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What comes to mind is that blogging seems to attract a lot of people who think there's easy money to be made online.
Do not get sold on the idea that purchasing a home-based business will give you immediate passive income. Whatever endeavor you wish to pursue takes dogged determination, resilience, and getting your hands dirty in order to succeed. If you're an Internet newbie and looking forward to stake your claim in internet marketing, go in with eyes wide open. They'll tell you of their brand new marketing strategies that will blow the competition away. Surf most of the traffic exchanges and you'll come across mini-sites and splash pages that tell you they have the "greatest thing" since sliced bread.
To be fair, much as there are the "quick buck" artists, there are the real marketers who have their reputation to protect and they only think of your best interests.
In fact, once you know your way around the Internet minefield, you'll discover many sources of useful information that'll help you to move on to the next level. With this partner site you can start generating revenue.By simply providing your viewers with information content and relevant offers. Some people have a problem with the illegal distribution and losses associated with free range milkcrates.
The Israeli delegation was headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Yasser Arafat headed the Palestinian group. The Wye River Memorandum was intended to clarify mutual responsibilities of the parties in the details of implementation of the Interim Agreement on the West Bank and Gaza Strip (“Oslo II”) of September 28, 1995. A federal panel has granted parole to Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, with a planned release in November, his attorneys said Tuesday.
The announcement said the decision by the parole commission was unanimous and wasn’t in any way related to U.S.
Some friends still miffed over the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty years ago fully endorse keeping Pollard in jail. Having read the agreement in total, I think it is pretty good and certainly creates a potential opening for healing the rift with Iran. According to the Report of the Congressional Committees Investigating the Iran-Contra Affair issued in November 1987, the sale of U.S.
Arms sales to Iran that totaled an estimated $500 million from 1981 to 1983 according to the Jafe Institute for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University. Israel is also reported to have supplied instructors and non-armaments help to Iran for the war effort.
Can’t wait to see Ollie North pop up on Fox to tell us how terrible and awful Iran is.
Sharon – if you click on the link in the post it will take you to the download details. There was a great piece by Bruce Friedrich today drawing attention to the horror of battery cages for laying hens. Battery cages are small wire cages where about 95 percent of laying hens spend their entire lives; each hen is given about 67-76 square inches of space (a standard sheet of paper measures 94 square inches). After decades of consumer outcry, the veal industry recently took the important step of announcing that it will work toward eliminating the crate confinement of calves. At Farm Sanctuary, we spend our lives with farm animals, and we wouldn’t eat them or their eggs under any circumstances. I’m very pleased to see this qualification, as it rarely appears in articles such as this one (um, HSUS). Cage-free hens are spared several severe cruelties that are inherent to battery cage systems. Both systems typically buy their hens from hatcheries that kill the male chicks upon hatching—more than 200 million each year in the United States alone. Both cage and cage-free hens are typically slaughtered at less than two years old, far less than half their normal lifespan. While the vast majority of the battery and cage-free egg industry no longer uses starvation to force molt the birds, there are battery and cage-free producers alike who still use this practice.
So, while cage-free does not necessarily mean cruelty-free, cage-free hens generally have significantly better lives than those confined in battery cages. Hi Jimmy, thanks to you I became vegan, as I finally realized that even eating free-range animals is participating in cruelty. I respectfully submit that we don’t have the time to pussyfoot around this issue while planetary systems are collapsing around our collective heads. Animal issues receive around 2% of all charity contributions, with 98% devoted to human issues.
I would like to see more people realize (thankfully some already do,) that the movement is taking great steps backward by retreating from a clear unequivocal vegan message, working with animal exploitation industries, and calling those who dare to question, divisive.
I believe that the draining the movement of funding is precisely the intent of the animal agriculture industries that are supporting the welfare organizations. This could have easily been written by an HSUS rep, or a FS rep, but it was actually written by Chad Gregory, President, United Egg Producers. As long as we’re imagining, can we imagine a world in which we end the war on drugs & and all the suffering of sentient beings resulting from it?
I don’t understand why people who work so hard to rescue farmed animals would want to send out mixed messages.
I don’t think animal advocates should ever be in the business of advocating industry standards for exploitation. The definition of a mixed message is one in which a person receives verbal or nonverbal cues that contradict each other, from another person. Bruce Friedrich was on the board of Farm Forward (the organization cheerleading the sustainable farm movement) until criticism from the animal rights community forced his resignation within the last year.
Though I’m on the fence, and I see the value of both sides, I think for now I will still support a regulationist pragmatism with an abolitionist agenda. I believe that it’s inconsequential that someone who advocates regulatory reform wants abolition in the future.
