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The new RSA animate video, The Power of Outrospection is quite thought provoking and has gotten me  thinking about all kinds of links between empathy and creativity. In the video, philosopher Roman Krznaric explores the idea that we live in a time that demands more empathic adventurers in all aspects of life.
In realm of design, design-thinking is rooted in empathy, where you try to see from the perspective of a user of a given design or product.
In the social services field I’ve been striving to lead new thinking in, there is also a focus on empathy when designing quality support services. One last example I have for this whole empathy thing being a big deal for creativity and innovation is something Greg Saunier of the band Deerhoof said in an interview I did with him a while back.

Of course we also have the good fortune of being a band that goes on tour, so at a certain point I don’t have to imagine a listener. So, check out the video below, look more into  design thinking  and engage empathy in all areas of life and work. Sure, you can share any article by using the social media buttons at the bottom of every post.
I’d really like to be a part of group where I can get responses from other experienced people that share the same interest.
We already know empathy makes relationships rich, but more and more it is becoming recognized as a relevant lens to look through to helps us be creative and get to better quality solutions in whatever domain we work in.

In other words, there was a lack of empathy for the individual needs and wishes of the client. Nowadays, the best social service designers, are much like design thinkers; empathizing, inquiring more, testing ideas and always wondering if a proposed service is truly relevant to the person that uses the service.

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