal Garg made a strong statement in his blog post last year that resonated with the ed-tech community.
In K-12 and university classrooms alike, there are forward-thinking instructors who would do anything to improve the education their students receive. In addition to shrinking budgets and limited resources, publicly-funded institutions have incredibly rigid budgets and complex processes for allocating those budgets. This seems so hopeless that many startups have decided to completely ignore the existing system and start from scratch.
There is another way for ed-tech companies to succeed, though, which I’ll call the “Trojan Horse” strategy, or “Disrupting from Within”. More recently, we’ve seen student’s own devices viewed as a potential learning tool rather than a distraction in class. I think with the job market the way it is looking at education as an expense instead of an investment isn’t a good strategy.

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You must describe in detail a particular event, project, or experience and you dealt with the situation, and what the outcome was. Events like Venture Atlanta, the Flashpoint at Georgia Tech accelerator program, and TAG Business Launch aren’t simply vehicles that bring entrepreneurs and investors together, they’re also avenues to connect with industry experts, or to find a mentor. Bos says that she has a “personal board of directors who I know will pick up my call if I tell them it’s urgent.” She also knows that mentoring is not a one-way street. VCs and entrepreneurs salivate at the prospects for disruption as they look at the archaic products and old-school business models in an industry that has barely changed in the last 50 years. He states that the average middle-class American thinks of education as an expense and not an investment because lack of a quality education has no immediate negative impact on a person’s life. In fact, the average teacher spends about $400 per year out-of-pocket on teaching supplies, for which they are never reimbursed (keep in mind, the average salary for a teacher is $45,000). While this may be tempting (and is certainly easier than trying to find a business model that works with or cuts through the bureaucratic red tape), there are far too many established players with significant vested interests in the existing system for education as we know it to realistically crumble even within this generation.
Essentially, this means taking advantage of the existing education infrastructure and teaching pedagogy, while introducing a disruptive idea into the mix. While they’re a non-profit, they’ve taken a very cunning approach to their growth strategy.
Another company that could have positioned itself as an adversary to traditional learning institutions. At Top Hat Monocle, we’ve been building an interactive classroom response system that utilizes students’ own technology to make in-class instruction more effective.
If you are ready to this type of technical jobs read below articles.After that you can earn lot of money. He says, “My role was to put them in front of the right people who could give them great advice and great support. Mentoring is about building a relationship, helping someone grow and develop and helping to bring other resources to bear.

Why then haven’t we seen any breakout education successes at the same level of consumer media, enterprise software, or even personal fitness?
Income (supplemented by loans) is often enough for a high school graduate to afford basic amenities like a house, food, and car in middle America.
Shrinking budgets, growing class size and institutions focused on rankings and profit require instructors to discover new tools and pedagogies in spite of their environments rather than with the support of them. Consumerization of education falls down if it requires teachers to spend their own cash, or spend their limited time lobbying their administration for a grant. The reality is that these long sales cycles kill startups before they can get any traction. The end-game is still an eventual complete disruption, but you protect yourself from the binary outcome (i.e. They could have simply said, “It’s pointless to go to school when you can learn everything you need to from the best teachers in the world for free.” Instead, they embraced the role of the teacher and classmates in self-paced learning and have “flipped the classrooms” of the most forward-thinking instructors.
Instead, they’ve partnered with leading institutions to help them promote the quality of their teaching more broadly, adding a ton of value to their platform in the process. By leveraging the age-old student-pay distribution model that textbook publishers have used for years, we’ve been able to get to market, learn and iterate quickly without requiring universities to invest in any additional IT infrastructure.
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It’s not until layoffs are made, loans need to be paid off, a family member gets sick, or retirement comes around and the 401k is empty that the consequences are felt.
Private schools and institutions often have a bit more leeway, but you severely limit your market size if those are your primary customers. While it’s still early days, we’ve seen some very encouraging results and I’m excited about the potential this technology has to change the system from within.
Or, in the best case scenario, everything is fine, but the next generation bears the brunt of it by lacking the resources and support needed to land a job in an increasingly competitive labor market.

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