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DiRT Rally is the most authentic, challenging and thrilling rally game ever made, road-tested over 80 million miles by the DiRT community. At the most common resolution these cards will be played at, 1080p, the RX 480 has a good first showing, coming in at the same performance level as the GTX 970 but a full 40% faster than the R9 380 that it is replacing.
Nothing really changes in our 2506x1440 results other than the fact that the GTX 960 finds itself overmatched compared to the other products here.
This review is way off from a certain trusted 3D website that shows it on par with the GTX 980 at all times with the exception of that Tomb Raider garbage.
U should really take a look at the benchemarks out on youtube,it doesnt even beat a 970 in all the games,let alone a 980.
I think that unlike the green team, with proper cooling, we may be able to see higher clocks.
ATI has always been about dam temps and power draw, give me power!, which I have always been about. Importantly it sets a new performance threshold that is very positive for gamers who can't justify the 1070 cost of entry. The RX 480 comes in at an excellent price and sets a new standard for its relative performance level.
But comparing it to a GTX 1070 and saying "can't justify the cost of entry" really makes no sense.
What a disappointment and it sure didn't help there was so much hype with false expectations. Yea they CLAIMED it in AOTS but looking at this review beating a gtx1070 looks like will be iffy in most games. That Nvidia has more money to hire in astroturf land, and send those terfing squads out in force! Sort of, but how many games will the average person have in their Steam library that use DX12 by the end of 2017? It's not tough for me to recommend cards now though (aside from waiting for prices to get closer to MSRP). There's really no overlap, nor any great DX12 data except that you should avoid NVidia 900 series if your budget is in the RX-480 range. I'd rather drink a pint of my own diarrhea, on the hour, every hour than buy anything from nVidia.
14nm is more densely packed than 16nm, and maybe AMD was going for more cores per die with a higher density design library process tweak to get more dies per wafer and price them lower to grab that mainstream market share. By only a marginal amount: these processes from TSMC and GloFo are a bit misleadingly named.
The smaller a process node gets the less the numbers of substrate atoms per unit area there are to absorb the heat phonons and transfer these heat phonons efficiently to carry heat away from the transistors. Why do you think that Nvidia went with 16nm and higher clocks to make up for some of that asycn-compute disadvantage that they have! Bah, maybe from the new process, the design is not a great departure from prior GCN iteration. One way is to produce parts and just trash them only to bundle in their cost to products that pass spec. AMD chose a lower frequency part that matches the previous generation from nVidia at a low price point to help their fab master the art of production. Hot circuits have higher leakage and if the cooling solution is not on top of things then the heat feeds back into the circuits causing more leakage leading to more heat.
AMD was forced to increase the frequency for a design not optimized for that to get to the VR Ready target which they just BARELY did.
What's nice about this admission is that it's likely VEGA has been designed with higher frequencies so should be closer to NVidia's frequencies on GTX1080. So it has about the same power target as a Nvidia GTX 970 and performance wise it's trading blows with it usually coming out on top.
I really wanted AMD to have a win here but I fail to see how they can conquer the market for the time being. It looks to me that either GloFo 14 nm is very limited, or GCN just doesn't have the legs to clock much past this without considerable changes to the architecture. Basically, anyone who doesn't have a G-Sync monitor or depend upon Nvidia proprietary software such as Shadowplay would be a foolish person for spending more or the same money on a 970.
Honestly with these price point, it's quite a good upgrade for the people who own a card that is LESS powerful than a R9 290 or GTX 970. Later I'll buy an AIB vega part when those are available, since things are looking good for vega.
So you would rather be stuck with the underperforming DX11 version of games for the next 2 years?
Now, in that big long comment thread a week ago where you consistently embarrassed yourself and didn't even know it, the only claim you made about the RX 480 was that two of them in Crossfire wouldn't come close to a single 1080. What about your claim that buying the less expensive AMD card would wind up being more expensive once you include the added power cost on one's electric bill? We'll see when the AIB cards come out - if some of them can get over 1500MHz, will you admit you were wrong?
