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Travel has somewhat evolved in recent years: from conventional backpacking to green travel to these days, holistic retreats. Imagine waking up to the sounds of water, having an organic breakfast to start your day and then work up some sweat with a yoga practice and finally end your day with a relaxing ayurvedic massage.
For travelers who are worn out and stressed up, therapies with a holistic focus might be right up your alley. Meditation courses are gaining popularity amongst spiritual travelers seeking to find peace from their inner soul Non-Buddhists are usually welcomed to attend such programs.  In the Tibetan refugee town of Dharamsala, India, people of all religion are encouraged to sign up for the meditation course at the Tushita Meditation Center. Rebalancing is holistic bodywork which is designed to release energy held in the body and mind as a result of physical or emotional injury. One of the most popular programs is the body cleansing retreat; it involves detoxing the body and de-stressing the mind. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to get a 64-page ebook with our best wildlife photos - plus exclusive updates and promos! Nellie Huang is a professional travel writer and blogger with a special interest in off-grid destinations and adventure travel. Advertise WildJunket is an adventure travel blog that covers everything from gastronomy to culture.
I believe spiritual balance is your birthright, and the best place to start is to actively use and direct the energy within the Chakras, and through meditation; I know what it is like to not have the time, or money, to invest in spiritual teachers, weekend workshops and retreats, or long term study courses, and that is why I devised these programs for myself and others.
You probably know, your brain has two hemispheres, or sides, and that each side controls different aspects of your mind, emotions, and body; for example, the right side of your brain controls the physical actions of the left side of your body, and visa versa. The binaural beat brainwave entrainment used in our Chakra Healing MP3s follow the Schumann Resonance; the Schumann Resonance is the electro-magnetic heart beat of our Mother Earth, and a frequency we have evolved, over millions of years, to be in tune with. The Solfeggio frequencies are the original musical scale used in Gregorian chants, such as the great hymn to St. Free Chakra Healing Guided Meditation ClassOur Free Chakra Healing Guided Meditations come in eight lessons, with available MP3s and videos.
Healthy living has become a trend in the last decade, and more travelers are now putting emphasis on their spiritual and psychological wellbeing.

A popular destination for such retreats is Bali, where a gorgeous, emerald green setting mixed with holistic traditions promote healthier living. There is a whole range of healing therapies conducted by qualified therapists – each catering to your specific needs. Besides these month-long meditation retreats, there are also short meditation classes that gives you an introduction to all forms of meditation.
A bodywork retreat usually involves breathwork, bodyreading, clinic consultations and learning and applying rebalancing bodywork. The wellness program is a combination of of outdoor fitness activities, meditation, holistic massages, together with a natural detox diet. It also clears the bodya€™s toxins using harmonious streams of light, bringing a loving energy to the distressed area.
The main energy centres (chakras) are re-balanced, helping your inner healing to take place.
By playing slightly different tones into each ear, through headphones, the brainwave patterns can be gently manipulated, creating a state of deep meditation, and whole brain balance. Advanced meditation and yoga practices associate the Gamma brainwave frequency with a state of pure compassion. Unlike binaral beats, isochronic tones do not need headphones; we use isochronic tones primarily on our videos and DVDs. Progressing the binaural beats, and your brainwaves, along the Schumann Resonances can have a profoundly calming and balancing effect. We use these Chakra balancing Solfeggio frequencies as the binaural beats and isochronic tones, to help heal body, mind and soul.
I primarily use Chakra balancing Tibetan Singing Bowls, along with the Solfeggio binaural beats and isochronic tones, to produce the transformative Chakra healing sounds used in my Chakra meditation CDs, MP3s and videos.
Whether you are a stressed-up blue-collar workaholic or a long-term spiritual traveler, holistic retreats provide an uplifting experience and a rejuvenating break. This type of holistic retreat is ideal for travelers looking for an element of holistic living during their holidays in Bali.

These healing massages allow you to gain clarity, get in touch with your true self and balance your chakras.
The Kootenay School of Rebalancing in Costa Rica is a well-reputed pioneer in the industry. Numerous spas and resorts in Brazil and Costa Rica that offer such body cleansing programs promise that their holistic retreats have had extraordinary health and healing effects. In her quest, she's climbed an active volcano in Iceland, swam with sealions in the Galapagos, built a school in Tanzania, waddled with penguins in Antarctica, crossed into North Korea and drank beer in Palestine. They were teaching ayurveda as well and I began to fall in Love with the herbs and holistic healing aspects of this timeless wisdom. The Shamanic healer will take you on an inner journey, using guided imagery and life guides to find your inner peace. Researchers have also discovered that the Gamma brainwave range is associated with a heightened sense of perception, mood and information processing. This is often associated with a deeply relaxed state, and with a light trance or meditation. These ancient Christian chants, and their special spiritual overtones, were believed to infuse great spiritual blessings and transformation, when sung in harmony. The organic and otherworldly sounds are unrivaled for inducing a trance state, and by using Tibetan Singing Bowls that are attuned to the various Chakras, near magical transformations body, mind and soul can be achieved. Theta is also associated with creative thinking, and allows us to tap into our inner genius.
I bring to my binaural beat and isochronic tone Chakra healing  programs more than 18 years of professional work in the mental health and counseling fields, helping people to help themselves, and a lifetime’s worth of in depth psychological, spiritual and Quantum knowledge.

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