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Last night, we shared a lengthy post made by 16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun in which she criticized MTV and their Teen Mom shows for their inaccurate portrayal of what it’s really like to be a young mother.
They should do a spin-off where the girls trade lives with regular teen moms so they can see how blessed they really are and how much everyone else struggles. I can’t imagine that wouldn’t be one of the highest rated series in MTV history!
Poor, poor Jenelle, she can buy a plot and build a house without a mortgage or just a tiny one from her last MTV pay check. I was a teen mom and I struggle financially but I would take my financial struggles over the daily drama the girls on teen mom face any day. Umm if you pay hundreds of thousands in taxes every year you should have MORE than enough to comfortably live modestly on if you’re in that high a tax bracket, Chinelle. Not to mention you get child support for one child and don’t even have custody of the other. I find it funny that you think you didn’t make poor life choices while your parents have to help you raise your child for free while you live under their roof. Don’t tell others they make poor life choices while you are not exactly perfect either. Me and her father are still together actually, like i said I can easily afford to live on my own but I decided to live with my parents not because I have to but because I want to.
Also maybe she should have picked a better partner to be the father of her child and she wouldn’t be a single parent. Because what my job is doesn’t matter, the fact that I pay taxes and can afford to support myself and my family is what matters. Pretty simple, I use my money wisely and don’t live in a state that pays college educated professionals poorly AND where the price of a mobile home is the same as a nice family home almost anywhere else. I think your story is inspiring but I think we’re all just cautioning you to never judge.
You are just like Jenelle and some of the other girls because you so doggedly defend your own viewpoint no matter how wrong it is. Most people who’ve never paid for themselves, all on their own, often have no clue how much money it costs. I smell BS that a state worker is making so little money they need to rely on their non-college educated, teenage mom, restaurant worker daughters salary to get by…YMMV. I don’t know about you, but most people do not yank stakes and move out of state unless they have friends or family or a well paying job covering that move. Means you just pay 100% of the price and value of a car, while others pay 130% due to sky high intrest rates and costs.
So you save thousands of dollars and again have more money left than other teen moms, you dumb ass. Hope she has a good and trustworthy financial advisor with more brains for the sake of those kids. Her and Nathan were driving a yellow hummer one season, that should be enough to tell you there’s no financial advisor lol. Kailyn, Leah, Janelle, Amber, Cate and Ty will ALL be in for a nice surprise when the money dries up. The fact that she thinks the Teen moms are the only ones out there making well over 250k a year is laughable. My thoughts are with you and yours and I echo the hope that there will be a brighter future ahead. Jenelle, if you just read this woman’s words (which you likely have, you attention wh0re), I hope you slink off into a corner to hide.
I just hope that she understands when this show is all said and done how truly lucky she really is. Kail was on government assistance during like season 1 when they weren’t making a whole lot of money. Why is she complaining and saying that is hard for them becasue she can’t get benefits? TEEN MOM 2 PHOTOS Javi Marroquin returns home from deploymentAfter a six-month deployment for the US Air Force, Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin has finally returned home — and of course he shared numerous photos and videos after reuniting with sons Isaac and Lincoln!
UM alum, Geoffrey Yoste, the principal of Yoste Strategic Partners, LLC, is an alternate delegate representing Lafayette County with William Alias, Jr. John Owen Yoste (bottom right), Geoffrey and Julie Yoste (center and right) with Diane Hawks and Ellen Jernigan from Hernando, Michael Cravens and Hunter McElroy from Washington, D.C.
Attending the RNC with him is his wife, Julie, and his son John Owen, who has worked with the Mississippi Republican Party office at the convention.
Another Oxonian there is Russ Jones, senior vice president of news operations for USA Radio Networks that produces news airing on over 600 radio stations across the country. His family moved to Oxford over four years ago, and his mother-in-law owns Bea’s Antiques on North Lamar. The Democratic National Convention will begin next week at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Russ Jones said, “These guys are raising money for college by selling Trump Flakes and Hillary Crunch.
This guy had the benefit of being slowed by his reserve, tangled, and not fully open but still providing a lot of drag. I always enjoyed the serenity of a nice ram-air canopy ride after a bit of freefall myself. Yeh, another freaking genius…wife and a baby waiting there for him, wtf was she going to tell the baby if he didn’t make it? He still can’t beat Felix Baumgartner, whose jump from the stratosphere was accompanied by monitors and was done for science, not as just a stupid stunt. The odds of Luke Aikens being able to hit his net were greater than those of a bad lawyer winning a case. Regarding the differences in terminal velocity with respect to body position – I believe I mentioned above that the 122MPH figure was for a skydiver in flat configuration, and that body positions offering less wind resistance made faster speeds possible. Anyway, that net is tiny until the last few seconds and at that point the ground rush had to be overwhelming.

