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A quadrangled story about shades and variations in co-dependence and sovereignty, inspired by a musician (John Lennon), a theorist (Henri Lefebvre), an author (Halldor Laxness) and a demented ruler of Rome (Caligula). More information: "Mindgames is constituted by four parts – ordered in alternating sequence – to form thirteen chapters in total.
One track from the sessions, "Rock and Roll People" was unreleased until "Menlove Avenue" included it. It does come with an 8 page booklet which contains nothing that was not already in the original version.

The remixing was performed at Abbey Road in 2002 with a project co-ordinator of Allan Rouse. 4th October 2010, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of John's birth a campaign was launched with all John's original albums remastered.
Each of the four sections holds a biographical account of its subject: Caligula, Henri Lefebvre, John Lennon and Halldor Laxness. The chapters can be read separately, as they have been conceived to be independent wholes, forming biographies that present portraits of associations rather than particular statements about individual lives.

The motives in turn produce variations on particular themes as they modulate into different parts within the totality of the work as a whole.

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