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Firms use perceptual or positioning maps to help them develop a market positioning strategy for their product or service.
Theoretically a perceptual map can have any number of lines, to keep things simple they usually have 2 lines the x and y axis. Perceptual maps can help identify where (in the market) an organisation could position a new brand. We must remember that perceptual maps are based on the buyer's perception this is challenging: what may be viewed as a quality product by one buyer, may not be perceived as a quality product by another buyer. They say that purple is the color of royalty, and this deep purple tiered wedding box ($102) will surely make you feel like a princess on your big day. The whole family can get involved with homemade Christmas ornaments, and making them from stuff you all ready have is an extra bonus. Find out how to put all of these materials together to create the fun and creative Baby's Busy Day Quilt on the next page.

As the maps are based on the perception of the buyer they are sometimes called perceptual maps. There is also a gap in high price low quality but consumers will not want to pay a lot of money for a low quality product.
Positioning maps show where existing products and services are positioned in the market so that the firm can decide where they would like to place (position) their product. Any criteria can be used for the map for example price, quality, status, features, safety and reliability. Similarly the low price high quality box is empty because manufacturers would find it difficult to make a high quality chocolate for a cheap price or make a profit from selling a high quality product at a low price.
However as perception is very subjective, firms need to ensure that the data they use to plot the map is accurate.
Firms have two options they can either position their product so that it fills a gap in the market or if they would like to compete against their competitors they can position it where existing products have placed their product.

Once the two lines have been drawn and labelled existing products will be placed onto the map. If customer perception data is wrong, the map will be wrong and this will affect the success of any marketing strategy based on the perceptual (positioning) map. One of my favourite material is paper as it comes in the most various colours, patterns, shapes, forms and thickness. Do-it-yourself projects and craft ideas you can easily complete, no matter your skill level. Before deciding to fill any gaps in the market firms need to ensure that there is likely to be a demand for a product positioned in that gap.

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