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To start with your money making websites, i would suggest you to follow the above steps strictly.
I Agree with you that, Own website is the nice way to make money from online by implementing affiliation and Ads program. Do you always wanted to create money making websites but not knowing a darn thing about website development? One of the most amazing thing about SBI is that it has an 10 Days Action Guide to teach you how to build a successful online business.
This is a professional grade keyword research tool which I didna€™t make full use of in the beginning. Sending out newsletter is one of the most important lifeline of your Internet business (which I am guilty of not doing it yet). Broken links are bad, they make readers and Google unhappy when the a€?Page not founda€? appears while surfing your site. If you already own a money making website that generates thousands of dollars monthly, Site Build It! How To Make Money From A Website—55 Ways To Bring In The Cash You are using an outdated browser. As the use of internet is increasing, the awareness about making money online has also become very common.
For that you need to check for available domain name and hosting server suitable to your niche category. The advantage of using the wordpress is its simplicity, design, interface and search engine friendly. At later stage if you feel like changing, you can switch to premium themes which are mostly paid themes. Once the plugin is installed, we might need to work with menu options as well to set the top menu bar as per the requirement. So if you really think of money making websites, you must try to put as much as quality content on your website. But on the contrary, it we are able to complete the above step 5 perfectly, the money will start coming passively into your account. But their terms and policy are very stringent, so better we plan for other back revenue plans as well along with Google Adsense. Starting the websites is the only bit difficult task, but if the above 6 steps followed sincerely, you are definitely going to make to the top list of earners in the world like these guys are making.
I will be Glad if you help me to necessary guideline for the type of site marketing like e-commerce site, traveling sites affilative sites etc. Or you have a website which you will like to make it more profitable?Money making websites has always been a fantasy for me. I felt that the founder Ken Covey must have created a cult and in my book, cult usually means scam. I used Brainstorm It to find out which of the subjects I am passionate about has good demand and low supply.
Other than my effort in writing contents (of which can definitely be improved on :P ), all I did was followed the steps which SBI! I strongly recommend you to research the most highly profitable keywords in your chosen niche first before building the topics.
It contains information such as the most visited pages, daily unique visitors, pageviews, where do the traffics come from (which search engines, keywords, websites or images), and etc. Sending out newsletter helps to build relationship with your readers and update them on what is going on with your website (new updates and latest products etc). Unlike me, SBI!
So far I had only approached them through emails and they always get back to me within 3 working days. It is all good.You have watched the video tour, seen the results, compared the services and understand the tools that SBI!
At no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to purchase through any of the links on this page.Please understand that I recommend SBI!
Speak in someone else’s webinar or offline event for a feeUse your authority as the owner of a successful website in your niche to command high rates. But the most difficult part is only few are able to find the best option or solution on how to make money online easily with fool proof system. I means the ideas which you think will work better for you and you are more comfortable to work with. These Plugins help to make your website search engine friendly as well protects from security threats as well. As we discussed in step 1, the contents will be based on the topics which we had finalized. Once our website is ready with good amount of content on it, we can proceed with applying for the Google Adsense account. You help in selling their product and in return you get good share of income from their sale price. Also don’t forget to share this post on Google plus and Facebook so we are able to help other internet users as well looking for money making ideas. Though I sincerely agree that content is king (which is why most of my content are at least a thousand words)  but SEO helps you to rank up faster. During the process, one person will be assigned to my case until the inquiry is answered or problem resolved. Not only you get commission for referring customers, you get commission for every affiliates referred as well.On the other hand, if you are new to the online business (like me), I highly recommend you to use Site Build It! Plus, people who like your speech will like you and start to visit your site more often.17. Building money making websites is not as difficult as it seems from from outside. Here we will discuss the steps that will help in creating the money making websites. If you are good at writing wonderful contents and knowledge sharing about any topics, just write it down in your list.
