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Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedInAmong our most important beliefs are those we hold about who we are.
We will act according to our views of who we truly are—whether these views are accurate or not. Trying to live in a way that’s inconsistent with our true nature will create a life of frustration, stress and disappointment. When we create unfavourable or hostile situations, we should take action to repair any harm that we may have caused.
For example, complete a physical challenge like surfing or sky diving as a way to shake things up.
We all contain the power to reinvent ourselves and create a new, empowered identity that expands what is possible in our lives. I'm proud to say through my podcast and through this website we have impacted over 60 million lives in the last 4 and a half years. This is something that I have been struggling with since adopting a new life in a non-native English speaking country.
AboutOur mission at Addicted2Success is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self development and life changing stories to the world. The mood struck when I saw this article: Study Finds People Who Fall For Nonsense Inspirational Quotes Are Less Intelligent.
Posted in General, Outdoors, Success and tagged motivation, motivational, patience, quotes, tree by AJ with no comments yet. Successful people are very good at managing risk, at understanding the odds and finding ways to tilt the odds in their favor. Posted in Business, Curiosity, General, Success, Taking Action and tagged adventure, anthony robbins, Curiosity, gary vaynerchuk, honest, motivation, risk, self-awareness by AJ with no comments yet. If the tinder did indeed catch the spark it would die without coaxing and that came in the form of oxygen. As a Boy Scout I was horrible at building my fire but with practice and the right combination of inspiration, motivation, and drive, I’ve built plenty of fires that sustain me both mentally and financially. Posted in General, Leadership, Outdoors, Success and tagged desire, drive, fire, inspiration, motivation, navigation, passion by AJ with 1 comment. I spoke at a Youth Leadership Summit last week and in my presentation I held up very successful people as examples and asked the attendees what traits led to these people’s wild success at various stages of their career. The answers were all correct with terms like perseverance, creativity, passion, and motivation.
The point is that we all know what it takes for others to achieve big things but we’re often afraid to do those things ourselves.
I don’t mean lazy like we sit on a couch watching TV, eating chips rather than working (everyone at the summit had a career and took the additional step of attending the summit). I don’t have nearly as much energy as the previous examples and yet I work a full time job (which I have progressed in over the years), own rental properties, own and operate a retail service business, write books, and blog.
Posted in Curiosity, General, Success, Taking Action and tagged adventure, creativity, Curiosity, flexibility, motivation, passion, perseverance by AJ with no comments yet. I think the reason I don’t want to consider myself a motivational author or speaker is that they are too simplistic in their approach. This also ties in well with what Gary Vaynerchuk told me when I interviewed him in 2013, that self-awareness was the most important trait for success. Simple sells very well but life is complex and requires complex solutions together with lots of work.
Posted in General, Leadership, Success and tagged awareness, confidence, fear, motivation, options, risk, Vaynerchuk by AJ with no comments yet. While that may be true, what about that statement says that high self-confidence makes you ignore negative feedback and makes you less self-critical?
Again the statement itself is true but motivation comes in many forms and my confidence doesn’t diminish the various motivating factors that make up my ambition. Posted in General, Success and tagged confidence, critical thinking, motivation by AJ with no comments yet.
The topic of the chat was renewing yourself and a subtopic was letting go so you can move on. My answer to question eight surprised me and was re-tweeted by several people (an honor among Twitter users).
It’s hard and scary to let go of something you think you need, something that has given you comfort in the past, but you are stronger than you know. What are you holding onto that you think is helping but in reality isn’t allowing you to swim? Posted in General, Success, Taking Action and tagged inspiration, Inspire, learn, let go, motivation, renew, twitter by AJ with 2 comments.

