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Our brain is the most important muscle in our body and we fail to think of it needing exercise. Physics are important because without physics, boobs and butts would be as likely to fly away or implode as they would be to jiggle and bounce pleasantly.
Newton's Second Law of Jiggle: The acceleration of dat bounce is directly proportional to, and in the same direction as, the net force acting on dat bounce, and inversely proportional to its mass.
Newton's Third Law of Jiggle: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to that of the first body.

As a teacher if we can help to get learners to prepare themselves to learn than it would make our job far easier. The brain is made up of 90% water and scientist are still researching into its complexity and marvel. How are your classroom displays?Lian Li on Intelligence Test >> Let’s see how intelligent you are >> How many triangles do you see?Andrea Atherton on You will be inspired with this simple way in which this boy dealt with his bullies? Kanji Tattoos Kanji tattoos have become very popular because they are subtle, yet powerful not to mention their elegant look.

The Literacy speeding ticket!Darren on Top 10 classroom displays for pupil learning with a twist!

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