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A study at UC San Diego showed that regular weed-smoking is not likely to do any damage to a teenager’s brain, though drinking alcohol is.
Of course, the study’s results will have to be repeated before its findings can be verified, but researchers believe their findings were valuable. But this is a deeper song than that, because Nelly is also trying to teach you about history. Nelly knows that the first step to success is an invaluable education, and his first lesson to you is the life of General George Armstrong Custer, one of the most infamous soldiers in U.S.
And he's about to add a new title that is probably more important than all the others combined: MOGUL.

He'll also make a big jump on our list of the richest rappers alive where he currently ranks #19 with a net worth of $30 million.
A more standard contract would just cover an artist's future albums and would not include any piece of his or her non-music related deals.The downside to these "360" or "multiple rights" deals is the artist forfeits a piece of their potential future upside action. The other downside is that these deals put a lot of pressure on the artist to live up to expectations. If your albums don't sell or your movies tank, your bosses will not be pleased and may even try to wiggle out of their deal.
Let's not forget the massive $80 million deal that Mariah Carey signed with Virgin Records in 2000.

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