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With financial uncertainty looking set to continue, it pays to take a few additional measures to save money for that rainy day and to put some pounds back into your piggy bank or savings account.
The most popular guest editors in 2015, pages worth revisiting if you missed them first time round. Sean Brecker, CEO of Headspace, the meditation app dubbed ‘gym membership for the mind’, gives us an insight into his life online. When buying a new car it is essential that you know how to haggle to get the best possible price. Often coupons found in the paper correspond to what is on sale in the stores so combine them to obtain additional savings. Ask how their promotions work – for instance, when an item is listed as 10 for $10.00, are you required to buy 10 of a particular item or can you buy less and still receive the discount? Ask whether your supermarket matches competitors prices (bring all your fliers with you, just in case they do).
Remember that buying the bigger package of an item may not always be the best deal – most items have a cost per ounce rate listed below them on the shelves.
Speaking of Rite-Aid, they have a good rebate plan which utilizes their website to plug in the cash register receipt numbers, item #s and dates of qualifying rebate items.

Post By Shelley Webb (346 Posts)Shelley Webb is a Registered Nurse and founder of The Intentional Caregiver. The following suggestions are simple enough and it pays to do some research online before you start to spend.
Haggling for a better deal can literally save you thousands of pounds off the retail price or get you some extra equipment on your new car for free. This sounds like a simple tip but you would be surprised how many people think they are getting a good deal because they didn’t know the RRP before they walked into the showroom. If you are using the dealers finance services they may use an outside service that pays them commission. Make sure you keep calm and stick to your guns without showing emotion – it may compromise your deal. Don’t be afraid to haggle, the dealer expects and is willing to work with you to get the sale.
Always read the food ads that are found in the weekly newspaper and as you notice what is on sale, jot down recipe names that contain that product. You are much more likely to score a better deal at the end of the month as sales staff need to hit their targets.

Explain that you are shopping around but make sure you leave your contact details; you may get a phone call with a better deal on your new car after you have left the showroom. You need to remember that dealers only pay trade prices; your car would be worth more if you solved it privately.
Think about moving to a different energy supplier, using a comparison site to check out the best deals for the suppliers in your area. Turn central heating down a degree or two, reduce the amount of time you have the hot water on if it's on a timer. Have an EBay weekend and sell old mobiles, unwanted CDs, books and DVDs and anything else that you think has some value.
And if you need things, try one of the freecycling sites that list stuff that people no longer want.
Alternatively if your home has an interesting exterior or interiors, a filming company might be interested in renting it for a shoot.

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