I also remember this little nugget of cowpie: "AMD fanboys use all the excuses in the world. Amusing that someone trying to power a 4k monitor with his GTX 760 would think his own argument didn't apply to him. About freesync you may be right but about it going up to 144hz but it's most effective range is between 40hz to 90hz meaning it performs best here. About review samples versus retail there isn't much to go on as most tech sites do not buy retail samples to compare to the press samples so no surprise won't find much. As for the 760gtx, I bought that when it was new 3 years ago and I bought my 4k monitor less than 6 months ago. Fallout 4 is set in a post-apocalyptic Boston in the year 2287, 210 years after a devastating nuclear war, in which the player character emerges from an underground bunker known as Vault 111. All of the graphics cards in our comparison produce low frame rate variance, though in this case the GTX 980 is a few percentage points faster than the new GTX 1060. At 2560x1440 the gap between the GTX 1060 and the GTX 980 softens, but the advantage over the Radeon RX 480 expands slightly.
I'm not accusing you guys of anything sinister, just that you should consider a common naming convention for your titles that isn't so misleading.
It will be stripped of ROPs and rebranded as a 1050 and sold for $199 but be slower than the RX480 and will consume less power.
MicroCenter had the $299 MSI "Gaming X" variant (premium silent cooler) in stock on their shelf today when I was there. The PPP costs $29 on $299 card so I look at basically like I'm renting the card for $30 for a year or two until I get a new card and pay the $29 again.

As always - appreciate the Video in addition to the text article here as they both provide some unique perspective on hardware launches. The best bet is custom 480s that will remove the lower boost of the reference 480 and come at higher clocks to match 1060 dx11 performance. Gonna need a lot higher boost from AIB 480 to match old directx11 mantle AMD Gaming Evolved game. Indeed the basic components of Mantle are there but Khronos Group is committed to developing an open source API that is supposed to be vendor neutral. Let's face it if you own an Nvidia card would you buy a game that runs like total a** on your card. Does all the memory run at full speed or due to the way its cut down do we have a 970 fiasco all over again? It's not part of my normal test suite until we can get a Vulkan-capable overlay to work with our Frame Rating performance metric system. It's a little more complicated thanks to new things like DWL the lack of time to test and verify solutions and making it work with the overlay we use.
Because it would have been another example where the amd card was ahead of the nvidia card in the newer api for games that are coming out that push performance. It would have been trivially easy to compare the main card it was up against and post up the minimum frames and average frames.
Want to see a factory overclocked 1060 AIB get beaten by 22% by an underclocked by 5% reference 480 in 1440p? Now that the by the marketing manual benchmarking is done there will be the benchmarking done for real using the latest graphics APIs and the newest tweaks by the games developers, and they will be using all that the Hardware asynchronous-compute has to offer. It's easy to do things for DX11 for the games developers but the real power will come with the newer graphics APIs and the developers with more than half a brain will get at the New API's close to metal performance in the GPU's hardware, and Polaris has more functioning metal to perform for VR gaming and under the new graphics APIs. 2011 lexus hs 250h review, ratings, specs, prices, , The 2011 lexus hs 250h pairs nifty technology features with high mileage ratings, though it fails to provide impressive comfort or an engaging driving experience. 2010 lexus hs 250h review, ratings, specs, prices, , The new 2010 lexus hs 250h packs some noteworthy technology features, though those expecting either prius fuel economy figures or a sportier driving experience might. Lexus discontinues hs 250h hybrid, quietly, “it’s better to burn out, than to fade away,” once penned songwriter neil young, addressing the hazards of a life lived in the spotlight.
FORBIDDEN PLANET C-57D SPACE CRUISER DELUXE EDITIONWhen someone says the words "science fiction" nothing comes to mind quicker than a flying saucer. The R9 390 still takes a commanding lead, running 16% faster than the new Polaris 10 GPU, but obviously at lower power. Hopefully new drivers and OCing will push for 5-10% performance gains in the non factory cards. I distinctly renumber PC per reporting Polaris being delayed because it cant hit above 850 MHz.
I'm really looking forward to see what performace can be had from a GPU powered only by the PCIE bus.
