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The reason that most New Years resolutions fail is the same reason that some people can’t manage to make the changes to heal themselves.
When you resolve to do something, whether it’s changing our diet or starting an exercise routine both our conscious mind and our subconscious mind have to be on board. Your conscious mind sets goals but your subconscious mind either helps or prevents you from carrying them out. When our intent to change is fueled by the word “should” or ambition, only a small part of us is onboard. Approximately 90 percent of our processing power comes from the subconscious mind (this includes body functions like digesting, breathing etc.) The power of the subconscious mind is much greater than that of the conscious mind. You might think your conscious mind is in charge but your subconscious is really running the show. It’s like an overprotective best friend who thinks they know what’s best for you, regardless of your opinion. And fortunately, there’s a way to work with your subconscious to bring it in line with the intentions of your conscious mind.
If you have a goal you can’t seem to accomplish don’t get down on yourself, but use it as an opportunity to learn what’s really going on with you.
You will start to see the nature of your fear and how your subconscious is protecting you from it.  When your fears become conscious you can begin to work with them. So remember, if you are struggling to make changes and failing, don’t get mad, sad or frustrated.
The idea that the subconscious mind has its own power can be a little “far out” – almost too much for many of us to understand, much less utilize on a daily basis. Prayer has been described as “directed subconscious thought.” Meditation, becoming one with a higher consciousness, believing, faith… there are many words for the type of subconscious connections we can make. We know the attitudes we hold, whether positive or negative, about ourselves and our world can affect the outcomes and opportunities we experience. But as kids, we create and reshape the world around us into whatever we want them to be – we see the objects, people and environments as we WANT to see them, and we act accordingly. Autosuggestion is the practice of “feeding” your subconscious mind with information which will help you to develop specific beliefs. If you make the affirmations which you’re writing, listening to or speaking consistent with goals you want to achieve or with personality traits which you want to develop, your subconscious mind will go to work and start attracting all the resources and opportunities needed to make those affirmations a reality.
Autoinquisition is similar to autosuggestion, except you’re asking questions of your subconscious mind instead of feeding it with information. Many motivational experts such as Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and Deepak Chopra also suggest that the subconscious mind has access to information which a person might have never been exposed to. The moment he would start to doze off, his hand would relax and the balls would clang into the metal bowl, waking him up.

To practice visualization, you can start with simple shapes like squares and circles, then move on to picture more complex shapes such as letters, then to words and finally full experiences.
Musical therapists have found that listening to the music of artists like Mozart, Bach, Handel and Beethoven can awaken one’s higher brain functions, boost their capacity for intellectual thought and increase their intuition and creative imagination.
An experiment published in Nature also suggested that listening to classical music, especially the music of Wolfgang Mozart, increased children’s scores on IQ tests. Morning Session: 15 minutes of solo piano music (Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms or Mozart) with guided visualization.
Afternoon Session: 15 minutes of string music (Bach, Handel or Mozart) with Autoinquisition (focus on one question you want answered). Evening Session: write 5 daily affirmations and speak them out loud while looking in the mirror.
When you are searching for Alpha Brain Waves Su, right place to purchase Alpha Brain Waves Subcons. We have found the best Alpha Brain Waves Subconscious related products from all over the world for you to browse and order Brain Waves Subcons online. When we set goals, intentions and aspirations every part of us has to be in line with our mission. Your subconscious is not trying to undermine you, on the contrary it’s looking out for you.
Affirmations are intended to reprogram your subconscious and work quite well when repeated consistently.
The best time to repeat affirmations is right before you fall asleep or upon waking up because you have the best access to your subconscious in those moments. But it can, with practice, like anything else, be trained to power up your dreams and help you accomplish things you never thought possible. When you’re a child and playing pretend, you really feel like you’re in the role or place you are imagining. Sometimes these are requests from our clients to complete projects we’ve never done before, or we make deadlines that seem difficult to meet. Hypnosis specialists have found that a person’s subconscious mind contains information which a person’s conscious mind might have long forgotten. This allowed Edison to remain suspended between the sleeping and the dreaming state where he would have access to information in his subconscious mind. Visualization is similar to autosuggestion in that you’re feeding your subconscious mind with the images which you visualize.
For best results, visualize yourself having achieved one of your goals such as owning a specific car or house or being in the kind of relationship you want. This phenomenon was named “The Mozart Effect,” a term which was coined by first coined by Alfred A.

Some agriculturalists have even found that classical music makes plants grow faster and bear more fruit.
This incredible report can change your life by helping you to unlock your true hidden potential! We recommend you download and use one of the following modern browser for a more enjoyable and secure web experience. Fast Distribution : Our speedy and useful delivery service means your order will be with you in time period. If you fight against your subconscious or try to repress what it’s communicating, it will get louder and more powerful.
Even if your subconscious fears seem ridiculous, they are very real and have been driving your behavior for a long time. Assure it that you will protect yourself from the worst case scenario and point out the best case scenario.
Can we bring about the money, or happiness, or the job, or the relationship, we have always wanted? But using our subconscious minds to see ourselves completing a task – and celebrating that – can be just what we need to get through the toughest parts of the assignment, regardless of previous experience or the timeframe we have to do the job.
However, visualization takes a lot more effort and concentration than autosuggestion because you’re literally using your imagination to create “synthetic experiences” including: smells, sensations, sounds, colors and full images.
If you have the recording tools, add your own voiceover of your affirmations to the piano music. They say they will do it but procrastinate, make excuses to themselves about being busy, or just conveniently forget.
Some say we can, and that it’s just a matter of making the decision to have these things happen. Steven Covey titled it “Begin with the End in Mind”.  When we see the end of the project already in our imagination, the other parts fall in place to help us accomplish it… because we believe that “pretend” picture in our subconscious mind of the finish line. Thomas Edison practiced Autoinquisition by sitting in his favorite chair and dozing off while holding metal balls in his hand suspended over a metal bowl, all the while focusing on a question about a problem he was trying to solve. If we envision the result we want or need, and keep thinking about that result and how we’d live with it, then the healing energy or the earning energy or love energy is already on its way to us.
In fact, we have to really get into a book or a movie to “suspend disbelief” and enjoy being in another space or time to be entertained. To get lost in a story, whether it’s a visual or literary one, is a rare escape for many busy adults.

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