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Imagine yourself having the unique ability to get any girl’s phone number, that now permits you to send her cool and powerful, fun and sexy texts that fills her mind with soothing, relaxing and romantic images about you which get her hooked and addicted to you, subtly hypnotizing her to give you priority over every other men that might be wooing her at the same time you’re or thereafter! Do you know that because of these reasons, exchange of phone numbers has to come at a certain point when she’s comfortable, even excited to be giving her number out, you’re encouraged to have it, and both parties want to reciprocate? That’s right, the next time you go to a bar or a show, or any giant social gathering — don’t hug the wall and be antisocial, don’t be the guy who people are wondering why he’s sitting in the corner, arguing with himself, not talking to anybody at the bar or at the dance floor. You’re not going to get any girl phone number if you’re enjoying the same habits that you’ve been doing in the last few years. The only thing you have to worry about when you’re getting into a conversation with a stranger is whether or not she’s comfortable with you, what she’s at in the interaction.
If you can get to the point where she’s talking about her dreams and desires, and cool things to do around town, you’re already at the point where you can get her number. This might be a foreign thing to some people, but you have to realize, the entire point of game is to project that you’re not that interested in your target, but she has every possible reason to be interested in you.
So when you use words like ‘phone number’ instead of contact details and bring up the idea of exchanging it instead of letting her arrive at that conclusion, sometimes it looks like you’re being too overeager.
If you don’t know what’s cool to do around town, try to update yourself by listen to news, do research online and hang around in the social media — there are always cool things to be doing. At the beginning, it’s an approach game — the more you approach, the more numbers you get…. Start making connections with people, start justifying reasons why you should stay in touch, and the numbers will start coming, much more easily than you anticipated. 6 Simple Steps For Any Woman To Get Husband And Tips To Create Lasting Relationship Full Of Love, Desire, Care And Fun!… Plus 8 Clear Tips To Know If He’s The Right Guy For You! 6 Simple Steps For Any Woman To Get Husband And Tips To Create Lasting Relationship Full Of Love, Desire, Care And Fun!… Plus 8 Clear Tips To Know If He’s The Right Guy For You!
Those expecting another fun, bloody, gory, insane horror flick can just up and leave, because Martyrs isn't like that. All these films belong to the French Extreme wave, a rather broad line of films of different backgrounds and themes, but all bearing an unrelentless level of extremity.
Martyrs starts off like you'd expect a bleak, raw and pitch black horror flick to start off. The first half of the film keeps balancing on borderline horror, keeping its crude and dark exterior, but never crossing any boundaries.
From that moment on, the film becomes really uncomfortable to watch and crosses over to the realm of Noé and Grandrieux. In a rather surprising move, this film was released in theaters in Belgium by one of the most prestigious labels here, the reason for that is laid bare in the second half of the film. Martyrs is in a whole different league and is everything a film like Funny Games should have been. One of the most impressive films I've seen this year, a definite favorite and one that'll receive my further support through a DVD purchase, though I have no idea when or if I'll watch it again. Working on this guy right now, but running out of time so just thought I'd get him posted at where he is at right now.
Snake Byte: After the Success of Copper Head the Snakemen tried there hand at another tech enhanced warrior.
Powers: Able to shape shift into the form of those whose blood he's tasted, if he consumes them entirely he is able to use there form whenever for life as well as there powers. This band of Snakemen survived in the harsh dunes, evolving powers that allowed them to camouflage themselves in the wilderness. The tribal leaders convened to decide what to do about him and chose to cast him out, feeling that he was a bad omen.
Skinsss had only meant to knock the man unconscious, but instead he utterly crushed his soul, then not feeling satisfied, used his teeth to tear away at the man’s legs and side.
Hearing that Snake Mountain was now ruled by a man named Skeletor, Skinsss knew that he would be unable to enter through the main entrance. Entering the room, he saw that there was a scroll, written on what appeared to be a form of parchment.
Picking up the chalice, Skinsss took a closer look at the liquid inside and determined that it might be some sort of blood, although he had no idea what animal it could have come from.
Pouncing on top of his intended victim, Skinsss tore him to shreds, eating his organs and limbs.
Eventually Skinsss met up with King Hiss and his followers and joined the ranks of his snakemen.
When King Hiss needs someone for a seize and capture mission that's when he calls on Caught-N-Mouth.
Now while you claim he isn't supposed to be fat, and that its only when he is carrying a prisoner or 3 that he looks that way, I personally love the stomach bloat and entertain the idea of him being 'well fed' all the time. Whenever I judge a fan creation, the first thing I ask myself is "Can I actually see this guy in the MOTU cartoon?" With this guy, I can, and I not only can, but I really, really want to! The Minions are pill-shaped devils, born of hate and evil and working to serve the worst villains throughout history. They're also very cute and say banana in a funny way, so we all have a conflicting relationship with them.
We break down the truth of the tiny mutant demons in our latest episode of Too Long; Didn't Watch. It's impossible to verify the authenticity of the design, but it certainly matches up with all the rumors we've been hearing for the last couple of months. Koh Tachai, an island off the coast of southern Thailand, will close indefinitely due to excessive tourism, the government announced.