Here i would recommend to go for Bluehost Hosting plan, since i am also using their same plan from last 5 years and its really awesome and for wordpress websites its highly recommended. Clickbank and Commission junction are the top affiliate platform where you can find tons of product to promote. After two years of hard work and creating several blogs, I had made a whopping total income of $2 through Adsense (I found out later that one click came from the courtesy of my wife).Stunninga€¦And that concluded my journey of trying to create profitable websites. I was too greedy and wanted to learn everything at once.In the end, I was utterly confused and got intimidated as I thought I have to master everything in order to succeed in SBI. Can you Imagine the exponential growth of your site having 10, 50 or even 1000 readers adding information to your website?
Their near weekly newsletter keeps you up to date on the current best practices (such as how to rank well despite Googlea€™s Penguin updates) as well as additions and updates to their "Info HQ" knowledge base.
Get started now.All the best to your endeavour on building a successful passive income stream.
Sell artifactsIf you use collectible material to create your website, don’t just archive them or throw them away. For more details you can check my article on Best wordpress hosting – 1 click install.

You just need to click on the install wordpress tab and system will do all the rest of its own.
Once the theme is ready, we need to go to the widget setting and set the widgets as required on our website. As you can see on this website, Affiliate Marketing is one of my highest income generating resource websites along with Adsense.
And it was very motivating to see normal people with absolutely zero technical skills built successful websites and make a healthy living out of it.If they can, why cana€™t I?Check out one of the case studies below. I just wrote whatever I want to write, giving no regards to keywords whatsoever (Be nice, I was green. I recommend going through the core of Action Guide Day 1 to 10 first and check out the additional readings later as you progress through your site building.
Talk about user friendly.It also has an Analyze It function that check on your keyword optimization. They keep track what is happening in the world of online business and updates you so that you can focus on building your business only.
There are a lot of enthusiastic members helping each other (Ken himself is a very active participant of more than 9000 posts of his own). All I have to do is to change it.Another function which I am appreciative of is if I changed the page name (which I have to do a lot now for SEO), SBI automatically updates the pages that are linked to it. As your traffic increases (which is guaranteed if you are making money making websites), they will demand you to upgrade your service which can eventually turn out to be $300 monthly. Among all the topics in the list you should finalize 1-2 topics which you can take up well. We must ensure that the contents which we post are well researched and formatted with right set of keywords. How cool is that? Honestly, what clicked with me most was the 3 months full refund guarantee.3 months!
SBI!a€™s site analytics even allow me to check for all my keywords ranking in just one click. For finding the right set of keywords, please use recommended keyword research tools like Long tail pro or other freely available Keyword research tools. However, due to the trust I had with the blogger (I had tried several products recommended by him), I held back my impulse to escape for the safety of my wallet. You can take as long as you want for each day of Action Guide) and not check out any of the additional tips provided. Hardware review sites can sell the devices they tested, sometimes at a premium over the retail price.18.
I read on to find out why the hell are they charging so much for.As I dive in, I was fairly impressed. Two months later I took a break from work and decided to give myself a challenge to write 100 articles within 2 months. It will save you heck lots of time and effort to rank up the search engine pages and build a profitable website. The brainstormer tool is equivalent to professional-grade services like Wordtracker that costs over $400 hundred dollars per year but with SBI!
I tried one money making method after another until I found the right ones to suit my websites.
Sell your statisticsSmart companies are desperate for data about their customers, so if your website serves their potential customers, you have data they can use to better target the traffic they want.
The free ebooks is a must, as they will help you a lot in marketing, writing good copy and improve your local business if you have one. Be careful—they could use that data to steal your best organic search traffic—but, then, you can also charge a large fee for simple access to your Google Analytics data.19.
Just click the link on that page that best describes your particular situation or the idea which you will like to explore.
Ask for donationsThe easiest way to monetize a website, but also usually the least effective. Sell merchandiseSuccessful websites are their own brand, and people sometimes identify themselves with brands they like by wearing t-shirts and other merchandise with that brand’s signature logo or appearance.20.
But they mostly come with limited functionalities unless you show them the money.Here's a video on how it works!
