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This forced me to think, “Why I don’t have that MAGIC anymore?”, “Where did it go?”, “Where did it come from?” and many more such questions. These energies created in our mind through our thoughts are transformed into reality around us which we call MAGIC.
While reading the books, listening to experts and my research, the most important thing I practice was to reflect back to my life which was full of MAGIC. Late in the evening when everyone was back home we cut the cake and celebrated my birthday. Today when I think of this incidence I feel I should have just asked for one from mom and dad and I am sure they would never say no.
In my forthcoming post, I will share with you many incidences of my life based on Mind Power with simple techniques that can help you manifest what you desire the most in your life. Effectively, Change is almost impossible without industry-wide Collaboration, Cooperation and Consensus.
I always spent my half an hour to read this website's posts everyday along with a mug of coffee. Mind Power"The Potential Of The Human Mind Is Subject To, And Limited Only By, Our Individual Beliefs or Un-belief As To Whether We Can Accomplish A Thing Or Not.
The brain is the most powerful organ of our body as it not only controls our body but everything around us.

A lot of times it's very difficult to get that perfect balance between user friendliness and visual appearance. I could have sworn I've visited your blog before but after browsing through many of the posts I realized it's new to me. Since my childhood everyone use to tell, “She is a girl with strong determination and gets what’s she wants…”. I started spending almost half of my day on the research and experimenting with what I read. My experiences helped me to learn more about MAGIC, ‘What is it?’, ‘How it worked?’ All that was required was looking back.
Mom also talked to dad, grandma, grandpa and everyone in the house about last night and everyone smiled. You can create MAGIC through your strongest desire, trusting yourself and feeling it in reality.
Please feel free to share your feeling, experiences or any such magical incidences of your life. So, I started reading about everything, ‘How to get what you want?’, ‘How to change your reality?’, “Manifest your desires’ and much more. Through this site, I am going to share with you all that I learnt (in a hard way) to bring that MAGIC back in your life.

One part of my life was already in shit and the other I choose to walk was full of challenges.
It started frustrating me and one day just going through my diary, I saw all that I achieved from a kid to teen. It clearly said, “Energy can never be created or destroyed, it is transformed from one form to another.” I know, it’s too much of Physics and I am not starting any Science class here. I still remember that night, I dreamed of playing with a Barbie and I woke up crying, “Barbie, let’s go shopping”. My feeling of meeting my best friend was getting stronger and stronger every moment passed. Through this site I am going to share with you my life, my experiences and my learning with the hope that it helps you to change your life and make it full of happiness and love. I thank my parents and my grandparents to fulfill all my desires without even asking for it and I am so grateful to God to give me such loving parents.

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