When I saw just the picture I thought it was, but when I saw the video you were clearly right, he wasn’t centered but it was still a hell of a shot. Community RePaint, a UK-wide paint reuse network, helped to make Britain a brighter place in 2010 by supporting over 12,000 organisations and individuals in transforming their surroundings.
The project re-distributed more than 215,000 litres of useable leftover paint to a range of groups and schemes, including a project created to makeover the children's ward at Newham Unversity Hospital in London, which was undertaken by young people taking part in the Prince's Trust Team Programme. Team Leader Ben Adefisan said: ''As part of the programme the team choose a project that will have a long lasting benefit for the community and then set about raising funds to make it possible.
Community RePaint has been sponsored by paint manufacturer Dulux since 1993, and has also helped to makeover the lives of individuals. There are an estimated 50 million litres of paint lying around in sheds and garages in the UK, and much of this ends up in landfill. We regard the most impressive living things as large animals, such as extinct giants, but to consider the life and influence of great trees or the efficiency of a spectacular army ant raid, killing everything in its path, canA’t be disregarded. The existence of a water loving species in the middle of a great desert shocked early explorers and has that effect still. When dolphins are 'rescued' in various countries, the car given seems to be ill-considered. That savage fight left an indelible impression on fight fans everywhere while raising the Beryozovo, Russia fighter’s profile. Provodnikov earned his way into boxing fans’ hearts the toughest way possible, pushing Bradley to the edge of defeat but losing a tough decision on the cards. In a fight so chaotic, with momentum shifting back and forth, round to round, Provodnikov points to those early moments when he first hurt Bradley as a mistake he will never make again.
Provodnikov wasn’t out long after the fight and has been using newly-acquired techniques from strength coach Gavin MacMillan, founder of Sport Science Lab, who has worked with Georges St. As obvious as it sounds, this fight will come down to who lands his big shot more often and more effectively.
Provodnikov has already begun preparing physically but he tends to leave the game plan to Freddie Roach, a master of breaking down tape.
With the fight signed and a press conference scheduled to officially announce the HBO-televised bout, Provodnikov wanted to make sure an important issue is not lost in the impending media blitz. Backed by his promoter, Artie Pelullo of Banner Promotions and Kornilov on this issue, he made it clear that he is not accusing Alvarado of anything untoward.
With Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated reporting that the Nevada State Athletic Commission testing (ordered by Top Rank founder Bob Arum) to be conducted in the Tim Bradley-Juan Manuel Marquez fight is set to begin this week at a reported cost of $35,000, it will be interesting to see how Provodnikov’s stand goes over and if Arum will continue to special order anti-doping tests in every state he promotes in. The important thing to be gleaned from Provodnikov’s request for stricter anti-doping tests is that, right now, this is the best option available to fighters. Jobs in operational risk management – or ORM jobs, for short – can be incredibly exciting and dynamic. My parents busted their asses, worked full time as a nurse and electrician and we were no where near wealthy! If Nikkole really thinks teen mom is showing these girls lives as drama free then she isn’t watching the show and has no right to comment about it.
Most of the women in my family were teen moms and they all live with their significant other and support themselves with no problem. You choose to have unprotected s*x with a guy while was not ready to have a child or your relationship wasn’t stable enough.
Its a lot easier to support a family when you pick the right partner and that partner stays around to help or at the very least stays in the childs life. I never stated I was moving in with my boyfriend, I said we planned on getting a home of our own, as in together. Sounds like you made poor life choices by being a teen mom, no matter how stable you believe you were. Yeah Illinois for the most part sucks but at least it has semi affordable living and our jobs at least supply us with enough money to be able to afford a place larger than a studio apartment even for those who aren’t college educated. You say others must have money management issues for not being able to afford housing, yet you DON’T live on your own. Staying in the state you have always lived in isn’t some insane idea, especially when you have kids you have to think of.
Come back when you pay 90% tax and are only left with 10% from your ridiculous wages so you need a second real job to get by and I’ll listen to you.
Then you still have to pay bills after Bill for your children’s therapy and then you still have to feed everyone, come talk to me. Plenty of moms, teen moms and otherwise, get to pawn their kids off on people while they go on vacation. She is talking about how it’s hard raising a child oh wait doesn’t your mom rasie one of them? Jones said that they have come to cherish Oxford and felt it was especially meaningful this year to witness Governor Phil Bryant announce the delegate vote for Mississippi on the floor of the convention. I’m ashamed to say that if I were a betting man, my money would have been against him, but he made it. And seeing the cousin and others in freefall with him struck me about the skydiving brotherhood: wow. Community RePaintA’s Manager Martin Pearse cites the case of one man, Andy, who has felt the benefits of the scheme.
This can create potentially dangerous environmental consequences, as it can leach into the ground and waterways. Life seems more secure, though they are still endangered, but is there a future for any oceanic life if we turn a blind ear to the noise we emit, and all the rest of the pollution we dump on the sea? Maybe we have to have seen these species, or be taught about those that are extinct, to be able to appreciate how significant they have been Just hope they survive long enough for us to be able to see at least some natural wonders like these. Memory, migration and magnificent skills serve the Namibian elephant well, as they probably have for other, long-dead elephant populations in the severest African climates.