Even if you were leaning towards the added Nvidia technologies (PhysX, G-SYNC), the 970 is simply an older card that doesn't have some of the features current-gen cards have (also true with the last-gen AMD offerings). Of the few that do, AotS may be heavily optimized towards AMD's RX-480 (thus not representative of most DX12 titles) and most of the others if not all only have some DX12 code tacked on. Maybe AMD went with more layers and a denser circuit structure that can not be clocked as high. AMD will be able to with other designs have the circuit pitch increased or GF will have that 14nm high performance tweak with the licensed from Samsung 14nm process, Samsung is sure to be tweaking that 14nm process for higher performance in future offerings so GF can license any newer Samsung 14nm LPP processes. They've picked one particular element of the patterning process they can perform exceptionally highly, and chosen that as their naming metric. At 14nm and using higher density layout design automated libraries to achieve more massively parallel processing units per unit area, GPUs can not be clocked as high as CPUs! In order to ramp up production to produce cheaper you have to spend money in one way or another so that the fab can get the practice and expertise it needs in order to meet future targets.
They are logically going where AMD always goes, to the value market where most of the money is to be made.
And remember AMD's async compute is going to be keeping more execution resources running with few remaining idle because of better scheduling, so expect more power usage simply because the execution units are being fully utilized. They wanted to reclaim a big portion of the market share they have lost in the past few years; as well as build hype for their future cards. Given that there are massive discounts now on the 970, i even got mine for 220 euros 3 weeks ago, I fail to see how AMD can win the graphics market.
Maybe I'm not seeing something but in my eyes this is a flop in terms of excitement in the way it's positioned now. It's certainly the card to get right now at 200-250$, but it probably won't be after the 1060 launches. Perhaps if Vega is done on TSMC we'll have something to compare to, but it's alarming that Nvidia can get 2 GHz clocks and AMD's chips have a hard time reaching 1.3 Ghz. Given AMD's resources, perhaps it's wishful thinking that they could surpass their competitors at this point. Basically huge gains from directx 12 can be had if you have a weak dual or quad core processor. I've read so much BS from them such as I still get 60fps with my ancient HD (insert model number of your choice). It was disappointed purchasers who said they didn't get anywhere near the numbers reviewers get.
I gave my old system away to a needy person at work and gave my 1080 monitor to him as well. Maybe cheaper parts on a cheaper quality video card from a deep in debt company possibly cutting corners.
We all know what to expect when Lara Croft sets out on a new mission, and Rise of the Tomb Raider is arguably one of the finest instalments in this hugely popular series. The difference is that you will be able to find the $299 card available, but you are NOT going to find the $249 card available. By then RX 480 reference could be selling for $199(the 8GB) and custom models for $199-$239. The most popular I think its overclockers uk saying they sold thousands of 480 cards in 24hrs while having just a few hundred 1060s at launch. So at this point in time I would suggest a 480, I actually though Nvidia would make a 480 as option useless. I am assuming with Pascal's improvements for VR, the 1060 should significantly outperform the 980. The 980 was sufficient to run at 90 FPS in our tests, so the 1060 would roughly be in the same boat. Nvidia is master at gaming the benchmarks but this time around on the new graphics APIs the games developers will have more control over the hardware, and the games companies not financed by Nvidia will be using the new graphics API's features for better results.

Maxwell does not appear to be ageing well under the newest graphics APIs while AMD's GCN is giving the users of AMD's older GCN hardware something to look forward to in the area of continued improvements over time! The most famous flying saucer in history was the iconic vessel featured in Forbidden Planet, the C-57D. I am hopeful that with proper cooling and what I have been seeing from reviews, is that there is headroom to get higher clocks.
It would be, in my opinion, a bad decision to buy a GTX 970 over an RX 480, even if the price was identical.
But maybe with a little better cooling solution the part's clocks can be higher with the AIO coolers and the custom boards.
In practical terms, they are almost identical in feature size, as can be seen from the Chipworks comparison of the two A9 dies. And there are even variations among the GPU style high density design libraries that allow some GPUs to be clocked higher than others!
The RX 480 is on 14nm node is about 14% smaller than the 16nm node and at 14nm is more densely packed over the same unit area. By putting out such a huge value card they are cementing their name out there again and grabbing the biggest part of the market share.