This is a good place to go if you want to quickly decide whether your idea will work with SBI! I see some great websites with awesome content relying on donations and I do not believe it to be a solid way to make money from a website. A key advantage is that you can live anywhere with an Internet connection—so why are you living in some high-rent district instead of in an affordable beach house with servants in Bali or Thailand?21. Joint venture #2Once you have a profitable website, find more customers by creating joint ventures with other people in your niche who aren’t direct competitors. The dream of creating money making websites to get out of the cubicle is finally becoming plausible.
Probably the second easiest way to make money online, but only effective if you can sell lots of cheap items or at least a few very expensive items. Divide and profitWhen part of your website is more profitable than another part of your website, split it into two websites and sell the less profitable part.
The perfect solution for those who love having money making websites but just dona€™t have the time to build them.
Become a digital goods affiliateSell ebooks, automated online training, and other digital products with high (50% or more) commissions. The products you advertise usually must match your niche perfectly in order for you to make any sales.I could give you a big list of different affiliate networks etc but I found an awesome list of 53 different ad networks where you can earn money for your website written by Spenser Haws. Create your own digital goodEbooks can be short if they get straight to the point and you can create a 5 hour video course in a single afternoon by just talking into your webcam. Have your developer put the custom code in a WordPress plugin (he should do this anyway for your convenience) and then you can sell it on the WordPress Store.24.
Google Ads or other automated advertisingVery easy, but only profitable if people who visit your site are likely to buy high-margin products and services through advertising links.6. Ask them if they want to advertise in bulk for a discount—you get assured income and they get a better rate.7.
Joint Venture #1Work with your top advertisers to create a product, service, or pitch for just your audience. Use your self-advertising experience to create your own Google AdWords campaignsIf you have positive cash flow from your advertisements, even just for a brief period, you can earn thousands of dollars a day through maximum ad exposure.
The advertiser gets an increased conversion rate on your website and you get a commission from every sale. Many big niche sites list what adversing space is available on their sites and you can buy a slice through that site.26.
Get a List and USE itCreate a weekly email newsletter to turn occasional visitors into regular readers.The more content of yours people read, the more opportunities you have to sell to them. Kickstart your profitsA successful website with an established audience is one of the best research platforms ever available. Even if you create an autoresponder series to send out to your readers, just keep it interesting and give give give.9.
Find out what your audience dreams about and create a Kickstarter to build it—after factoring in a healthy profit for yourself if the Kickstarter succeeds.

Active forum members will return to your forum everyday, creating additional opportunities for you to sell to them. Re-brand and resell public domain content and open source softwareThere are over a million books and software programs which you can legally sell without asking for permission (and still keep all the profits for yourself). All you need to do is put a PayPal Buy It Now button on your site and offer to answer any questions asked during a 30 minutes phone call.29. Sell your audiencePeople will pay you to write about their products and services on your popular website.
This is a personalized version of advertising, but it usually requires a large audience or an audience likely to buy high-end products and services.12.
Use your audience in a triangulation dealFor example, a book publisher (triangle side #1) will pay you (side #2) to write a book because your website has a large audience, and your audience (side #3) will buy your book from the publisher. Rent your successIf you have a website other people envy, offer high-priced premium coaching to help other people build their websites.
If you have walked the walk and not just talked the talk then people want to know how you did it!14. For example, if you run a leading review site in the medical practice software niche, offer to let a software company pay you to advertise their products as “tested and approved by [your site].”31.
Create an event onlineUsually called webinars, you can get your audience to pay to join a live online training session or inspirational speech, and all it costs you is an hour in front of a webcam and some bandwidth.15. Alternative advertisingMaking money from a website doesn’t mean your website needs to make money directly. Create an event offlineIf your webinars are always successful, you can probably host a conference.
If you use your website to attract social media followers, consider sending an occasional paid advertisement to your followers for some extra profit.32.
