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Essentially this law is saying that adding limitations to your magic system are what will make it both interesting and memorable in your readers mind. Some of the limitations I’m going to list below will be more beneficial to those authors who are using a hard magic system over a soft one. I have directly quoted the descriptions used to make referencing easier however you should go and read the whole guide by Liljenberg as it is indeed a fantastic read as a start for your world building process.
Astral – The spirit can interact with alternate realities that interrelate with our own.
Shaman – The shaman is closely connected to, communicates with, and often channels animal and nature spirits. Summoning – Magic based on summoning creatures from distant places, or from other spiritual planes of existence.
Sacrifice – The magic user must offer some sort of sacrifice to seal an agreement with a spiritual being, or the energy released in the taking of a life (usually symbolized by the blood) is used to power a spell.
Physical – Physical discipline and precise forms of movement can control spiritual energies of the body and the world.
These act as a brilliant template to build your magic system around, however they are also quite broad in their application.
What if you have a group of telepaths who gain their power from a chi system however they could only control it through physical actions and more specifically a head butt.
Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson uses a complex mana system that is controlled by a type of alchemy.
Though in order to control magic each magician has to learn to control the different elements as each spell is made up of different blends of the elements.
It's a simple, systematic way to structure your worldbuilding ideas and make building your world simpler. The WorldBuilding School is the place where new worlds are conceived, birthed and nurtured to support life. Errata sheet cqi-9 special process: heat treat system aiag errata sheet cqi-9 3rd edition system accuracy test referenced table. 2.5 special process system assessments management system procedure section aiag heat treat system assessment. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
They force your characters to be more creative with their abilities and so it forces you to write more interesting scenes where your characters are using magic. Certain people, or races, or objects (or even technology) are capable of manipulating those fields in a variety of ways to produce a variety of effects.
This is a good choice if you want magic to be a more subtle part of your world because you can easily limit the scope of magic by how much chi a person can draw on without causing themselves serious harm.

These creatures may just be animals or they may be monsters, warriors, demons, angels, and demigods. This is akin to Summoning and usually must involve other forms of magical manipulation to control the spirits of the dead. This may involve something simple as leaving a small bowl of grain in a shrine or pouring a few ounces of wine on an altar.
The idea that the energies released during seduction and intercourse can open one to altered states of consciousness or that one can funnel those energies to influence the world. This form of magic can appear as a simple hand gesture, or a series of karate moves, yoga poses, or a dance. This is the idea that certain sound patterns can manipulate the magical forces of the world. If they wish to read someone’s mind or plant information in a person’s mind then they have to actually butt heads with that person.
In order to use their magical powers a Mistborn has to first consume a certain type of metal.
Men are super powerful but eventually go mad and the women are dominant and hunt down the male magicians – they can also connect together to become stronger.
The elements are controlled by weaving which is a strand of magic created by a magician that any magic user can visibly see. In Mass Effect magicians are known as Biotics and they have the ability to generate mass effect fields (mana) which can increase or decrease the mass content of space and time.
Reading the above article may have changed your mind but either way now is the time to develop the limitations of your magic system further.
They might be as simple as “can only push objects” or “can only use fire”, however by using these simple limitations you can create complex situations. It's his goal to make worldbuilding easier for the 1000's of people who build their own world - whether it's for fun or profit. These fields may be elemental in nature (like fire, earth, air, water, life, and death), moral in nature (good or evil), it may just be that thought or consciousness is as fundamental a force as gravity (like the Force in Star Wars).
Therefore a deck of cards, dice, or bones properly attuned to those forces will not fall in random patterns, but in patterns that meaningfully reflect the patterns of all those interacting ethereal forces. The eye of the newt and the leg of spider don’t react chemically to create a sleeping potion.
You can have all kinds of fun with how controllable these beings may be (or how uncontrollable).
Ancient Roman and Greek sorcerers wrote spells on sheets of tin or lead, rolled them closed and threw them down a well. I’ve listed 5 examples below, 2 made up and 3 from popular universes, that will help you to think of interesting ways to integrate magic into your world.

This creates a number of interesting scenarios where the main characters are hiding from other magic users and so are afraid to use their powers in case the enemies see their weaving. However in most races Biotics are only practically strong enough to use “magic” when the individual has been surgically enhanced with a bio-amplifier (focus).
He's also works as a content strategist and can help you build an audience for your stories. These interactions are often deals, which obligates the shaman to the spirits he calls upon. The ingredients of a magic potion are based on the ingredient’s association with a particular trait, like love, beauty, sleep, vitality, hatred, strength, truth, deception, etc. Occasionally this is combined with ritualistic cannibalism, in which the sacrificial victim is consumed, imparting its spiritual energy to the sacrificer. In this case what is important is the words and phrasing (and perhaps the language) of the incantation. Oriental spell casters often use a spell precisely written on a strip of paper to seal a spirit or place blessing or a curse on a person or room. Also the individual powers are very basic such as 1 power is the ability to push objects while another other is the ability to pull objects.
Therefore they are limited by the technology in them (focus) and their own personal strength (chi). The magic user needs to have a connection with and some sort of authority granted by the divinity or spirit. These obligations may be simple offerings left at a shrine, or small tasks, or epic quests. Powerful cards may even be able to reverse engineer those patterns causing events rather then just predicting them. So a potion to slow an enemy down might include ground snail shell or a potion for wisdom might have owl’s eyes. Often spells need to be performed in a precisely drawn diagram, or a box sealed with a precisely engraved symbol. If a character isn’t able to consume the metal they need then they have no magical abilities. Indeed Middle Earth is the physical embodiment of the song of the Valar composed by Eru, the One.
The good gods usually place all sorts of restrictions on their followers, while the bad god is totally willing to let his minions use all the power they like.

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