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Choosing whether or not to use a wedding money tree at your celebration can be a controversial decision, but there are ways to incorporate this wedding trend without difficulty if it is planned appropriately.
Before considering a money tree, couples should be aware that it is usually considered a breach of wedding gift etiquette to ask for money in any form, whether through direct request or trees, dances, or other means. A money tree is a centerpiece where guests can pin or clip cash onto a "tree" as a gift to the happy couple.
Money trees, or any way to directly solicit cash gifts, are not always considered appropriate. Destination Weddings: Couples cannot easily transport bulky gifts from a wedding abroad, and cash is more convenient. Shower Trees: Using a wedding shower money tree, where the purpose of the event is to "shower" the couple with gifts, rather than at the wedding itself, where the purpose is to celebrate the couple's union, is a more appropriate choice.
Themed Trees: If a couple has other impending expenses in their soon-to-be married life, such as a new baby or purchasing a new home, the money tree could be specially themed to help support that cause. Cultural Expectations: In some cultures, money trees are fun traditions that have been used for generations. If you choose to have a money tree as part of your nuptial celebration, make it discreet and elegant so it is a pleasant part of your event rather than a blatant expectation of giving. Place the tree in a location near other gifts, but do not put it front and center as if all guests are expected to contribute. Place a lighthearted poem or verse near the tree to explain its purpose to guests who may not have seen one before, but make it clear that any cash gifts are optional. Trim the branch into a suitable shape and file any rough or sharp edges so they will not be dangerous.
Attach a few bills randomly to the tree so guests will understand its purpose and see how to attach their gifts. Cash is a wonderful wedding gift, and using a wedding money tree can help guests give cash discreetly and creatively. There are many people that have decided to take Christmas to the next level by avoiding going with the traditional decorations to make their tree unique. Seeing that we are going to avoid the traditional tree, it is probable that we will be making the tree ourselves to save money and time to give a unique look to our tree the way we would it like to.

Your child just wants to know you love them and will believe it is a great day if you make the effort to show how much you want to make them happy. Children love the simple things in life, as you have probably noticed when they play with the box more than the toy itself.
After lunch is a good idea because you won’t have to come up with a lot of food to feed everyone, which saves money.
Parties at night can help with heat, while parties during the day provide for good lighting. The time of the month is important too because of people’s schedules and there may be holidays to work around, just keep these factors in mind when setting a date.
You can schedule your day around a house party, because everyone comes to you, it makes it so much easier. Planning fun activities at home can almost be better than going somewhere because you and your child can bond by being creative. Another way to save money on location is to go to a local park, you can even reserve a pavilion. Play traditional games with the kids like freeze tag, or try a new twist to old favorites like this..
Wherever you choose to have your child’s party, make sure its budget-friendly and fun-filled.
For example, cut out swords for a pirate themed party, or fill jars with candy for a sweet display! Party hats can be handmade out of paper, name tags on straws, and colorful paper bags are easy to make, use and recycle.
To fill goodie bags use something inexpensive and helpful like crayons and a notebook or stickers and stamps to decorate their hats and bags. To keep food cost down, simply bake your own cake and have the children help you decorate it, its lots of fun! Depending on your budget, I would suggest keeping it to the number of age your child is turning.
There are lots of inexpensive birthday party ideas that your little one and their friends will love!

If you plan on using some of these ideas or want to share some things you’ve done for your child’s birthday, let me know in the comments below!
If you’re a young mom who’s sick of people judging you, want to meet other girls like yourself and are ready to Kick Ass in life.. Money trees can be made from wire or real wood, and pins, paperclips, clothespins, or ribbons are used to decorate the tree while providing a means for money to be easily attached.
Couples who are close to their ethnic roots and wish to incorporate this aspect of their heritage into their celebrates can do so easily, provided it is done in the proper cultural context and not just as an excuse to solicit cash. A pine tree, for example, is a fun option for winter weddings, while a palm tree can be used for beach weddings. Add small ornaments that match the wedding colors or theme to make the tree a more suitable decoration.
As long as a money tree is used appropriately and it is not a solicitation for donations, it can be a fun part of a couple's wedding festivities. Keeping it child-oriented will make it a memorable experience for your child and fun for their friends.
They especially like balloons, but you don’t have to spend money on helium, unless you want to make a balloon ninja game and shoot them with nerf guns! A pretty and fun cake should be plenty for your tiny guests, just make sure you slice it properly to feed them.
Instead, the money tree should not be made the main focus of the event, whether for a wedding shower, the reception, or any other wedding-related celebration. Some couples prefer to provide small envelopes so cash gifts can be given more discreetly, and adding small notes or pens gives guests a way to add their wedding wishes to the tree as well. Check out the gallery of photos below that these people have shared showing their brilliant Christmas tree ideas. Guests should not feel pressured to give a couple cash, but providing a money tree can make it convenient for guests who wish to do so.

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