The island's shoreline, beaches and coral reef will be deemed off-limits to all visitors, starting Oct. Tourists visiting Thailand are cautioned to look out for tour operators selling fake trips to Koh Tachai. Between poor location technology, butt dials and people treating it like their own personal IT guy, 911 has turned into a bit of a joke.
John Oliver explained on Last Week Tonight why the emergency dispatch is in need of some overhaul.
The problem, according to Oliver, is that the vital service can't seem to get any attention from the government without some explicit, perfectly avoidable disaster.

That includes casting, and along with Sherlock mainstays, actor Toby Jones will join Season 4 as an unknown bad guy. Apple's stock has struggled so far this year after reporting its first sales decline in more than a decade.
HB2 is nicknamed the "bathroom bill" because, among other things, it requires trans people to use bathrooms that correspond to the gender they were assigned at birth. The free add-on comes to the Wii U version of Minecraft on May 17, but we've got an early look for you, along with some details straight from Nintendo. We may have more messaging apps than ever before, but sharing with small groups is still a problem — at least, according to Google.
Not quite messaging and not quite a social network, Spaces is a "destination for when you want to share, and talk about what you're sharing," the app's Product Director Luke Wroblewski, told Mashable. Somehow, the cat was able to climb about 50 feet up a pine tree in Florence, Mississippi, but was unable to climb back down. The Real Housewives of Sydney is now casting for participants, following the success of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, the first Australian version of the wildly-successful reality television show. If you have never managed to sit through an entire episode, the show follows the frighteningly-glamorous lives of several high-society women in a particular city. In the episode, Strand bid farewell to his longtime partner, Thomas, who was bitten by a walker and forced to endure a slow, painful death.
Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to make his first visit to India tomorrow to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and announce the company's plans for the country.
LONDON — When it comes to chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk is up there amongst some of our favourites. Image: Mondelez InternationalNamed after the British 'fridge cake' believed to have been invented in Scotland in the early 1900s, the chocolate bar contains biscuit pieces, dried fruit and milk chocolate.
LONDON — On some levels, Game of Thrones is a show that's pretty much impossible to predict.
LONDON — The UK's electronic surveillance and cyber security agency GCHQ has joined Twitter in an attempt to raise awareness about its work, tackle the image it gained after the 2013 Edward Snowden revelations and follow James Bond.
Andrew Pike, Director of Communications at GCHQ, said: "In joining social media GCHQ can use its own voice to talk directly about the important work we do in keeping Britain safe".
I know it could be very annoying and very frustrating trying to get the attention of a pretty girl that you feel strong attraction for, because she’s acting funny and very unwilling to part with her phone number.
If you ask a girl her phone number before she’s comfortable to give it out to you, you’ll get snubbed! If you’re not, you’re going to have a lot of work to do that you won’t be very happy about.
Be More Thrilled About the Event When you’re Getting a Girl’s Phone Number Than the Actual Number. If you’re going to look like any kind of leader, you have to know what’s going on in your town and social circles. And if you can’t be doing cool things in your town and you’re in a little one — guess what.
Not if you follow the tips I gave you here, these are the secrets of master casanova to get the phone numbers of women in droves! First there was Haute Tension, then A l'Intérieur andnewest in line is Martyrs, hyped up to take it all a little further. And Martyrs stands proudly at the top of that list, even though Laugier himself seems a little hesitant to claim all credits for his film. A Grudge-like ghost in added to the film, but Laugier stays close to the drama and never allows the film to become a mere horror flick. We are witness of cold and painful torture scenes, driven to very unpleasant extremes nearing the end. Rather that simply serve a story of horror and torture, Laugier digs deeper into the human mind. A definite assault to the gut, extremely graphic and to the point, without ever flinching or resolving to silly tricks to get a point across. The make-up on the other hand deserves some praise, same as the leading ladies who play their parts with conviction and depth (at one point Anna even shows a creepy resemblance to Falconetti in Jeanne d'Arc) . Laugier uses every bit of skill he has to make Martyrs as painful as possible, and reaches further than any other has. Some of the surviving Snakemen escaped Snake Mountain and took shelter in the Dunes of Doom, hoping to hide from the human Eternians until the time came when they could rise again and take their rightful place as the rulers of Eternia. Their bodies became chameleon like, so that they could slowly take the color of their backgrounds and not be seen. When Skinsss was 5, unlike the other kids of his tribe, he didn’t appear to be getting his camouflage powers. Stripping Skinsss naked, they flogged and whipped him, leaving him unconscious on a plateau far from the village.
He looked around him and vaguely recognized that he was near to the eastern edge of the Dunes of Doom.
The man was dirty and looked as if he had once been a warrior, perhaps even a person who had once fought at the side of Keldor.
Finally feeling at rest, Skinsss took the man’s torn and bloodstained clothes and put them on.
For weeks, Skinsss searched the area around Snake Mountain, hoping that there would be another opening. It might’ve been minutes, hours of even days, but when he awoke he felt stronger than he ever had before.