In addition, if there had been a law passed before slavery was abolished against beating or whipping slaves, a lot of suffering could have been alleviated. Laws such as those could have meant quite a lot to the women or the slaves who were enduring beatings on a regular basis. I think that most welfare reforms do very little and most of them won’t be phased in for years (if ever). Where I do agree is that animal organizations should always advocate veganism while working on welfare issues. The problem with this is that pragmatism of this kind has characterized the animal movement since the first protection laws were passed in the 1820s. At what point do we say the strategy has failed and turn toward abolitionism — that is veganism. I saw this posted on the Farm Sanctuary Facebook page and commented there that I was upset he had used the word vegetarian instead of vegan. Unfortunately your letter to the editor was a dead-end; no additional information was provided and there were no links to websites promoting veganism (your connection to Farm Sanctuary was noted, but I think the link may be too indirect and wouldn’t necessarily direct readers to look for more information).
I’m not positive, but I would guess that most NY Times readers have a mainstream conception of vegetarianism, that is, lacto-ovo vegetarianism. The website converted something into a winking face for some reason; the link still seems to work though! The average family generates enough food waste to feed at least 2 chickens (most estimates I’ve seen are 4-6).
Hi Mountain, just a couple questions that arose for me when I read your comment: What happens to the roosters who aren’t allowed in most American neighborhoods?

As for the roosters who aren’t allowed in most American neighborhoods, why aren’t you working to change those laws? I volunteer for Animal Place in Northern California, a farm animal sanctuary and vegan advocacy group.
In your world, what happens once all the battery caged chickens are adopted out and die of old age? I disagree that chickens are impractical in urban areas, but I suppose you’re entitled to your own opinion. It’s my understanding that it is important to let the chicken eat the unfertilized egg so she can regain the nutrients she lost in laying the egg.
The entire egg has nutrients a hen can benefit from, but the calcium in the shell is typically most needed.
Of course, a cage is a cage is a cage, and “enriched” cages are neither a victory nor an opportunity for hens; rather, if implemented, what they would provide is a handy “opportunity” for the groups endorsing them to declare another new “victory” for themselves. The Friedrich piece from today seems to conveniently ignore the fact that the cages that he, Farm Sanctuary, and few other well known welfare advocates and groups are currently endorsing ARE in fact cages and can hardly be considered much of an improvement over the cages currently in use. It is a great disservice to the animals when a farmed animal sanctuary promotes anything less than veganism, and it becomes particularly troublesome when the largest, most well-funded one in the country is the primary culprit to be doing so.
But don’t we use animals all the time, whether we intend to or not, every time we eat? There is no such thing as perfection or purity, and I’ve never met a vegan who has actually suggested such a thing.
There is no such thing as perfection or purity or cruelty-free, and I’ve never met a vegan who has actually suggested such a thing. I’m not aware of any other farmed animal sanctuary that would promote such a cookbook. Coloring Kids - Princess Coloring Pages, Disney Coloring Pages, Cars Coloring Pages, Halloween Coloring Pages, Christmas Coloring PagesDisclaimer: All characters coloring pages are copyright and trademark of the respective owners. Not for a moment do they think through that blogging for money takes more than some quick-fix attempts to be able to stay the course and see the rewards. They're so smart with words, they could even sell the shirts on their backs to some of you. The hypes are obviously targetted at countless newbies who are just coming on board the Internet bandwagon. The title of this article is a cheap excuse to post later on the Dire Straits video because I like the song.
As a result of the negotiations, the Wye River Memorandum was signed by Prime Minister Netanyahu and Chairman Arafat on October 23, 1998 in a ceremony that was also attended by King Hussein of Jordan. I crushed Dershowitz, who was insisting that Pollard was some innocent naif who did nothing more than take some money he shouldn’t have. Once sprung from prison he’ll probably hop the next flight and head for Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.
I think we have made the point and the release can potentially serve a salve of sorts to apply to the wounds caused by cozying up to Iran. This material was transported first by air by Argentine airline Transporte Aereo Rioplatense and then (after the 1981 Armenia mid-air collision) by ship.
The Milan weekly Panorama reported that Israel had sold the Khomeini regime 45,000 Uzi submachine guns, anti-tank missile launchers, missiles, howitzers and aircraft replacement parts.
Is there any Fox anchor smart enough or brave enough to ask Ollie why, if they are such shits, he was willing to sell them arms back in the day? To get a sense of a hen’s life in a battery cage, imagine spending your entire life in a wire cage the size of your bathtub with four other people. And as discussed previously, gestation crates may also be headed for the dust bin of history. We recoil at the abuse of hens in all systems, including cage-free and colony cage conditions. The ability to lay their eggs in nests, run and spread their wings are tangible benefits that shouldn’t be underestimated. There are many different ways to advocate for animals; I write, I volunteer and I sometimes attend protests.
