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We specialize in Excel-based add-ins and other productivity tools, both ready-to-use & custom solutions. Convert QIF files or worksheets into QBO, OFX, or QFX files for import into QuickBooks, Quicken, or other OFX compatible application. After import into Quicken or QuickBooks, your data appears in the online banking center for reconciliation with your account register. GnuCash Portable is a simple program that enables you to create several types of bank accounts and manage them from your desktop, so as to better manage your money. This software utility does not require installation, meaning that you can easily copy the program files to any location on the hard drive and even to a portable storage unit such as a USB flash drive.
There is a large number of account categories you can add, starting from a simple checkbook to childcare expenses, fixed assets, investment accounts, spouse income, education loan, and so on.
All the data you input can be exported to the hard drive in XML, SQLITE3, MYSQL, POSTGRESQL formats.
The interface is intuitive and comprised of a panel in which to view lists of all the accounts you have, along with a description and total.
There are a large number of reports you can create (income pie chart, cash flow, budget balance sheet etc.), and you can access a price editor and loan repayment calculator, as well as set up an online connection with your bank. To conclude, GnuCash Portable is a useful piece of software that helps you easily keep track of your expenditures and savings, so that you can better manage your money. YIBADA EnglishIt will have the same number of games that will be offered for free, and that will be four games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers to download without spending any money. Detroit Free PressWickersham said he is not aware of any money reported missing from the treasurer's office, which is on the second floor of the administration building at Cass and Main.
Digital TrendsInstead, you can download free software, which will hold your hand through the various steps of programming, or sit back and let you do your thing. Dictionary, Brute-force and Brute-force with Xieve Optimization attacks are used to recover the passwords in the shortest possible time. Recover lost passwords for all versions of MS Word, Excel, MS Money, Access (both database and users' passwords).Fast, user-friendly, powerful.

CoverCreator is a free MS-Windows application for creating professional plain text jewel case inserts with a basic layout. Personal finance software compatible with MS Money and Quicken downloads so you can import your transactions from almost any bank. BackgammonMasters offers online free or real-money backgammon for players from around the world. PartyBackgammon offers online free or real-money backgammon for players from around the world. Finance Explorer Portable is personal finance software compatible with MS Money and Quicken downloads so you can download your transactions from almost any bank. It is running on any Java enabled platform including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and it is the perfect solution for project stakeholders to view the project details in a dynamic way. Kernel for OLM to PST conversion software is third party utility which is developed to resolve issues of OLM file corruption and OLM to PST conversion.
Paychecks tend to disappear as fast as they come, so finding a way to manage your finances is the key to your well-being. The app comes with a simple interface and an intuitive layout that is easy to figure out, regardless if you’ve worked with a similar program before or not.
Thus, you can fill in entries every time money comes into your bank account and for all the payments you need to make. This should help you keep a better eye on all your expenses and teach you how to better estimate the monthly balance. Setting these up can help you know how much money you have in your accounts and even how profitable the stocks you’ve bought have been.
Portable Money Manager Ex can create various types of reports, such as account summaries, income vs. The bottom line is that Portable Money Manager Ex is a nice program that can be of great help.
Here, you can add missing transactions to your books or match your imported transactions with data you’ve already entered.

Here, they can add the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly etc.), start and end date, and create notifications.
Just run the program and choose from the available online poker rooms and the program offers You a choice of available free poker bankrolls.
Simple Home Money Management software will help you turn the above statements into a reality for you by helping you to get on top of your home finances.
Versatile components for web authors and developers to easily build and publish dynamic and interactive bar graphs.
CoverCreator is unique because of its graphical and command line interface, which lets you create jewel case inserts from any of your batch scripts. Inexperienced users should have no problems with this software, thanks to the intuitive interface. Your personal finance software does not show transaction data (date, amount, payee, memo) correctly? It is a self-descriptive, user friendly and easy to use tool which perform its task successfully. In MS Money 2002+ the protection scheme was significantly improved, so universal recovery methods, such as Brute Force Attack and Dictionary Search, must be used.
Handles and unlimited number of accounts including checking, saving, investment, cash, credit card and loan.
All you need to do to recover a password is just to drag and drop your file to the program window. Handles an unlimited number of accounts including checking, saving, investment, cash, credit card and loan.

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