Amazed at what had happened, Skinsss set off, planning to learn how to use his powers to the fullest.
To take the shape of a creature, he must bite it and ingest some of the creature’s blood.
When he does this, he also gets any special powers that the person has, as well as the person’s memories. Despite having no special abilities, he is very strong, and has made some of the most durable weapons and armor the SnakeMen have in their armory. Caught-N-Mouth possesses a type of second stomach that acts as a holding sack for whoever he swallows.

I saw a version made of him once that showed back fat hanging over his belt and that's not right. Rumors suggest the iPhone 7 won't come with a radically new design; Apple is reportedly saving that for next year. You'll see Fire Flowers scattered around, for example, but you can't actually use them as a fireball-flinging power-up. The social app, launching today on iOS, Android and the web, is aimed at small groups of people and has Google search, YouTube and Chrome baked in. It extends, or telescopes, on its own, has a pair of beauty lights that extend from the back of the iPhone holder and even fans that fold out to blow your hair back for that perfect, wind-swept look. He will fly to the country from China, where he is currently visiting just days after the company announced a $1 billion investment in the local ride-hailing app and Uber's main rival Didi Chuxing. Not only that some guys only collect the phone numbers of girls with no intention on following up on them, and that piss most women off more than anything under the sun! You have to know what type of events the girls you’re talking to will enjoy going to, and hint at those events. The minute you start asking for them is the minute you’re going to start getting more and more of them.
The film follows the methods of the people who torture, which are based on repetition and endurance, making it all the harder to sit through.
It's a film only a director with love for the genre could make (remember that Mr Haneke, after two pointless attempts) and Laugier doesn't let down.
It's a bleak, depressive but all the more impressive look in the darker depths of the human condition, it will leave you cringing in your seat and it will make you want to look away. Knowing that he was no longer welcome in his village, he chose to trek towards Snake Mountain, his people’s ancestral home. Regardless of what he had once been, he had apparently fallen on hard times, as he was reeking of alcohol. Looking through the man’s things, he found a pouch of water, some dark bread and a double ended dagger. During this time, when hungry Skinsss would find and attack unsuspecting creatures, but found that he preferred eating intelligent prey, such as Ursidars, Caligars, humans and Gars.
Following the path, using a makeshift torch for light, Skinsss walked for what seemed like hours. Looking more closely at the scroll, it appeared as if it was in fact written on the flesh of some long dead animal.
Guessing that perhaps the liquid was the source of the great power that he had just read about, Skinsss decided to drink it, figuring that he had nothing to lose. Looking down at his hands, he no longer saw the hands of a Snakeman, he saw the hands of a human.
However, if that is how the form is obtained, it only lasts 10 minutes before he sheds his skin and returns to his normal form. Under these circumstances, he can keep the form for an hour before shedding his skin and returning to his normal form.
Furthermore, he has multiple personalities and schizophrenia, caused by the his already broken psyche which is greatly compounded by having the memories of so many consumed people cluttering his mind. Most of his armor protects his right side, as his left side has become far more durable from forging said weapons and armor.
Instead of digestive juices, it contains a type of neuro-toxin that keeps the victims sedated until they are regurgitated. As leaders in such a fluctuating market, how do marketers keep up with these changes and stay on the cusp of the next "big" shift in digital media? There's a whole point to the film, elevating is above all its reference points (Saw and Hostel - sadly enough). Years of torment and abuse had driven Skinsss mad, leading him to be a vicious killer and thief. Eventually he came to a small room, in the center of which there was a shrine that appeared to be of Snakemen origin. Judging by the fact that it appeared as if the flesh had never had much hair on it to begin with, Skinsss came to the conclusion that it was likely the flesh of either a human or a Gar, although he couldn’t tell which because time had caused the color to fade.
As an elemental, he can meld himself into any solid surface, becoming invisible to his foes.
As an elemental, he can blend in with or turn into shadows, completely surprising his foes. For when Caught-N-Mouth catches someone he applies his special ability and swallows then whole.
We'll be discussing the advantages, challenges and tactics of adapting to a dynamic digital market. Lucie, the main characters and victim of a year long torture plan, evokes the sympathy of the viewer and plays it out incredibly well. Eventually, Skinsss came across an ancient shrine of Serpos, where he drank a mystical liquid that gave him amazing shape-changing skills. Spreading the scroll to get a better look at the symbols, Skinsss saw that they were part of an ancient dialect that he couldn’t fully translate. He can use virtually any weapon that he can forge, and while he can fight with those weapon, he prefers his mighty Forge Hammer, which is rumored to be completely indestructible.
He can not control shadows, but he can create his own patches of darkness, making him far more formidable than the other elementals.
Years passed and at the age of 16, Skinsss still wasn’t able to change the color of his skin. Caught-N-Mouth can hold up to three normal sized adults in his sack and keep them inside for an indefinite amount of time. His powers allow him to create or flatten mountains, and while he can throw things with great power and force, he no longer has control over what he throws. He won't harm the wielder of the Red gem, but he won't blindly follow orders, preferring to do his own things at times.

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