These sweet and smart innocents are condemned to an unspeakable hell that pushes beyond anything Dante conjured up. The abolitionist agenda receives just 2% of all contributions to animal issues thanks to HSUS and others siphoning off 98% of the funds on such feel-good campaigns for the benefit of guilt-ridden meat eaters.
You hit the nail on the head, what HSUS and the rest of their wannabe offshoots are succeeding in doing is draining grassroots organizations of volunteers and much needed funding, while at the same time, draining the movement of its integrity. If the animal agriculture industry supports a change, I assume that they expect an accelerated growth in their industry as a result of the change, both in terms of their product consumption and their profit. Therefore, it is really impressive that Veganism is making such great strides (the Green American Vegan restaurant in Phoenix was full for lunch today, on a weekday!) despite trundling along, greased by less than 0.0008% of GDP dollars.
Can we imagine a world in which we end agricultural subsidies & all the suffering that results from them?
Considering all the government-owned land sitting around unused, it is a shame gardens aren’t offered as alternatives to food stamps. I agree that Farm Sanctuary makes more of an effort to spread the vegan message than some of the other groups. The most troubling part are organizations like FS and HSUS are very clearly sending out that mixed message. And the strong part of community-based agriculture where people get to know where their food comes from and there’s more of a connection to the land and to the people who are producing the food”. Just because an individual or group has been very inspirational and effective in the past doesn’t mean that the new tactics and direction they have chosen are automatically worthy of being blindly followed and cheered on without question. To wipe out a military target and to wipe out a whole city of civilians are quite different things.
Or how about a law against a man beating his wife, before the advent of women’s vote and women’s rights?
Even if they are advocating the end of battery cages, they should always make sure they are also stating the end result desire. Since then, the killing and consumption of animals has accelerated every year leading up to the present daily holocaust. If you had simply qualified your statement by saying “Readers who care about cruelty to animals should adopt a vegetarian diet: one free of meat, dairy, eggs, and all animal products” (for example) I think your letter would have been more effective.
I do think that in this case saying “vegetarian” does imply the inclusion of eggs and dairy in the diet.
I see that your intentions were good but I do think the use of the word “vegetarian” should be considered very seriously, and should not be used to replace vegan in every circumstance, at least until we succeed in redefining it! You have a much better chance of changing those laws than you do of outlawing animal farming.
If every family in America has chickens, they should be welcome in whatever neighborhood the family is moving to. Because of their daily direct contact with farmed animals, sanctuaries are in a unique position to educate the public about farmed animal sentience and their desire to live full, peaceful lives, and to reinforce the fact that we humans have NO need and NO right to use and abuse other animals for our own selfish purposes. As Mountain, a frequent commenter will tell you, we require worms, insects, and other animals to prep our soil so we can grow our veggies. What is not mentioned in the FS endorsement is that the cookbook is literally filled with recipes containing endless amounts of dairy products and eggs.
I am trying to reconstruct my original reply that I’m pretty sure did not go through.
What is not mentioned in the FS endorsement is that the cookbook is literally filled throughout with recipes containing dairy products and eggs. Click the thumbnail pictures below to see the full sized printable picture, then print them out and fill the black and white images with any colors you like!

Use this budget worksheet to jot down all of your regularly occurring expenses, including any money that you spend on eating out, hobbies or other forms of entertainment.
I don't expect to get rich, but I do make extra cash in my spare time mystery shopping, doing surveys, freebie trading, etc. Pollard, and that some officials in the Obama administration hoped his release after 30 years in prison would smooth over some of the Israeli anger over the pending Iran deal.
Others are quite Catholic about punishing those who engage in espionage for other countries and want him to suffer for his criminal conduct. What really captures my eye is how ham-fisted the Obama team is in carrying out this little charade. The report shows that Israel’s involvement was stimulated by separate overtures in 1985 from Iranian arms merchant Manucher Ghorbanifar and National Security Council (NSC) consultant Michael Ledeen, the latter working for National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane. In August, Reagan again orally authorized the first sale of weapons to Iran, over the objections of Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and Secretary of State George Shultz. While this is positive news for pigs and calves, there is currently no clear end in sight for battery cages, with roughly 95 percent of all eggs in the U.S. I make this point because so many consumers who are already aware of what Bruce is talking about are willfully clueless about the problems with the small scale, free range alternatives, alternatives that they eagerly support.
But we also work to abolish the very worst abuses of farm animals, and it’s hard to imagine anything worse than the tiny, barren, cramped battery cages where 250 million hens currently are forced to spend their lives.