For the natural-born fighter, the money and higher profile is not as valuable as the lesson Ruslan learned that night as both fighters battled over every inch of the canvas. But getting that experience taught me to make sure I always stay cool and [to] finish the job calmly,” he said.

For this fight, as he and Tim Bradley mutually participated in for their fight, Provodnikov wants anti-doping testing to be conducted by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA).
Rather, he seemed to feel that volunteering to be tested and inviting his opponent to join him is a proactive way to generally raise the standards in this combat sport. In Jenelle’s defense, it is Saturday, and she does live right down the road from the shore! Because she and most of the other teen moms don’t use that money wisely now life is hard? I was a teen mom too and I could easily live alone but I decided to stay at home with my parents, save money, and have help with my child.
I live in Illinois and my mother is 63 and working for the state, which is going on year 2 without a budget, so her income is not guaranteed.
They still get paid shit (they ogle over $15 an hour and think it’s gonna get much higher, lol) and there is a highly breakable glass ceiling in this industry without a degree because the next fresh face with tons of energy is right there to replace you when you start to cost too much.
More like a breeding factory and snatch-trap to the rejected man-slores no other woman in her right mind wants. No wonder she is messed up between her POS mother , being raped, and the other stuff she has gone through no wonder she is hard and closed off. I am a teen mom, my daughter is 5 and about to start school, and I watch teen mom and can kind of relate to the emotional and social struggles the girls on there go through. Try keeping you knees shut for awhile Jenelle because clearly your body must reject this birth control you claim to be on. It’s the question of our time, thanks to a genre-shattering 2016 presidential race and a cauldron of speculation that continues to roil a year after Kanye told the world he fully intended to run for the highest office in the land in 2020.
Donna Ruth Roberts is a retired business owner who established Donna Ruth Else Roberts Council Scholarship Endowment for business majors at the University of Mississippi.
Cooper did that at night in the winter with a reserve that was sewn shut while packing a few hundred thousand in cash. They could even end up in commercial aquarium shows, but they certainly rarely make it back to the sea. There is definitely a great effect training with Gavin,” said Provodnikov of working with MacMillan again. While Provodnikov is coming off a tough fight versus Bradley, Alvarado is just one fight removed from a seventh round stoppage loss to Brandon Rios in their hardcore, 12-round revenge match.
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)-accredited testing organization offers arguably the strictest anti-doping testing protocol in the sport at a reported cost of $16,000 for two fighters.
Maybe not but perhaps if - as Provodnikov hopes - more fighters take part, the action can create of wave of change within state commissions and surrounding entities. No one intentionally does this to be on tv and actually teenage pregnancy rate has dropped since this show has been on the air. For her to be claiming to have horrible credit and not able to buy a car she sure finds away to make sure she has a new car every season and house please everybody watch Jenelle and it should motivate you to stay in school and not be like Jenelle confused and think you need good credit when you make that much money. The girls who are on these shoes might have more money, but they still have problems and worries just because they have more money their problems are just different. I could move into an apartment with my boyfriend and leave my parents struggling but I would rather help my parents and save up for a house because we have 3 dogs and we plan on growing our family so we need room and stability for at least 10 years. Also I have a job at a very wonderful restaurant that provides me with health insurance and a great work environment that actually offers promotions for its employees. If you had gone to college, you would know the economy would crash without rich AND poor people.
Having to purchase special items so the kid can get through a day at school without a meltdown. The show isn’t about showing the financial struggles of teen moms but about showing how every teen mom experience is different and about the particular struggles of the teen moms they follow. True, he was high at the time, but Kanye probably wasn’t still toked up when he reaffirmed his intentions in a new interview with the BBC. He did something dangerous while being a father, but haven’t many of us who have served? Both Alvarado and Provodnikov are aggressive and both bring right-hand bombs they won’t be shy about setting off. Its called proper family planning and helping my parents rather than just moving out and being on my own because thats what society thinks I should do. It’s just hard because no one will hire someone who can only work during school hours.
The world shouldn’t have to suffer a continuance of your gene pool with every brain-dead neanderthal that passes as a sperm donor for your defunct ass. Her Mom raises her kid while she goes off to party and get hooked on heroin and then treats her like garbage for it.
My parents do not help me, I help them, my parents don’t watch my child her father does, and I help pay for the roof over my head. I am a working mom with a kid with special needs, so I know the challenge and cost that having exceptional children brings. Janelle is acting like people who get financial aid, wic or government assistance are lucky. But im not gonna set around and be mad at them.I work hard evety day to make my life better.
My boyfriend has a small house around the corner from my parents and we visit frequently but its not large enough for our entire family. In reality, she pays more in taxes than most of our yearly incomes and she has the balls to bitch about it.

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