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Feeling included is crucial to the human experience.  Humans must feel connected to each other to be happy, even introverts who enjoy a large amount of independence. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the need to belong and feel accepted falls under the basic needs of food, water, and safety.  In fact, this need can be so strong, it can override the needs for food and safety.
Psychologists consider the silent treatment a form of abuse.  It’s a popular form of mental torture used by Narcissists, whereby they cut their victims off by not talking to them for extended periods of time. The depth of pain from the silent treatment depends upon the intensity of the Narcissist’s ignoring.
Psychological: Low self-esteem, a sense of loss and not belonging, increased stress and loss of control. Behavioral: The constant fear of receiving the silent treatment casts a shadow of uncertainty in your life, you begin to second-guess yourself: Am I doing the right thing? You sit down beside the Narcissist to talk about something that’s bothering you and they proceed to read the newspaper. You ask the Narc a question, and they carry on as if they didn’t hear you, even if you repeat the question a second or third time.

The two of you get into an argument.  The Narc packs their suitcase and stays gone for a month with no attempt to contact you and ignores any texts you may send them.
If your partner has used this form of emotional abuse to get you to comply with their demands, you should consider using the opportunity to initiate No Contact.  Do not reward this passive aggressive abuse tactic, as it will lead to them doing it even more since they derive a sense of satisfaction (if not “guilty” pleasure) at seeing the negative effect they can have on you. Specifically, don’t send pleading text messages or lengthy emails asking them to respond to you or explain how much they’re hurting you.  From their perspective, it proves to them that they are highly important, even more important than you are to yourself. Kim Saeed is a recognized relationship expert specializing in narcissism, toxic love, and holistic recovery.
Kim holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education and has a multidisciplinary background including expertise in teaching, banking, organizational development, HR training, and research. Sometimes days or weeks, which keeps the victim in a constant state of fight-or-flight, during which they feel isolated and rejected, as well as physically sick.  The body’s physical reactions to this mental anguish are real. In 2013, she founded Let Me Reach, an education company that teaches people to go No Contact and flourish after toxic relationships. Her blog, Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed, has had over 6 million visits and is a resource on PyschCentral.

I am actually elated when my narcissist friend does not text me because that is less time I spend reading or listening to their over rated self induldged ego BS. She is the author of the Kindle Bestseller, How to Do No Contact Like a Boss!, which takes the reader from the initial planning stages, exit strategies, the moment of No Contact, and ways to heal in the aftermath of narcissistic abuse. Her work has been shared in non-profit women's shelters and has also been acclaimed by therapists and mental health experts. This condition may even cause critical conditions and permanent damage to the victim’s psyche.

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