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I know that you used glue dots, but are they easy to remove from the money without ripping? A Salty Sweet Bite of DeliciousnessMickey over at Monster Mama calls this Texas Chicken Brittle. Graduation congratulations can be as simple as thoughtful traditions that create long lasting  memories for graduates.  Whether you celebrate graduation with a party or just a card these ideas let the graduate know you are thinking of them. Also, don?t forget to check out the Tip Junkie Facebook page for even more crafts, activities for kids, creative ideas, and free tutorials. I am always up for a new way to give someone money for graduation and your ideas are the best I've ever seen! Whether it’s from high school or university, the next step along the journey of life is always a significant and positive one. This time what your take out from the tissue box are not tissues but bills roll up in the box beforehand. Load the basket with every laundry supply you could imagine, towels, detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, bleach, stain removal and rolls of quarters for those first for daily use.

Make this special quilt from blocks of the hand-me-down clothes for the graduate to snuggle in while he or she is far away from home.
These grade cord tacos made from premium pure leather and metal snap closures are so cool to keep your cords in good order. This macro leas with solid aluminum and outfitted with thick, high-clarity glass will fit almost any phone or device that has a camera in it.
Send the graduate with a funny, wise and useful book based on the blog of the same name to help him or her become a grown-up in a better way.
Get more knowledge about cocktails with this chatty book which culls a year’s worth of recipes from the past and present. When the graduates move on to society, send them these adorable sunny life beach radios to light up the whole day with its bright colors like sunshine. This cordlupa is designed to stay on your charger’s cube for easy and convenient store when the graduate travel around. Why not try something decoration graduation gift idea with this sterling silver chain necklace.

Prepare this good luck minimergency kit with five different talisman patterns to bring your fortune. This gorgeous gadget serves best to keep your computer safe and chic with a leather wrap closure in a n envelope shape.
I loved it so much we did it a few weeks ago for a friends graduation and it turned out great. It's a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific tutorials that you are looking for. The same goes with the importance of the gift to express your congratulations to the graduate.

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