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As a “digital native” my son’s learnt that the only way you buy music is the click of a button in iTunes.
A recent CommBank research study* found that 33% of parents of children aged 5-16 years, believed that digital purchases make it harder to teach children the value of money. The CommBank Study also revealed that 8% of parents feel their child fully understands the value of digital money and a further one in three (35%) children don’t understand how digital purchases are paid for. It appears that there are some common digital money myths being perpetuated amongst our kids, especially amongst our youngest children. You don’t have to pay money when you buy something like a toy or computer game on a computer (18% of seven year-olds). This is why the Commonwealth Bank announced that they would be dedicating $50 million over the next three years to enhance their financial education programs, including the StartSmart program which involves a free financial literacy workshop. As parents navigating this digital terrain, it appears that teaching our children about digital money is a modern imperative.

Just like our parents used to tell us that, “Money doesn’t grow on trees…” we must teach our children that there’s not an infinite supply of digital money. Managing Children’s Screentime Worried About Kids and WiFi?
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He’s never had to save his pocket money to buy a CD (although he does get cold hard cash for pocket money).
The CommBank study found 40% of five year olds believe you can use a plastic card to get “free” money from a machine in the wall (hmmm, wouldn’t that be nice). Explain what happens when you purchase things online (and dispel the myth that there’s someone behind the wall when you put your plastic card in the ATM). For online music, app and game purchases, using gift cards helps your child to budget their money and spend discriminately.

Show your child the process of money being earned, deposited into a bank and then appearing in an online account so that it can then be used to make an online purchase. When your reference has made it into music by some of the biggest hip-hop artists out, you’ve truly impacted live across the globe. But it’s even more difficult to teach these days because of our increasingly cashless society.
Nelson Mandela may be gone but his work and memory live on, especially in these hip-hop songs. Biles Soars To Olympic All-Around TitleIs This The Real Reason Trump Won’t Release His Tax Returns?

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