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IMAGINE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN WHEN YOU LEARN THESE STRATEGIES , TOOLS, TACTICS, LATEST SELF DEVELOPMENT DISCOVERIES AND DEVELOP YOUR PERSONALITY TO A WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL? A client of mine, Debbie, confessed, “I hate my husband.” Debbie was someone with whom I had a very strong coach-client relationship, so I really pushed to get at what was going on behind the scenes, deep within her subconscious mind. Later, Debbie described the outcome as the single biggest breakthrough she’d had in her life thus far, so (with her permission and use of a pseudonym) I am happy to share the details with you in this post. She replied, “To think I have lived my whole life choosing men who reject me to play out some childhood thing.
I asked Debbie to do nothing more for the next couple of weeks than pay attention to the hidden, yet pleasurable feeling of winning when she gets rejected.

Six months later, she was divorced, living in a small condo and had lost her interest in a certain type of man that she had always attracted. If you want help applying the principles in this article, consider life coaching with Mike Bundrant.
Latha Das and Ramachandra Bandekar will be conducting these sessions. What would happen if you develop your personality completely? how would you be benefited personally, professionally? Find out at Success Point.
Then, she thoroughly expressed her dissatisfaction to her husband and made a real effort to save the marriage over the next few months.
You know, they get criticized and scolded over and over and over…then before long they start doing things that push mom and dad’s buttons so they get scolded even more. Of course, this is a socially shameful thing to do – and for other reasons, the child eventually hides what he is doing, even from himself,” I said.

I know the subtle, distorted delight that comes when I do something self-destructive in my life. During that time, she was careful not to provoke him and invite more rejection, which she noticed she had a tendency to do. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Mike BundrantMike Bundrant is a retired psychotherapist, Master NLP trainer, and practicing life coach. If you pay close attention, you see that they are devious in it, as if they enjoyed it,” I explained.

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