For the price of renting a few rooms in a hotel and hiring a few speakers from your niche, you can easily collect $500, $1,000, or more per person from dozens or hundreds of attendees.But don’t stress yourself out by taking on money making methods that are just not right for you. Sell linksYes, I know Google doesn’t approve of paid linking, but a small number of paid links will look natural enough and help pad your profitable bottom line. The other thing is that Google has links in Adsense ads so not sure why we should feel bad? Everyone needs to earn money and sometimes selling a link can help pay the bills.This is a great way to make money from your website but you must weigh up the value of your links before doing so.
For example, if you sell a link on a page for $100 for one year, make sure you have tested for the possibility of more money already.
I have pages that make $30 to $100 a day from a single link placement of my own, so do you think I would sell a link on a page like that? No way!If you are yet to make sales like that and have not had the chance to test, placing text links into your site for money is a great way to actually prove that your site can make money.33. Sub-domain co-brandingA special version of co-branding (or a joint venture) where you create a sub-domain on your site dedicated to a specific product; the sub-domain is typically run by the advertiser or your joint venture partner. Seeing a product name next to your site domain proves to readers that you really do recommend it, creating a huge value for your advertisers.34. This channel makes a $1 or more per video per month so I only need 1000 videos to make $1000. Resell your content #1It’s true, Google doesn’t like duplicated content, so you can’t really sell your content to other websites. But what about offline (or private Web access) magazines and journals related to your niche? I have sold and goven away some of my content to educational institutions, community courses and more.36. Resell your content #2Also consider spinning—good sites don’t publish spun (rewritten) content, but you can always spin your content and sell it to your less savory (and less intelligent) competition.
Resell your content #3Turn successful articles on your site into ebooks, either self-distributed or for Kindle and iBooks. See a tutorial about how to create an ebook to sell on your website or turn into a Kindle book.To tell you the truth, it is not always necessary to sell a book to make money. You can also use a viral marketing strategies and give away a free ebook that will return good earnings.38.
Advertise on your error pagesAlthough you really should fix any broken links and errors quickly, you should also make sure your 404 error page features an ad. People who visit broken links were looking for something—but it was missing, so they’re still looking.
That gives advertisers a perfect chance to help your visitors by selling them a solution, so advertisements on your error page will often have higher bids than other ads on your site and higher click rates, creating more profit for you.39. If you have a legitimate grievance against a product or service and you also have a large audience compared to the number of buyers for that product or service, you can start a negative campaign telling everyone about your bad experience with that company.
If your campaign reduces their sales, they may be willing to pay to have you pull your negative content. Supplant your audience’s current servicesIf a large part of your audience all subscribe to an easily-duplicated service, consider creating a clone of that service and selling it to your audience directly. For example, backup services, reporting services, hosting services, content creation services, virtual assistant services, and many others.41. Sell savingsWhile everyone sells using affiliate links at retail price, you can sell at a discount and earn money straight from the customer. On the club’s Member Benefits page, provide coupons to the same products everyone else in your niche sells.
If a company will give a 50% affiliate commission for a product, they’ll also probably give a 50% off coupon for it (with no affiliate commission). Then you can advertise that you help your readers get 50% off prices—making your site much more appealing than anyone else within your niche.
Plus, you can make your membership a recurring PayPal or credit card transaction so you collect membership fees every year instead of getting a single one-time affiliate commission.42. If there are other niches very closely related to your niche, but different enough that your website can’t serve them, you can sell modified copies of your website which serve those niches.
For example, a niche website for a particular medical specialist can usually be quickly adapted to work for a different medical specialty.
And then there are websites for specific locations which will work well in other locations, such as realtor websites, used book stores, and bed and breakfasts. Sell subscriptionsSome websites which offer very timely information (such as daily investing tips) can sell premium information via newsletter or a special password-protected website section. In general, you have to help people save or make a lot of money on a regular basis in order to charge for an online subscription.44.
Not only does this give you a little extra income, but people who pay to post on your platform will want to get the maximum value out of it, so they’re much more likely to send you high-quality guest posts. Sell an emergency consultationI know we covered coaching and consultations earlier in the list, but this is a special case of a high-profit opportunity.

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