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While a band’s name is the most important step on the way to fame, the logo is perhaps just as important. An unique, unpronounceable symbol, designed by the artist himself that has not only been emblazoned on album covers and made into custom shaped guitars, but was even his name for a period of time when he was in dispute with his record label.
Not only a recognizable symbol for the cult following the band, but legend has it, that the symbol was originally painted on all the band’s gear to keep their guitars from being stolen during festival shows. It isn’t a single symbol like Prince or simple letters like NIN, but nothing portrays an all American band like the presidential seal surrounded by the monikers of the New York rockers.
Founding guitarists, Ray Tabano drew up the winged A that became this band’s highly recognizable logo. Contrary to legend, these iconic lips and tongue were not designed by Andy Warhol, but by British graphics designer by the name of John Pasche and was inspired in part by lead singer Mick Jagger’s famous mouth.

As this list proves, it’s not the sound and the name a band needs to be remembered in musical history. The market is flooded with business and making a name for yourself has become increasingly difficult. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Whether a logo is used for marketing, merchandising or graffiti, it has to be distinctive and memorable. The simple letter design and border were designed in part by Trent Reznor, the man behind the band. It was designed for a flier to advertise the band playing a gig in London’s Marquee club.

Avery Petersen, a branding strategist, helps companies find the right logo designer and marketing strategy to get seen by their market. From web design, graphic design, wordpress, tutorials, photography and other related to designers! To explore these iconic pieces of pop culture, today we’re counting down the 10 coolest band logos of all time.
The image took off from there until almost everyone owned or at least recognized the logo on badges and pins.

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