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Based on a supposed true story, the film stars Yamada Takayuki (from Water Boys and Crying Out Love in the Center of the World) as a twentysomething computer nerd who goes by the chat room screen named a€?Densha Otokoa€? (a€?Train Mana€?wink. Out of nowhere, he soon finds himself in an unfamiliar role as a€?protectora€? when he ends up saving a woman from the advances of a drunken salaryman (Osugi Ren) on a commuter train. Miki Nakatani (from Ring 2) takes on the role of a beautiful office lady who eventually takes a slight interest in this socially- inept otaku. A complete moron when it comes to the ladies, this young computer freak would rather stay in his fantasy land of anime, manga, toys, and computer games than face the real world. Thus, when faced with the proposition of dating this new woman, he turns to the anonymous chatroom pals for support, asking for tips on what just exactly he should do to win this womana€™s heart.
Densha Otoko is ultimately a nice guy, but for whatever reason, things just havena€™t happened for him yet in the romance department.Watch Densha Otoko (movie) full episodes online with subtitles in English.

Free Densha Otoko (movie) eng sub ep streaming in high quality!You are going to watch Densha Otoko (2005) English subtitle online free episodes.
The official trailer for 'Train Man: Densha Otoko' staring Takayuki Yamada and Miki Nakatani. The answers await in Densha Otoko, a curious spin on love, life, relationships, and the unabashed glory of otaku geekiness!

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