In particular, I think opponents of factory farmed animals need to highlight the point that, as consumers, when we eat animal products from any source we commit an act of cultural affirmation. The following excerpt is from its literature, and it does indicate that HSUS comes down on the alternatives. Our species knows no bounds, when its comes to acts of cruelty prescribed for the farm animal.
Now, suppose that they are wildly successful and they manage to banish battery and gestation crates everywhere. After all, the top subsidies are all for grains & sugars, most of which are fed to imprisoned animals (and the remainder of which cause disease in humans).
Home-grown fruits and vegetables are much healthier than government cheese, and in growing them, people develop skills that will be valuable for them the rest of their lives. I also agree that people need to hear this message over and over and over from all the groups that work for animals. Instead, we need to focus far more critically on WHAT the actual [often very conflicting, very counterproductive] message that the general public and animal advocates alike are receiving from various groups and individuals.
If you think all, or most people, are going to have an instant conversion, going from factory farmed meat one moment to vegan abolitionist the net day, I think that is a fantasy.
However, I also believe they are familiar with the word “vegan” and would not be put off by it. If every family adopted at least 2 chickens, combined their food waste & yard waste into a compost pile, and let chickens feed themselves from it, the industrial egg industry could be put out of business.
Provide them to an omnivore friend or neighbor who agrees not to buy any eggs from the store. Once industry has mutilated them, they are much more dependent, and I would imagine much more difficult to care for. My brother started with three rescued chickens and now has dozens due to a stray rooster from a neighbor and the inability (lack of time and will power) to find all the fertilized eggs the chickens were laying.
If her environment has a reasonable amount of green plants (even a nice patch of weeds will do), she’ll get all the calcium she needs without eating her own egg shells. Farm Sanctuary sends out a steady stream of mixed signals and diluted messages, which makes it that much harder for sanctuaries who DO stay true to the “animals are not ours to use” message – such as VINE Sanctuary, Animal Place, UPC, Peaceful Prairie, Woodstock, Poplar Spring — to counter the damage that Farm Sanctuary creates by not staying true to promoting veganism. A perfect example of direct harm was brought up in a prior comment within this thread that referred to Bruce Friedrich’s involvement with Farm Forward.
It was a spontaneous outburst on my part but, once he demanded that I stop laughing at him, it simply egged me own to cackle away. I think a release will make it easier for some in the Senate and the House to support the deal or, at a minimum, abstain rather than vote no. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. If you sign up to receive the FREE Hobo Bag pattern (and let me add that this bag is very cool!) you can get FREE printable money for your American Girl Doll.
It is a lack of education that allows the public to think that any animals that have been freed from battery cages or crates are now out in the field happily enjoying life (before I became a vegan that is exactly what I thought). I would hate to think that I convinced someone into eating humane meat when I could have actually convinced them to stop eating animal products, altogether.
What we can do is stop trying to delay the shift in consciousness by promoting useless welfare improvements. I don’t buy that people may take a while to come to veganism because of animal organizations encourage them to do so. The audience who read your letter also, presumably, read Bittman’s article, and Bittman writes about veganism and uses the word frequently. They save money, you save hens from battery cages, and you convince an omnivore that vegans are pleasant, reasonable people. If people still want eggs, they can get them from heirloom chickens, who are much better suited for living in free conditions.
As opposed to pasture, whose wide open spaces are the natural equivalent of lightly-populated rural areas. You’d have to keep your chickens in a pen or hutch unless you want them running off or getting eaten by predators.
Go search our collection or take a look at our random and recent coloring pages or simply browse our coloring pages collection using our gallery below.
There are roughly 4.5 million mother pigs and fewer than 500,000 calves in crates, and approximately 250 million hens in battery cages.
This is not the case and it is an incredible disservice to the animals and the public that these groups don’t explain this in every single article they put out about farmed animals. We shouldn’t be modifying the end point to accommodate the long and winding road that many of us take to get there.
The NY Times has been publishing an astonishing number of veganism-related articles lately, and I think readers would not have been shocked or turned away from a vegan diet had the word been used. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations.
Or give her an allowance and use it to teach your daughter some money skills – what do you think your American Girl should spend her cash on? These campaigns fail if they have the outcome of getting the public to eat more animal products or feel good about animal death. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. Welfare groups assume that few of us have the integrity to deny ourselves enjoyment for the sake of justice and compassion.
My brother and his wife talk constantly about killing and eating some of the roosters, but so far haven’t had the nerve to do it, thankfully.
But many will so, don’t give people the opportunity to choose the lesser of two evils. I personally dread this spring when the inevitable cycle of birthing more hens and roosters comes around.

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