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The Turtles have been around for 25 years, but have you ever really had the chance to get to know them? Check out their biographies below for a refresher for everyone -- from Turtle super fans to our casual fans who fell in love with the TMNT when they were children! Donatello is the brainiest turtle of the bunch and has the unique ability to figure out how things work. Donnie would rather solve a problem by talking it out rather than fighting, but this is rarely an option in a world in which the Foot Clan lurks.
Leonardo is considered the "big brother" of the group due to his serious and responsible nature. Leo's favorite color is blue and his weapons are twin katana swords, bestowed upon him by Splinter due to the turtle's sharp mind and steely resolve. Michelangelo is a naturally skilled athlete, which often makes up for his lack of eagerness to participate in long training sessions. Splinter chose the nunchaku as Mikey's weapon since it best suited his show-stopping style and spirit. Raphael is by far the most fearsome and fearless fighter of the group, although he has trouble mastering his emotions at times.
Update: In an article this week, Polygon also claims to have received confirmation about the petting removal from Nintendo (thanks for the tip, Jake). A few days ago, news surfaced about Nintendo removing the petting mini-game from Fire Emblem Fates in the west. All news and editorials, including and often especially from in the mainstream media (including gaming news sites) are inherently biased. Good write-up, and I want to add, I know Richard George from back when I was getting IGN interviews for my gaming project. The only reason I am upset about this myself would be because Nintendo cutting content has gotten a bit overboard lately. First they come for my adorable headpats, but I did not speak out, for I do not enjoy adorable headpats.
Then, they come for my academic freedo- wait, who am I kidding, they already practically own academia. If they thought it that distasteful it would not have been in there in the first place and they would not hide behind localization as a cover for censorship. I wanna play Fire Emblem for tactical battles, see a good Story and ground breaking features and not… PET A PERSON! It’s not like this would shoot the rating up to M, the rating would still be T if they kept this feature in. That’s actually incredibly surprising considering the subject matter in most FE games.

Yeah, but the majority of Fire Emblem fans now are children thanks to Sm4sh, so I don’t think they will care, anyway. Anything being removed to satisfy people that aren’t going to play the game is something I can never forgive.
Half of us were agreeing with you… what delicate sensibilities are you talking about? You opinions on the matter aside, does “Go away” have to be the go-to response of a Nintendo fan when they are met with disagreements?
Seriously censorship and amiibos ruined nintendo for me, i can’t even care for this nx stuff. KnightWonder does have a tendency to jump to aggressive instead of reading and responding to your comments. Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features.
His brothers are fortunate to have him around because he has invented many of their bodacious transportation vehicles, including the Battle Shell, Shell Cycle and the Sewer Slider. This makes the bo staff the perfect weapon for Donatello since he is long on inspiration and stout of heart. He has taken on the unofficial title of "leader" of the Turtles and leads by example and not by giving orders, thus earning Leo great respect from his brothers. He is a practical joker and class-clown who keeps his brothers both annoyed and entertained at times. He is often steadfast and strong-minded and he acts like a typical rebel who questions authority. And NintendoEverything most likely checked the sources personally before posting this, so your skepticism is unfounded. The initial source that sparked it all was a gaming journalist had relations with a game developer and then wrote an article based on their game.
If a gamer gate member posts dribble on feminism views in games, you can equate it to the same level of seriousness that Anonymous plans to shut down dictators as hacktivists. I was looking forward to this game, I even bought several Fire Emblem Amiibo with the express purpose of using them in this game.
I was expecting an angry reason, but you are fighting your cause for the right reason: the principle.
They created an enviroment of hostility lies and social pressure to cause people to change things with out being ordered.
I had to take a sociology course once because I had to get a few electives, and I actually had to get my exams graded by another teacher because the one I had did not accept that I viewed men and women as equals. I can understand that he wants to use the original source, but you thank you for spreading news.

Leo is everything you'd want in a hero because no one works, studies, or trains harder than he does.
Raph understands he needs to work on keeping his temper in control but, simply put, he prefers to be left alone at times. Since other well-known outlets were only citing Kotaku as their source, some wondered if the site had been misinformed or shared misinformation. George was able to reconfirm that Fire Emblem Fates’ petting mini-game has indeed been removed in the west.
But if you’re going to slash at the credibility of something, make it based on something in the realm of fact.
Many initially started the gamer gate tag because they felt this was a blatant conflict of interest and they began to demand better standards in gaming journalism.
But I’ve also seen enough to know that gamer gate has also pushed sites like Kotaku and Polygon to give a full disclosure of ethics. But when a gamer gate member makes a post relating to gaming information like confirming a feature that Nintendo removed? If you are on the opposite end of the war, though, then I will be your enemy instead of your friend.
Lets be honest if this came out with that stuff intact the cancerous legion would have spilled forth and started bullying tactics, shaming, hit piece on festering toilets like Kotaku, Polygon and the like. I sure love taking people’s backstories out and making them less deep as characters!!! HOWEVER, another group saw it as an immediate way to channel their anti-feminist views as one of the people involved in that incident was a very staunch feminist advocate. So again, to claim that something is untrustworthy in gaming journalism because of a gamer gate hashtag is very mal-informed. Removing boob sliders in one, censoring bikinis in another, it’s mostly sexual content they are removing.
As we saw, the sources were both cited and a trail was left to explore (as you did) and self verify. When you get your bullying done right you don’t have to do anything to get what you want they will give it to you for fear of what you might do without you having to open your mouth.

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