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Having direct experience of operational management in the sector we are uniquely and ideally placed to understand your situation.
Understanding your goals and objectives informs our process and our wide experience in the sector ensures that we can share best practice and advice from our own knowledge base.
Blue Dog worked with us to automate our membership renewal process through a combination of software solutions.
Blue Dog Consulting have proved innovative, knowledgeable and able to re-engineer often complex and long-standing processes.
We have worked with Blue Dog Consulting for several years across a number of business streams. Pegasus Tours and Travels with a team of professionals having relevant experience in travel services, corporate travel and event management presents unique travel packages.
Our focus to provide a wholesome travel experience for our customers have resulted in itineraries that are crafted with uniqueness, value for money and an memories that stay longer.Pegasus offers exciting tour options in India as well as abroad.
Our special interest tour packages include religious, adventurous, wild life, beaches and backwaters, historical, culinary and various custom built itineraries.
At the heart of leading change in the church is collectively and corporately discerning God’s will.
Regretfully, lay and professional church leaders have little training in how to corporately discern the will of God for their church when considering a significant change initiative. What preconceived notions, assumptions and biases do I need to set aside to openly consider the proposed change? What church traditions, history and precedents connect to the proposed change we are considering? From the biblical witness, will the proposed change nurture the fruits of the Spirit in our church and larger community? From the Quaker tradition, place the proposed change near the heart: Is there consolation – as sense of peace and movement toward God?
From Henry Blackaby’s “Experiencing God” question, where is God working in this proposed change? I agree with some reservation, however, I have expressed my reservations and have been heard, so I can move forward in peace. I don’t agree, but I feel comfortable in standing aside and deferring to those who are most affected and who have greater clarity. These movements of discernment, though presented as a linear process, need not become a mechanical procedure but rather a sequence of movements that can be creatively mixed and adapted to your church or situation. Sign up now to get a FREE ebook and new posts delivered to your inbox with proven resources to help you grow as a church leader. Jim’s passion has always been to utilize his gifts of leadership and administration to equip men and women for ministry. INNOVATION and creativity in the workplace are essential in today’s demanding global economy.

The thesis that I have been working on over the last few years has explored the links between leadership styles and practices that are based on encouraging and developing employees, and innovation. The adoption of contemporary management practices, a major part of process innovation as it’s often termed, is seldom given the same attention as product innovation. The first part of my research involved sending a questionnaire to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across South Wales to find out more about their innovation practices. However, the majority of the businesses surveyed did not have a formal policy when it came to reviewing products or processes, with 60% preferring to adopt an ad hoc approach. The study found that innovative businesses have leaders who create an environment within their business that encourages new ideas and gives people the opportunity to try new things. The study also found the greater use of more vision based leadership styles, like transformational leadership, the higher the innovation score of the businesses was likely to be. It found a link between contemporary leadership styles like transformational and distributed leadership, and innovation.
It was also interesting to find, from the data, that the size of the business had little effect on the level of innovation activity.
Some of the most successful businesses had developed and implemented innovation practices and processes and regularly encouraged staff to participate in innovation initiatives that reviewed the business processes and its product offering. In many respects the research supported the assertions made in the Advanced Institute of Management report, as it suggested that firms that developed and adopted both formal and informal mechanisms and processes to regularly consider both product innovation and process innovation tended to be more successful, than those that do not. What we do…The Ideas Distillery works directly with small and medium-sized businesses to deliver a whole range of benefits to firms in their quest for success. Highlighters in tank style offer easy gliding chisel tip for a smooth highlighting experience. We will work with your team to produce a detailed analysis of where you are now and from this help you to determine your objectives for improvement and process development. Their understanding of our business processes and their expertise with the integrated applications was invaluable and allowed us to save time, money and increase efficiency.
Their skills in project management, business analysis and systems integration have been invaluable in getting new platforms and processes up and running, and crucially also in supporting us post-implementation.
They provide the REC with project management, consultancy and support services and lead on all systems and technology projects.
Backed by 20 years of creating tour packages that differs from the standard offerings in the market, Pegasus have taken their customers to locations that are less treaded. Our experience in organising tours from Alaska to Kilimanjaro, our trusted local partners to knows their native land, our recommendation of hotels, guides and sightseeing helps you enjoy your holiday with your family and loved one in peace and tranquillity. In most churches significant change must pass through some leadership group that is charged with discerning if the proposed change is in line with God’s will.
Does the decision bring peace and draw the group closer to God and each other or does it result in distress and move the group away from God?
With the heart of a shepherd and a keen understanding of church organizational structure, Jim has been a mentor and coach to hundreds of ministers and church members – myself included – throughout his 30+ years of ministry.  I am confident God will use Jim to do the same for you through his new ministry, Sacred Structures.

Throughout his career Jim has demonstrated a passion for showing Pastors and Ministers how to use organizational tools for church and personal growth and health. Consumers demand higher product features, high quality products and services as well as better value for money. The research aims to develop a much clearer picture of what business leaders and top management teams can do to develop their organizations and become more innovative. However, process innovation or the adoption of new procedures and processes can often lead to businesses becoming more efficient and more effective in delivering their product and services. The research that I have carried out in Wales has shown that some of the most successful small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have put in place processes and practices to constantly review the way they deliver their products and services (process innovation) and systems to review and develop their product offering (product innovation). The businesses who responded were no strangers to innovation, with more than half having developed new products or services in the last year, while almost 70% of respondents advised they had improved processes or working practices, and half stating that this contributed to at least 10% of their companies’ growth in the last year. The study found that business leaders’ that tend to develop and practice more vision based and distributed leadership practices are likely to benefit from higher levels of innovative activity within their organizations. Transformational leadership includes: inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individual consideration. Therefore, I would suggest that businesses of all sizes can become more innovative as the size of the business did not necessarily affect its ‘innovativeness’. Our Business Growth Programme has been designed so that it can be tailored to the specific growth needs of your business, through areas such as sales, marketing, and winning tenders. Their comprehensive understanding of CRM systems, and extensive experience of the membership and association sector have combined to make them our first port of call for any related queries, issues and development requirements.  Quite simply, we’re not sure where we would be without them! They are extremely responsive and are able to shape and co-ordinate complex projects involving multiple vendors and stakeholders.
Therefore, businesses need to continuously innovate in terms of what they offer the market.
However, adopting certain leadership and business practices can certainly increase the likelihood of developing a more innovative business.
A large-scale research project conducted by McKinsey & the London School of Economics, in 2007, suggested that the top 25% of manufacturers in Europe regularly adopted and implement contemporary management practices and processes. The majority of businesses questioned were practicing some elements of transformational leadership. Blue Dog bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise delivered in a timely, efficient and comprehensible manner that has brought peace of mind to REC during the last few years of organisational transition. The survey revealed that 60% of respondents developed their company vision together with employees and 79% encouraged employees to make suggestions about improving products and processes. Just over half of the businesses questioned recognised the importance of individual development, regularly using coaching and mentoring and encouraging continuous professional development or other learning.

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