A partner 970 or overclocker's reference one will beat it comfortably for comparable or less wattage. However, the GPU consumption increases beyond what the CPU loses and this is with or without Asynchronous compute enabled. You cherry pick things and a lot of stuff I posted was right but you didn't address them at all. Although may be due in part that the Furyx performs better with a stronger CPU $1000+ that most people don't have. A difference of only 60 watts of power over 18 years at 8 hrs a day is going to cost $220 dollars more assuming rate holds same which it won't.
My card will do 4k on higher details than the console does with 720-900p at least 30 frames. The player completes various quests and acquires experience points to level up their character. It throws you a price that you are not going to find, except if you are extremely lucky, like luckier than 99.9% searching for a cheap GTX 1080 at the same time, and puts you in a waiting mode until the prices finally start dropping.
You have to ignore the price gouging; there's absolutely no reason to base your price on it. If i pay less for a little less dx11 performance, its better than paying more for less dx12 performance for near future games. Newer titles with more difficult scenes to render should also come with SMP enabled, meaning a 1060 should still be able to keep up even then. Maybe the new graphics APIs with their multi-adaptor support will still allow you to use more than one GTX 1060, but expect JHH to try and gimp that. Also enjoy your faster to get the same or less amount of work done because on the newer graphics APIs Nvidia's hardware will not make the most efficient use of the hardware available and need to be overclocked to get the same amount of work done.
So the design engineers and the yield engineers along with the bean counters design the GPUs for the intended market, and the trade-offs are calculated well in advance of the final design being frozen and then certified and brought to market. Contrary to what everyone thinks the flagship cards make up very little of the market share as a whole. I don't think either freesync or gsync have to do much beyond 90 hz because you need one or two powerful cards to tap this. I think this is more serious than Nvidia's dvi doesn't work above certain range for overclockable Korean monitors. But shopping a few cards around to the reviewers because of "limited" supply, doesn't look on the up and up. With first-person and third-person perspectives available, players can explore Fallout 4's open world setting at will, allowing nonlinear gameplay. This improper support of Nvidia will stop if we stand up and not buy any game that features a huge performance gap between AMD and Nvidia.
If the rumors are true and the mobile Pascal parts will simply be slightly lower clocked versions of the full desktop chips, it should be possible to have a fully VR-capable laptop at a really great price.
Look for what ever is omitted and compare to leaked benchmarking manual, and you will have your answer! Well no more of that hidden geometry monkey business from Nvidia for benchmarking with AMD's primitive discard accelerator working to keep any unneeded geometry culled out of the execution pipelines on Polaris SKUs. The RX 480's die is much smaller so less heat transference can happen over a unit of time compared to a larger die on an larger process node.
For a sub 250 dollar card there is no comparison for the 480, it's a no brainer, a complete wash, not a competition. Let's test for 6 months to a year and see with all manner of CPU based SKUs and with the RX480 and GTX970, Nvidia can not program their way out that async compute deficiency in their GPU's hardware. A lot of sites tout CPU wattage can drop 50% which is nothing compared to a video card wattage increase which these sites don't tell you about. You glossed over most and picked a few out and said I was only right about maybe one thing. As far as I know Nvidia hasn't done this but both companies probably cherry pick cards for review. Only exception is AC Unity, which I get same frame rate at higher settings as it uses my card's entire 4 gigs even at 1080. Developers will either get with the program or possibly go out of business because of poor sales. Nobody in their right mind would buy anything but a 480 if they have sub 250 dollars right now for a video card.
Players have the ability to construct and deconstruct buildings and items, and use them to build settlements, which can attract and be inhabited by non-playable characters. If 3dmark got async to work on Nvidia there is no reason other games can't be coded to take advantage of it for Nvidia as well. Games take a few years to make sometimes and you're not going to scrap it and go with new directx right away and true directx 12 games are still a year or two away but still will have directx 11 version. I notice you don't mention openGL which is as viable but is it because AMD cards don't do it as well? When you see mostly only dx12 versions of games coming out you can make your statement confidently. Wattage of comparable AMD to Nvidia can go 100 watts+ more for a few more frames more or with asynchronous compute enabled.

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