I wanted to get to the boat show in Atlantic City as early as possible on Sunday to avoid the crowds I knew would gather at the largest yachts there. Not long after the show opened there was a long line of people waiting to get on board two yachts. So why bother, why stand in line just to look at something that is so far out of reach that it is an impossibility? Posted in General, Money, Taking Action and tagged drive, facebook, goal, inpiration, motivation, success, yacht by AJ with no comments yet. After reading a book such as the biography of Steve Jobs what do you do with the information, with the motivation you may have?
Posted in General, Success, Taking Action and tagged admire, aspire, motivation, success by AJ with no comments yet. While sales of What Next have not been stellar (see how honest I am), people seem to have a very positive reaction to the book when I tell them about it. A related phenomenon is that people will also ask me for advice in achieving their what next. It’s fine to read my book (I encourage it), or to listen to a motivational speech, but unless you add action to that feeling, on your own, the motivation is lost.
No one, not a very skilled motivational speaker, not a best selling book, not even my book, can provide you with the drive to succeed. As 2011 ends resolve to motivate yourself , resolve to be driven, resolve to be curious enough to ask What Next, and resolve to find the answer on your own. Posted in General, Success, Taking Action and tagged advice, drive, inspiration, motivation, resolution, success by AJ with no comments yet. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
The power to tap into our tremendous potential comes from our identity: how we define ourselves, and what believe we can achieve. We must learn to embrace our deepest needs, desires, strengths, fears, values and beliefs in order to create harmony and tap into our tremendous potential.
We have all experienced moments of anxiety and defeat, and as a result have said or done things that don’t reflect who we are. The key is to take conscious control of the beliefs we are creating about ourselves, so they can propel us toward what we desire most. I love connecting with people who have a passion for Entrepreneurship, Self Development & Achieving Success.
I who am going to write about Anthony Robbins, I was lost in his impressive biography ; ) See you later and thank you. I like the concept of expanding our view of ourselves and widening the possibilities so we can be capable of more. With new motivational videos, interviews, audio and more with your favourite entrepreneurs, life coaches, celebrities and inspirational people from all over the world. When the mood strikes (or when I have time which is even more difficult) I’ll write something.
We get angry first and ask questions later, we listen just long enough to jump in and add our thoughts or comments, we want things now rather than later. My troop was the Keystone Cops of the scouting world, the ones who came in last in our survival and wilderness skills competitions, the ones who didn’t capture the flag, build a fire, or navigate with a compass. Another competition had us build a fire using only a few select items (none were matches unfortunately).
I mean lazy in comparison to the examples I held out, people like Richard Branson, Ted Turner, Gary Vaynerchuk and many more who have enough energy and drive to keep them moving toward success.
The fear is there, the lack of confidence is there but we push through it and yes the lack of fear can be dangerous and over confidence can get us in trouble. Confidence does matter and his article makes clear that he does not understand the difference between confidence and arrogance.
I’m a very confident person (some may even say over confident) but I put a huge value on feedback and negative feedback is much more important to me than positive feedback. Everyone wants to see what it’s like on these yachts, to imagine what it would be like to own a million dollar yacht.
Seeing what could be if we were rich inspires us to work toward that goal, motivates us to work harder, and, maybe, provides the drive to keep going no matter what. But looking to someone else for answers is the easy way out, dare I say the lazy way to success.
I hope I give you that spark and that there is some fuel to start the fire but you have to provide the wind to spread the fire yourself, and become successful on your own.
Any transformation you make within yourself will depend on your ability to expand this identity.

I started this website with the intention of educating and inspiring likeminded people to always strive for success no matter what their circumstances. Trees live a long time and that too takes patience but a tree isn’t going to teach anyone to live hundreds and even thousands of years. Instead we should seek to understand first and give the benefit of the doubt before anger begins to form, we should listen, really listen, and try to understand.
In the navigation competition you had to follow a course using only a compass and to make things more difficult, you wore a paper bag over your head so you couldn’t see where you were going. Just as running a marathon takes conditioning, so too does the marathon of success take conditioning. We constantly fluctuate between emotions and that’s ok as long as we manage to make progress.
Become self-aware and manage your issues and you’ll be well on your way to sustainable success – but like anything it takes work.
Anyone can tell me an idea is great but I want to find the holes in my logic, the problems I’m too close to see. In the post I wrote about Twitter called The Fun of Discovery I mentioned my favorite chats but noted I was new to this and would probably find more.
Someone who asks What Next is constantly moving on from one project, one business, one idea to another.
Let go and take the first stroke and you’ll see that you can stay afloat without any help at all.
If they could afford it, if they were serious about making a purchase, they wouldn’t be waiting in line. Add in a difficult childhood, poverty, or some other against the odds situation, and even more people will read the book. In my post The Unbearable Lightness of Goals I make clear that goals are changeable, that they can evolve over time.
That is why self-help or motivational books do so well, why motivational speakers are booked at various events.
By building a new, empowering set of beliefs, you can create a lasting transformation within yourself and in your life. At the end of patience is an outcome but for a tree there is no outcome just more of being a tree. These cheerleaders remind me of the Geico commercial with Pinocchio as a motivational speaker, as he points to people he says have potential, his nose grows.
Using only a map and a compass most teams made their way to the finish line, our team walked in circles.
I just read an article about Anthony Robbins saying how fear holds you back from success and while I’ve written about that very topic, I’ve also written about the benefits of fear. My latest favorite chat is called #inspirechat and it takes place every Thursday at 11am eastern time.
Taking a What Next approach, an optimistic approach, will help you to realize that what some call failure is really a lesson, and the person who learns the lesson is stronger than the person who never tried. For people who ask What Next, goals are a starting point that will expand as they complete each task. There is no shortage of admiration for successful people but there is a real dearth of aspiration. If the only people I compare myself to are wildly more successful than me, then I always feel like a failure.
The idea that a person can get answers that will lead to success is why life coaching is more popular every year. If there is no one around to share your inspiration it might just remain an idea, a thought rather than action. Drive is the oxygen that sustains us as time, money, nay-sayers, or any other obstacle tries to exstinguish our fires.
It’s too simplistic to say fear=bad and courage=good but that’s really all Anthony Robbins is saying, and most motivational speakers say.
Likewise if I only compare myself to those less successful than me then I’m probably not working up to my potential, not pushing myself as hard as I could.
This is often confused with being indecisive or flighty but I think it’s just the opposite.

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