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The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a classic children’s story that has sparked the imagination of children for over 100 years. This entry was posted in Children's Corner, The Family: A Proclamation to the World on 6 October 2014 by Stance Studies on the Family. The Halifax bank has announced that it will launch new competitive mortgages, a move that according to analysts will intensify a price war among UK lenders.
The mortgage product, to be launched in March, will be priced at one percentage point above the Bank of England's base rate.
The Halifax, which is the UK's biggest mortgage lender, currently charges its borrowers 7.5%. The stockmarkets, however, did not like the news, as the rate war could cost the Halifax millions of pounds in profit.
The bank's shares were the fourth biggest losers on the market on Tuesday, falling more than 3% or 27p to close at 681p.

Other banks are likely to follow the example of the Nationwide and the Halifax, rather than face the danger of business draining away to other lenders. The cut in mortgage rates is expected to provide a fresh boost to the UK housing market, already picking up in January according to figures from the British Bankers' Association, which showed home loan lending in January up by ?2.1bn, well above the average rise in recent months. The Halifax announced the drive to drum up its mortgage business as it reported its financial results to the London Stock Exchange. The firm also managed to grab 10.3% of the market for new mortgages, its largest share since it converted from being a mutual society to a profit-oriented bank.
In the overall market, though, the Halifax continues to hold about 19% of all mortgages, a leftover from its days as a building society, when it could offer more competitive mortgage rates. The bank hopes that it can come out on top in the mortgage wars once it begins selling the new deals in March. However, the new rate tracking the Bank of England's base rate will be guaranteed only until the end of this year.

Halifax chief executive James Crosby said: "The battle is now on for the hearts and minds of the consumer.
One way to do that are higher interest rates on current accounts, and since the bank launched an account offering 4% interest, applications have trippled. Halifax also said that its new online division, Intelligent Finance, was on track and reporting strong customer growth.
By the end of the year, the phone and online banking operation had received 80,000 account applications, with even stronger growth reported during the first weeks of this year.

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