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PhonesReviews UK- Mobiles, Apps, Networks, Software, Tablet etcAll about Mobile Phones Reviews & Updates. Emoji is adding 250 new characters to its library this month because everything is better when you animate your emotions.
In the world of texting, tweeting and status updating, few things get your point across like a well-chosen emoji. Ia€™m talking about the smiley faces and quirky hand gestures, the cute little cartoons that so perfectly illustrate our emotions. The Unicode Consortium, the regulators of these animated emoters, announced that the new icons will include everything from a chipmunk to a rolled-up newspaper to a€” wait for it a€” a middle finger.

Speaking of Queen Bey, MTV recently summed up her a€?On the Run Toura€? with Jay Z in a series of emojis.And remember that episode of HBOa€™s a€?Girls,a€? when Ray chastises Shoshana over her abuse of emojis? I know it reeks of middle-school notes with hand-drawn hearts and overzealous smiles.But as we move further and further into shorter conversations, an expanded emoji library helps us say more in the 140-character world of Twitter or fast-paced text messages. One persona€™s Kardashian is another persona€™s Krueger.a€?This is what scholars call polysemy,a€? says Melling. Just last month, Twitter finally made it possible to tweet GIFs, so when 140 characters arena€™t enough, a GIF, like a scene of Harry Potter casting off the Dementors, can say it all for you. But the more common miscommunication might come from the emoji gap: Not all smartphone brands speak the same emotive language.

A smiley face with heart-shaped eyes sent from an iPhone might show up as a green Android logo on another phone.
One phonea€™s dancing lady in a red dress is another phonea€™s dancing boy in a T-shirt.Claire Iwai Reagan, an Overland Park AP English teacher, says that because emojis are typically used among loved ones and close friends, people are speaking the same language. I am not so sure I will ever use the middle finger one, though.a€?Thata€™s all right, Claire.

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